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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hi dear inhabitans of Lesplanet, I bring news of the sixth season of The L Word, according to the report Cassie this new season having a baby, if you like what they read One of the characters will have a baby, and this is totally CONFIRMS and OFFICIAL .

(See in the video as the maternal spirit is spreading to the production of L word)

Those who believe they will be pregnant? That is the question of a million. I personally believe that the most likely is that Bette has a little brother or little sister to Angelica.

To start betting girls who will be the mother of our Lbaby this season:

The betting percentages of the whole environment drafting LesPlanet are:

Bette 70%
Tina 46%
Alice 2%
Shane 1%
Jenny 1%
Dylan 30%
Max 0%
Helena 0%

believe that? make their bets ....

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