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Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Reunited...

Hello friends and readers of LesPlanet, you put a story to hot the night of Saturday, we hope you enjoy it...

Soledad was setting tip feet to see the people who arrived flight from Miami. After 15 years without being, I had serious doubts about whether she could recognize her friend Lena ... yet despite the abundant correspondence in those years, exchanging e-mails, photos, letters, packages did not want to spend ... by the shame that Lena went to her side and did not know who she was.

As I watched, she recalled the moment that years ago were fired at the same airport.

Lena's father had decided to emigrate, and a Lena eighteen years and it is left with no option but to leave with her family. They cried a lot, embraced, before the plane left. They were best friends in the world, the more united, the more complicit. It was understood with a simple exchange of glances.

The time had passed and many things in life for both. Soledad had married, but marriage did not last more than two years ... life with her husband it was intolerable, especially in sexual ... came to loathe the point of having to lie down beside him, although he no attempt to touch it.

That broke the relationship until they decided to divorce. Then had come the experiences with other women ... since I was divorced, had only had sex with women. We had to Lena with a little embarrassment almost a year after they started, but to their surprise Lena ever tried, but she totally supported the decision.

At last he saw her, carrying a brown leather suitcase and a large green backpack. The recognized immediately, and the emotion she closed her stomach. Lena was looking with my eyes and began to see her smile that told Soledad that she had already recognized. Smiling foolishly until Lena said:

- Well woman ... what you're not going to hug?.

Soledad released a laughing nervous and they embraced, strongly, a long-awaited hug. During that time Lena had been to Soledad something like the thread of the kite ... assured that someone, even if it were to kms distance from the included and not judged.

It was a little off and the eyes of Soledad expressing tenderness as we look to Lena, her Lena. Green took the backpack and went to the airport parking lot. Jumped on the small order of Soledad.

In a short while they were in the building where she lived Soledad. Dropped the bag and suitcases. Soledad lived in a loft, which had been an old apartment, she had built a mezzanine that informal bedroom and the rest of the place had armchairs, a small round table with four chairs, a fairly expensive audio equipment, a television and a dvd lost in a corner .... denoting that the music was paramount for her. Two huge windows lit the place located on fourth floor. Lena toured the site curious, to say at last.

- I like. Oops, I did not think it will never end up living in the Old City.

- It was cheap ... that's why I decided. Besides, I have everything on hand.

- True. Hey ... I have to take a bath.

- Sure, you already have towels cleaner, the medical supplies have soap and shampoo ... and much more just ask.

- Fine.

Lena got to the bathroom, while Soledad began to feel very strange. She acknowledged that tingling sensation in the stomach ... is always happening when a woman attracted ... but ... Lena?. Saw her go to the bathroom and had to recognize that although it was not a classic beauty, she liked. Shook her head and smiled called crazy ... the age of being too degenerate. It was standing, was to the kitchen and brought water to warm up to make a tea.

- Soledad ...

- Yes? - She said, leaving the kitchen ... almost hits a shock to see Lena alone with a towel around the body, leaving to see their well-turned legs, and her hair long and wet, smelling of soap and shampoo. Lowered the hearing to prevent Lena noticing her look.

- Can I have a massage on his back?. These air travel I always leave tension.

- Of course ...

- Stand, so I tend to your bed and rest meantime.

Lena raised first and Soledad she watched the rear while still tickling ... the increase in the stomach and felt excited just thinking about playing Lena. And on the other side was wrong to have such thoughts. Lena was a tendency on the bed and lowered the towel up well below the waist ... while the beginning of the buttocks could be seen perfectly. Soledad sat at the side of the bed and began to massage the neck of her friend.

- It feels very good.

- Well ... I have always said that I am good at this.

- What you were before me away.

Both laughed. Lena always had accumulated tension in the back, especially before exams and Soledad dealt with relaxing massage.

- I always liked your massage - Lena whispered. Soledad suddenly felt a hand was stroking her leg, going up to her thigh, opening step below the short skirt that had Soledad.

- What are you doing? - Soledad asked, lowering the body until her mouth was the ear of Lena.

She opened my eyes, turned her head slightly and replied

- Caress you ... do not feel?.

- Of course I feel ....¿ perhaps trying to seduce?.

- This is what I came to believe all these hours on the plane.

- Why?.

- Don 't you think good way to celebrate a reunion after a separation of fifteen years ?¿ And why talk so much?. Would not you like?.

In response Soledad kissed the neck of Lena, biting then the lobe of the ear. Removed the towel and threw it in the middle of the bed ... and wanted to see her naked in her bed ... with her tongue toured along the column, down to the buttocks.

The kissed with passion and with her hands prompted Lena to separate her legs ... to be able to stick your head there, and lick their sex, which was already wet. The smell that came from inside the Lena drunk. I could not believe it was happening that, but at the same time ... I knew that was what I had hoped all that time. Licked quickly on the lips of the vagina of Lena, until she found the clitoris and were entertained with her ... lick sweetly. Lena began to move pari passu ..

- Let me put face up ... I see ...

- No - said Soledad .... we will have time ....- and continued to work in sync with her tongue on the clitoris ... when it was so wet that he gave up work to breathe, began penetrating her with the tongue , very quickly.

Wanted to run, which enjoys ... Lena gave a sound when he came to orgasm. Knowing the taste of her friend was sublime.

Lena barely broke away again and she removed her shirt as desperate .... not Soledad wearing bra, so Lena was seized from her breasts, sucking it as a desperate ... in a few seconds Soledad felt she was going to explode, and Lena still relentlessness with their breasts.

- If you're still well .... I will have an orgasm

- No. .... yet ... I want you to do a 69 ....

Loneliness was standing, from bed and Lena helped her take off their clothes while kissing everywhere, surprising to Soledad with her enthusiasm. Soledad was placed on Lena, so that her vagina was right in front of the eyes of her friend .... and the vagina of Lena on the scope of its mouth.

Grabbed the clitoris with her mouth swollen, forming an O, to slurp slowly .... while the tongue of Lena felt up and down by sex, as if you were licking an ice cream .... if something was sure that This was not the first time Lena with a woman. Without a move to avoid it began to feel more at Lena, hastened her job while speaking on her vagina.

When Lena stuck her tongue into the vagina, Soledad felt it was starting to come to orgasm without being able to do anything for postponement. As if she had understood Lena hurried work, as if to stick her tongue until it deeper. The orgasm was very strong and lasted several seconds ... and the humidity of the sex of Lena, realized that what had at one time. She stayed on it, with her face a few centimeters of the sweet vagina of Lena, wheezing.

Lena's hands caressed her buttocks ... and some playful fingers began searching the clitoris.

- Do you intend to kill me?.

- Maybe - Lena replied, while her fingers touched the sex before it. The clitoral stimulation, which was swollen within seconds again - I think your body has no objection to continue.

- Nor do I - Soledad said, she was hot again. Lena got three fingers of a coup inside the vagina lubricated Soledad, coming and going at a pace that seemed too fast, but that freaked Soledad ... that in a few minutes had another orgasm even stronger than the first.

They rested a few minutes before Soledad slept next to Lena, look at her and caressing her hair. Lena lifted her hand and walked the face of Soledad with two fingers in recognition.

There were a kiss on the mouth, a deep kiss to seal the reunion of years, the consummation of this link so strong that they now already knew or that it was... all the time had been hidden love.

Source: relatoslesbicos.com

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Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet because of the homophobic censorship of the television channel ABC, Erica Hahn to the character interpreted by the brilliant actress Brooke Smith, this Thursday the love story of our beloved couple CALLICA, has come to an end.

Then I bring the chapter where they will be together one last time to Dra. Erica Hahn, and the Dra. Callie Torres and I see it after I have nothing further to say that ... CALLICA did not deserve an end like that ...

This Couple who is born who had feelings and connections that saw two women apparently heterosexual, a relationship that was slowly maturing, Callie and Erica, were discovered slowly to one another, sharpen face their fears, their prejudices, revealing a world of feelings and sensations that were not previously known and that each was experiencing in his own way ... but always stay together ... as told Callie to Erica "We can scare us together" ... this couple who slowly discovered how to love (according to ABC so explicitly) and accepted.

After this couple so endearing ... There is no more, their love story has been truncated, cut the root, because the uncomfortable wing people, who bothers you see two women lovers, that does not support even in fiction.

But the final as rugged as improper, not even give them a dignified farewell ... is very sad, I think these people do not deserve that.

Since the dismissal of CALLICA me here, because in a short time became an important couple in the community, a couple who reflected the doubts and fears of discovery differently, reflecting the confusion caused by feelings that you have within you, and that sometimes failed to understand .. reflecting the self acceptance in a world full of prejudice, but who find that living like you want to live is wonderful, or as Erica would say you can see "the leaves of trees," while the rest do not understand ...

For all that showed that for every one of the women who were reflected in his characters, we thank them, and you Brooke Smith, because you had the courage to accept a lesbian character, with the risks that this entails today, because they enjoyed doing it, and as you say you get involved and excites you in the draft indirectly by confronting a society that is not ready to appreciate this kind of characters, but even so you did ... and by so doing lost the job.

Brooke, you assure that you have not lost you, the television series and lose much more, to lose a great actress, brave and brilliant, and that its light will shine on many more projects and work where they really know how to appreciate.

And what if they won, and forever ... is our love, respect and appreciation, thanks Brooke Smith, we wish you the best.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Responses to the Prop 8

Hi girls, with the impact that this week has caused the terrible news of the passage of Prop 8 in California, many celebrities have already given their opinion:

Our Ellen DeGeneres issued a statement on the morning after the election and said:

“Watching the returns on election night was an amazing experience. Barack Obama is our new president. Change is here. I, like millions of Americans, felt like we had taken a giant step towards equality. We were watching history.
“This morning, when it was clear that Proposition 8 had passed in California, I can’t explain the feeling I had. I was saddened beyond belief. Here we just had a giant step towards equality and then on the very next day, we took a giant step away.
“I believe one day a ‘ban on gay marriage’ will sound totally ridiculous. In the meantime, I will continue to speak out for equality for all of us.”

The singer Melissa Etheridge, showed their indignation at this outcome by writing an article in The Daily Beast, which reads:

Okay. So Prop 8 passed. Alright, I get it. 51% of you think that I am a second class citizen. Alright then. So my wife, uh I mean, roommate? Girlfriend? Special lady friend? You are gonna have to help me here because I am not sure what to call her now.
Anyways, she and I are not allowed the same right under the state constitution as any other citizen. Okay, so I am taking that to mean I do not have to pay my state taxes because I am not a full citizen.

Okay, cool I don't mean to get too personal here but there is a lot I can do with the extra half a million dollars that I will be keeping instead of handing it over to the state of California. Oh, and I am sure Ellen will be a little excited to keep her bazillion bucks that she pays in taxes too. Wow, come to think of it, there are quite a few of us fortunate gay folks that will be having some extra cash this year. What recession? We're gay!

As we see Melissa has written an article full of rage and sadness, encouraging gays to avoid paying taxes in California, we can see the scope and sense of frustration and deep sadness that has reached this absurd Prop. 8, and not just in California if not throughout the community around the world.

Also Samantha Ronson Dj, Lindsay Lohan girlfriend , has written in her My Space blog about these negative results and comparing with Prop 2 (which strengthens the protection of farm animals).

"I guess people care more about farm animals than they do their fellow man, that's really sad to me.yes, i am glad that the chickens will have more room and better conditions as they wait to die, but i just think it's frightening that people show more compassion for tomorrow's dinner than for the chef.
Yup, miss piggy and chicken little may rest easy, but gay people in florida and california can no longer get married and gay couples in arkansas can't adopt children. g-d forbid a loving family (regardless of sexual orientation) give a needy child a home! there aren't children out there in dire need of love and shelter, no this country is thriving and no child is in need. oh well, i guess one out of four ain't bad!

The rest of the community feels a mixture of shock, sadness and determination. In California, followed by vigils from Los Angeles to San Francisco and Sacramento. The American Civil Liberties Union, Lambda Legal and the National Center for Lesbian Rights filed a petition before the California Supreme Court urging the Court to invalidate the proposal.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Patrick Dempsey said that Brooke was too ... Orgasmic

Hi, dear inhabitans we have more news on the cancellation of the homophobic character of Brooke Smith, ABC has not released many arguments to convince anyone to justify the dismissal of Brooke, there is no chemistry between the actors, that Brooke does not fit the role , and even has come to say that Brooke is not sufficiently attractive to interpret the character of a lesbian ( Whattt ? this is one of the most preposterous things I've heard so far), because they do not keep quiet once the lords of ABC, is the best we can do and I think that silence would be better, because to say things like this ...

The actor Patrick Dempsey has given its opinion on the matter in a way ... very diplomatic, but at the same time very clear.

Patrick was on the Ellen Degeneres Show, and obviously she asked him about this matter. To which Patrick, to the astonishment of all and leaving evidence to the ABC said instead of answering naturally smiled and said: "The ABC has sent me a script of what I need to answer" and then takes a role of his jacket pocket and read the note.

Patrick read that Brooke had done a good job and his character had been very good, and that the conclusion was that his character had been "orgasmic" ... Very sorry that I am dyslexic meant Organic ... and this puts an end to history.

"I think history has come to an end," said Patrick to Ellen. "The night of Thursday is his last episode, and it seems to me wrong, that it was a great character, and I do not know what happened with that story. They decided not to continue for some unknown reason.

The reason my dear Patrick is an 8 letter word that begins with H and ends with A ...

. Homophobia .

Then I leave them with the video of Dr. Derek Shepherd ...

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Still Fighting ...

Hi girls as previously expected protests against this unjust decision which unfortunately has taken the majority of Californians, has begun ... people has been expressed in California from Wednesday to continue fighting for the equality of our rights, from West Hollywood to City Hall in San Francisco. We will continue the fight ...

Los Angeles - West Hollywood

San Francisco- City Hall

There is no doubt that we belong to a wonderful community, fighter, indefatigable, who do not surrender, and that fills me with pride, despite so many blows that our community has received over time, we continue to fight tirelessly, we received shock and we come back for the next lift. And we know that in spite of losing battles, that does not mean we lose the war.

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Paris 2008 Convention

Hi dear inhabitans, our girls are still walking in L word conventions, as I said already about that of England, but this past weekend while some were in events in the U.S.A, the others were in Europe, most notably in France, Paris This weekend was held Queer As Folk / L Word Paris Convention Oct. 2008, is an event in which invite actors and actresses from these TV series.

Last year 'was in Germany and this year it was the turn of France, the entrances to the convention were sold out since September, the guests who attended this year were, Randy Harrison (Justin in QAF), and for our beloved series L Word were Laurel Holloman and Erin Daniels. (Paul and the husband of Laurel)

The convention was a success, three days of madness, there were conferences, parties, auctions and meetings with the actors.

The conferences were very funny, people asked all the actors, the next question was addressed to Erin, but also Laurel jumped to reply and gave him a lot of fun, I know was that most of the actresses in the show are heterosexual but after 3 years or more lesbians playing and having to be with women, we know that some have been restated its guidance, 'Did you "commuted" to be a lesbian?
Erin instantly replied: "Yes, I am with Laurel now." Laurel And, of course, it asserted, saying "If we are together and I followed up here" and put his head on the shoulder of Erin.
Everyone laughed a lot, but seriously, replying to a question Erin added that, it really is a good question because, in fact, if anyone is confused about his sexuality in the beginning, after completing work on the show to be absolutely sure of their sexual orientation.

Erin Laurel and apparently had not been seen in a while so it was very glad to have the opportunity to talk and laughed a lot together.

Laurel said when asked about his future, and she replied that with respect to their career wants to take time, was planning to spend more time with his family and be cared for by their daughters at least until the end of this year. and after that time is open to offers and has no concrete plans.
He spoke about the support she is giving to the organization Doctors Without Borders.

They also asked him if Bette and Tina are going to be together in last season is, to what she said, I regret to say that after he finished shooting the season 6, Ilene gave me a pill and I forget everything ... :)
Laurel asked whether the fact that Tina and Bette would be together again in Season 5 had to do with the wishes of their fans, to which Laurel replied very safe, "Well, it is clear that no one can change his decision Ilene Chaiken to because if that were the case (to be seen again and he smiled at Erin) would not have killed the most beloved character of the show. "
Laurel said that she and Jennifer had always liked that crazy Tina and Bette back to be together, because for them it always have been, their separation was rather physical, not spiritual, all we had to learn to be more tolerant and generous with one another to be able to be together

And Erin Daniels is still the same, close, fun, friendly, love everyone with his charm and his imitations, jokes and teasing.

A Erin is thrilled at the conference when you give a flower music (such as Alice led him to the hospital the day he died Dana) and the fans began to sing:

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
You make me happy, when skies are gray.."

It also conducted an auction among the fans, auctioned some wore boots that Laurel in the Show during these 6 years to 380 €, also a Tina pink shirt, and the black bra on the scene who used to seduce Bette in the sixth season, when they return to make love in his room, (the scene of "are you so wet"), then the same was sold by ladies 370 €, and for the most bizarre bra size was 34B or 90C in europe :)
(that I know that what they were asking that I know well ....) she signed all garments auctioned and devoted.

Speaking of money the tickets cost 50 € normal including an autograph and a picture with an actor, but not with the chief guest, that is paid apart, and this year the guest was Laurel Holloman and had to pay about 35 € for a photo and autograph it.

Laurel was so close, so charming that even the Queers as Folk fans who went to see Randy Harrison, took pictures with her.

Well this is the first day after what happened before was 50 € to 100 € to be because people wanted to get a ticket.
Besides the privileged were 8 people who paid € 500 for a VIP Pass which included a dinner with the 3 players, a way out of a club in Paris (go out to dance and have fun ... full party), and about 20 minutes in a private meeting with each of the actors. (I want one of those VIP pass to be with Jennifer Beals, no matter how much .... and then I buy another house) :)
And tell them that this same pass € 500 as Ebay auctions and bought an Australian girl by 1700 € ...

As you can see in this convention will not miss anything, meetings of photos, autographs, parties at night where I could see Laurel and dancing to Erin, dinner with the players, the fans' questions ...

Here are some convention videos I hope you like :

These videos are myuoutubechannel and secretgirlin2004 Thank you girls

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Triumphs hatred in California ...

Hi, dear friends and readers, it seems that this is not a good week for us, the inhabitants of our beloved planet behind the rainbow, at this time, and have absolutely all the votes counted in the State of California and the result is as follows : Yes wins with 52% with 5,163,908 votes against 48% No, 4,760,336 votes

To tell them that I have a huge mix of feelings, I feel indignation, impotent, anger, sadness and disappointment. I can not seem to understand why the majority of people of California have voted for a proposition that serves to take away other people who already had a right to human beings like them, they feel, they love and who allegedly have the same rights to all.

This is a victory for homophobia, for hatred, discrimination and is so sad ....

I even got lucky enough to live in a country where gay marriage is legally recognized, it hurts a lot, and affects me as much as a lesbian and a member of the LGBT community, which does not respect us, we discriminate, that society imposes us whom we love, that we are considered second-class citizens by failing to act according to the model that society considers proper ... Who has given them the right to do that?

I am disappointed ... because it is double moral that exists today, shows us his true face, when it was believed that things were changing, that tolerance, equality between all ... it was possible, we realize ... no, everything was an appearance, which in the interior ... continues to hate, rejection.

I just hope ... rather wish, with all the forces of my heart ... that one day, things really changed .... let us live the way we want to do, without being judged by it, without being beaten, abused, killed, discriminated against, abandoned and having the same rights as all over the world.

"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

John Lennon, "Imagine"

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goodbye Callica ... you never forget

Hi, dear inhabitans, today I feel, disgusted, outraged and do not finish believe the news that I'm going to give, I regret with all the pain in my heart that there will be no more CALLICA on TV, the ABC Network executives have decided to end this couple so dear to us.

Dr. Erica Hann, no more work in the Seattle Gray's Hospital, the last we'll see, in the chapter on Thursday : (

The company ABC has dismissed the actress Brooke Smith and eliminated the character because(and pay attention to the reasons which justify this decision according to them) to the People of the TV station had problems with "explicit that it was this relationship" And have decided to get rid of the character as soon as possible.
I do not know girls after this, whether to laugh or mourn, as it may be possible that in the twenty-first century, there are "reasons" as to justify the cancellation of a character and the dismissal of an actress.

All this took surprises for both the Brooke itself as the producer Shonda Rhimes, who had no choice but to give him the bad news to the actress, who was in shock, and the other hand, our Sara Ramírez was shocked and I need some days to digest the news, it was surprising to all members of the cast.

Brooke said it cut the character and history of root, the last scene was of her walking towards his car. She was thrilled with the story of Callie and Erica, and things would happen to the characters and story, but suddenly end up with everything and do not know what to think, Brooke tells us that at the beginning came to believe that she had done something wrong But then understood to be due to prejudices and the "things" Television, Brooke knows that is not the fault of neither it nor any of Shonda (who did rewrite the scripts).

Everybody is upset with this decision, we think wrongly that the relationship would take something as natural as taking a heterosexual relationship, and that it would show in the series a love story, no matter the sex of their players, but we were wrong.

But that's not all ladies are no more ... ABC has also changed the script that other characters are developed around Callica, is the new actress Melissa George's will no longer have a bisexual character, it was assumed that she would begin to flirt with Callie, but now will not happen none of that.

Have removed all lesbian content of the series and that's a fact Homophobic ... lords of ABC

The producer Shonda Rhimes sought to clarify (I guess it has to pay their bills) that is not by the character of Erica Hann was a lesbian, but because there was no chemistry between the two characters then? Callica is a hallucination of our minds ladies..

Please believe is that we are stupid?, Things are very clear to all. Do not insult our intelligence ...

From now on you have to be careful in saying things like: "I have no experience south of the border, or Vaginalandia is uncharted territory," and not to say that they should not for any reason "See sheets" ... because it is very explicit sexual content and may inconvenience to the suceptibilidad of executives in television and therefore lose the job.

Since LesPlanet we express our deepest indignation at what happened, and hope that some day all this garbage of homophobia and discrimination finish once, and I feel shame others, to see acts such as these in the twenty-first century and of communication media, I feel sorry, sorry for a lot of those people ... so poor, so close-minded and soul, with so little humanity that the word homophobic is not enough.

Well girls I know who think like this, leave your comments ...

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Women's Event 11...

Hi friends and readers of LesPlanet, as we commented in a post earlier this weekend has been held fund-raising annual Women's Event 11 at Chelsea Piers, which this year has honored Ilene Chaiken, writer, creator and producer Executive Series L Word (as all we know ...), Stephanie Gibbons, executive vice president of Marketing and On-Air Promotions, FX, and finally to Lisa Sherman, executive vice president and general manager of Logo.

Also attended a couple of Rossi Kelli O'Donnell, the spokesman for the city of New York Christine Quinn, and hetero allies such as MTV, and CEO Judy McGrath ...

During the dinner, there was a live auction of spot for the promotion of L Word with Pam Grier, Daniela Sea Rose Rollins and there to go climbing tenders ... and a lot of speeches.

When Jennifer Beals presented to Ilene, she made an emotional and brilliant speech on gay rights and as expected the day of tomorrow will reach a point where you can ask her daughter "is that there was a time when the gay people are not allowed to be married? "(was moved almost to tears when he said this sentence ....), and received a dream ovation from the audience.

At the awards ceremony, Ilene talking about when she thought that would have ended other L Word on TV shows where they would normally see a cop lesbian, lesbian comedy of mess ... and now realized that it was more difficult lesbian visibility on television when it started L Word, and that was really depressing ...

Next week, more specifically on 09 November will be held in Los Angeles on POWER UP's Annual continue to raise funds for the cause ...

Source: Afterellen.com

Fan Fic Cápitulo 06 part 2 "Callica" by Lidia "MIFPandOrita"

Hi again ladies, here you get the second part of fan fiction that gave yesterday for the sixth episode of the fifth season of Grey's Anatomy written by our friend Lidia ...

Erica remained calm and react "We are very well-Sloan" she said to finish the conversation with Mark but because he enjoyed the game continued. "But I've won Hahn, first realized what" it said with a smile, Erica was about to strike but knew that she could not do such a scene in front of everyone.

Callie ran out, Mark realized and said "It appears that you do not like looking at your hands busy on other things," in that Callie entered the operating room was next to strike under Sloan and her pants saying "It occupies your hands as Mark better than you do. "

Mark unable to move him to plead Callie assist him in lifting his trousers, while Callie left the operating room and Erica laughed of the situation.

Erica was found later with Callie, "Thanks for what you did, if you had arrived later could have beaten" at the time Mark arrives a little angry "How could you do that?" Walking toward Callie, Erica did not leave fast forward by in front of him.

"What Sloan? Bothers you to see your attributes? ", Mark replied," I can not teach that are small, "Erica" No thanks, I saw enough already. " Mark is a bit calm and said "It is the operating room was cold ... but this is not the case, Callie?".

Callie leaves behind Erica to speak "Eric let us now?, Then you vere is it?", Erica looks at Sloan and goes.

"Mark, which is what I did was wrong and I'm sorry, but you must leave Erica in peace" Sloan becomes a bit serious and solve things Callie says "You can say whatever you want with me, you hit it," "All right," says Sloan "But I will win", "Do not believe Mark, Erica does not have hands as soft as you think" Callie said with a smile and a naughty look.

In the coffee were Eric and Callie lunch, that's Mark comes and sits with them, seeing as he is left watching, rises from the table with a "Sorry", gives a few steps to sit at another table when Listening to Eric "Sloan Come here, sit down with us."

Mark returns to the table and sits with them, "Torres is mine now ..." says Eric looking for a way to Mark defiant "Do not come back to play," Mark was a bit scared but relaxes when they smiled to see his reaction the joke of Eric and laughs along with them.

Erica: "It's seriously"


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fan Fic Episode 06 "Callica" by Lidia "MIFPandOrita"

Hey girls, we put the fan so today from 6 episode Callica of this 5th season, writes our friend Lidia.

This time we have two parties, this is the first ... tomorrow will publish the second part of this fan fiction ... We hope you enjoy ...

Opens her locker at the hospital and was found inside a white rose in her face is drawn a beautiful smile, take the flower, smells and places a light kiss on some of the petals, putting it back into her locker.

Goes looking for her haste, she knows who was left there, this so happy, never had felt that way before. At last he found, was sitting in a room, quietly observing several sheets she had on the table, her blond hair rosaba his cheeks and brightness of the sun highlighted his beautiful blue eyes.

Callie entered so happy, close the door, and Erica saw her get up from the table wondering what happened to Callie, god few steps towards Erica and hug. "Thanks Erica, is beautiful" she said while Erica put her arms around the waist of Callie. "I knew you'd like ... I wanted to buy something bigger but it was not included in the ticket office" Callie smile and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"I gotta go, I wait in the operating room ... then we are" said Erica while accommodate the hair behind her ear Callie, "Mmm ... I was thinking, because I have nothing to do could see you in action in the operating room" she said Callie. "All right, but I'll get very nervous." Erica smiled at her, the volume of the hands and left the place.

And Erica worked in the operating room next to Doctor Sloan, Erica looked up and I look at Callie smiling through the window of the observation room. Mark saw the scene and said "Oh the lover are here" Erica just look without saying anything, Mark noticed that Erica does not react well with his comment that followed. "Nice hands Dra. Hahn, I bet they are very good for other things, "Erica was stopped and answered" You are right Dr. Sloan, it can not hurt to check, "Sloan" While I believe that the hands of an orthopedic surgeon are better, you know, strong and safe. "

Erica was angry with that comment, was stopped for a moment and look fixedly at Sloan, smiled to see that this achievement of its objective to disturb Erica. Callie realized the situation, saw the face of Erica really angry looking at Sloan.