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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Paris 2008 Convention

Hi dear inhabitans, our girls are still walking in L word conventions, as I said already about that of England, but this past weekend while some were in events in the U.S.A, the others were in Europe, most notably in France, Paris This weekend was held Queer As Folk / L Word Paris Convention Oct. 2008, is an event in which invite actors and actresses from these TV series.

Last year 'was in Germany and this year it was the turn of France, the entrances to the convention were sold out since September, the guests who attended this year were, Randy Harrison (Justin in QAF), and for our beloved series L Word were Laurel Holloman and Erin Daniels. (Paul and the husband of Laurel)

The convention was a success, three days of madness, there were conferences, parties, auctions and meetings with the actors.

The conferences were very funny, people asked all the actors, the next question was addressed to Erin, but also Laurel jumped to reply and gave him a lot of fun, I know was that most of the actresses in the show are heterosexual but after 3 years or more lesbians playing and having to be with women, we know that some have been restated its guidance, 'Did you "commuted" to be a lesbian?
Erin instantly replied: "Yes, I am with Laurel now." Laurel And, of course, it asserted, saying "If we are together and I followed up here" and put his head on the shoulder of Erin.
Everyone laughed a lot, but seriously, replying to a question Erin added that, it really is a good question because, in fact, if anyone is confused about his sexuality in the beginning, after completing work on the show to be absolutely sure of their sexual orientation.

Erin Laurel and apparently had not been seen in a while so it was very glad to have the opportunity to talk and laughed a lot together.

Laurel said when asked about his future, and she replied that with respect to their career wants to take time, was planning to spend more time with his family and be cared for by their daughters at least until the end of this year. and after that time is open to offers and has no concrete plans.
He spoke about the support she is giving to the organization Doctors Without Borders.

They also asked him if Bette and Tina are going to be together in last season is, to what she said, I regret to say that after he finished shooting the season 6, Ilene gave me a pill and I forget everything ... :)
Laurel asked whether the fact that Tina and Bette would be together again in Season 5 had to do with the wishes of their fans, to which Laurel replied very safe, "Well, it is clear that no one can change his decision Ilene Chaiken to because if that were the case (to be seen again and he smiled at Erin) would not have killed the most beloved character of the show. "
Laurel said that she and Jennifer had always liked that crazy Tina and Bette back to be together, because for them it always have been, their separation was rather physical, not spiritual, all we had to learn to be more tolerant and generous with one another to be able to be together

And Erin Daniels is still the same, close, fun, friendly, love everyone with his charm and his imitations, jokes and teasing.

A Erin is thrilled at the conference when you give a flower music (such as Alice led him to the hospital the day he died Dana) and the fans began to sing:

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
You make me happy, when skies are gray.."

It also conducted an auction among the fans, auctioned some wore boots that Laurel in the Show during these 6 years to 380 €, also a Tina pink shirt, and the black bra on the scene who used to seduce Bette in the sixth season, when they return to make love in his room, (the scene of "are you so wet"), then the same was sold by ladies 370 €, and for the most bizarre bra size was 34B or 90C in europe :)
(that I know that what they were asking that I know well ....) she signed all garments auctioned and devoted.

Speaking of money the tickets cost 50 € normal including an autograph and a picture with an actor, but not with the chief guest, that is paid apart, and this year the guest was Laurel Holloman and had to pay about 35 € for a photo and autograph it.

Laurel was so close, so charming that even the Queers as Folk fans who went to see Randy Harrison, took pictures with her.

Well this is the first day after what happened before was 50 € to 100 € to be because people wanted to get a ticket.
Besides the privileged were 8 people who paid € 500 for a VIP Pass which included a dinner with the 3 players, a way out of a club in Paris (go out to dance and have fun ... full party), and about 20 minutes in a private meeting with each of the actors. (I want one of those VIP pass to be with Jennifer Beals, no matter how much .... and then I buy another house) :)
And tell them that this same pass € 500 as Ebay auctions and bought an Australian girl by 1700 € ...

As you can see in this convention will not miss anything, meetings of photos, autographs, parties at night where I could see Laurel and dancing to Erin, dinner with the players, the fans' questions ...

Here are some convention videos I hope you like :

These videos are myuoutubechannel and secretgirlin2004 Thank you girls

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