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Monday, December 1, 2008

Dylena... L Word Season 6

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet, along with news of our favorite series The L Word, I also have news about a couple that I know some have been wanting to see together, Helena and Dylan. Finally this season we have "Dylena" .

If confirmed, the story goes as this. We know that at the end of season 5, Helena takes away all the debt at the Shebar Club to get the Planet back from her lover Cindy.

So after this season the club is no longer called Shebar. Its now handled by Kit and is called Hit Club. Helena, at night, seems to see a familiar face. Dylan sees her reaction and leaves the club, as she often does, but Helena follows her into the club's parking lot, and very angrily asks her what she is doing there. What does she want? Dylan tries to explain that it was a mistake before and that she wants a relationship with Helena, and that she's sorry.

The next day Helena receives flowers from Dylan. On the card she put something like:
"You look beautiful when you're upset," Helena has Kit read it and says, "here we go again."

Dylan asks Helena for an opportunity to speak to her.

Dylan speaks with the girls and tells them she loves Helena and wants to be with her. The girls do not believe her and they plan to see if it's true. They want to make she doesn't want to just get closer to Helena for money or to promote a film. Putting her to the test they send Nikki to bait and try to seduce her. She also asks if there are any projects, that is, recording a movie or documentary.

While that is happening, in the Hit Club, the girls are watching through the cameras that are at the Club. They see it all from the office with Helena, as if they are at a movie, with popcorn and everything. Helena did not agree with the whole thing with Dylan and Nikki, but was careful to see what happened.

And to the surprise of all Dylan passes the test completely. Helena is relieved and speaks with her when they are alone and tells her that she wants them to be together again.

Note: Thanks Liz for you help and you photo
Here the video Dylena hope you enjoy :)

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