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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Officially ... Jenny Schecter dies.

Hi girls, tell them that to confirm the rumors of people who until now do not believe that Jenny is dead, I regret to say that it is official because Showtime has confirmed the death of one of his characters with a press release sent to media on the sixth season of The L Word, and now we also have a video that has left us see Showtime.

They are the first minutes of the first episode of this latest season of The L Word, is the extended version of the scene where we see Lucy Lawless arrived at the crime scene (the home of Tina and Bette).

This season seems to be a great tribute to a great film, 1950 winner of two Oscars, the academy and who has become a classic: Sunset Boulevard.

There also appears in his first scene a man is dead and his body was seen floating face down in a pool. A narrator explains that the dead man was an unsuccessful screenwriter. The film fades into the flashback that tells the story as it was up to the moment of death. Click Here

The communique from the news of the death of Jenny is the next in the media:

"L Word' is killing 1 of its major characters"

NEW YORK (AP) -- Dead is the word when "The L Word" returns.
Showtime's drama about a circle of lesbian friends and lovers is going to kill off one of its major characters on the premiere of its sixth - and final - season.

The victim is Jenny Schecter, Showtime has disclosed. Jenny, a would-be writer and accomplished two-timer, has long been embraced by fans as the character they most love to hate.

The episode, which airs January 18, begins with a splash as Jenny's body is discovered in a swimming pool. Accident, or murder - and whodunit? Viewers will have to wait for those answers.

Meanwhile, she won't be absent from the show: The remainder of the season is heavy with flashbacks of Jenny (played by Mia Kirshner) in the swim with her enemies and pals.

Showtime is owned by CBS Inc

So as we see dear friends, I know that many did not like the news or had any hope of what all was a dream of Jenny or who are only rumors, because everything seems to indicate that it is not. But I must say that after so much secrecy, SHOWTIME we now confirm the death of Jenny, that's a little weird not believe? (or perhaps, that we want to believe). I will continue investigating.

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omg. this broke my heart. horrible conclusion i must say.