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Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Dr. Callie Torres will seek a new love...

Hello dear friends and readers LesPlanet, we bring you the latest and disconcerting news about Grey's Anatomy.

After that the ABC has been disposal of the lesbian couple of Callie Torres, the Dra. Erica Hanh, and not just in fiction but even put on the street to the actress (Broke Smith) because it allegedly had no chemistry between them .... (it's as if we say that there is no chemical about Pepa and Silvia), seeing these photos think that there was chemistry between them?

and this is the face that we remain at all including Sara Ramirez when we learned of the end of Callica.

We learn now that the episodes will be broadcast in January a new doctor, a pediatrician for more details, played by actress Jessica Capshaw (also the daughter of actress Kate Capshaw and stepdaughter of director Steven Spilberg), which will have a professional interest rather than the Dra. Callie Torres.

It seems that this new doctor called Dr. Arizona Robbins arrives at Seattle Grace to help Dr. Bailey in one case and to stay around at the start of 3 chapters, during which the confused Dra. Callie Torres feel something else ... Even though we do not know the intensity of what will happen if something happens ... or if you're Arizona also feel something for Callie, because as we know in Grey's Anatomy is strictly PROHIBITED see leaves ....

Well, as we see these people has no idea what it does, or want to become crazy at all or did not like the couple of Torres-Hahn (with clear that distance would have been enough ... no need to jump-Broke Smith the series), the truth is that this season Grey's Anatomy this more puzzling than ever.

I think what has happened, this is what ABC executives had no idea that the strength of our community, thought they could commit such an act homophobic and that we all stay idly by, but realized that with the LGBT community, is not played. And to try to settle the matter with the associations and organizations of our community, be better with the public and clean up its image, NOW, put this character that may have something with Callie, but by what is seen is temporary, because currently participate in 3 episode.

From what I am sure that a couple of lesbians as doctors fixed characters in the series, we will NEVER take Grey's Anatomy. We have informed about any news that we have to respect ... see what happens.

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