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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008...

Hi dear friends, today is the last day of the year 2008, which has been at least one year with many ups and downs for me, I have a recount of some things that have happened.

This year, apart from one of the worst news was that was won the YES of Prop 8 in California, producing and one of the largest discrimination against the LGBT community in recent times and a right already obtained wrest us as was to be married to the person we love, for the simple and absurd whim of leaders homophobic hate ignorant among their followers.

Apart from that, this year has been good for lesbian visibility, we have seen in the media as at present more lesbian presence in other years and this fills me with pride because I know that although we each step cost. ... we are moving towards equality, and this presence that we now have an impact on society generally positive (though of course there are always exceptions) now you are saying to the world "heyyy we are exist, we are here and we have the same rights that you are lesbian, and we are wonderful".

The best moments left with the news and we saw this year and do not forget

The best series of lesbians remains excellent, and I think it will always be our beloved The L Word, and in 2008 made us live is one of the largest lesbian, in Season 5, filled us with joy by many returned one of the most famous couples in the world and endearing lesbian TIBETTE, I know that many can not forget that magical moment that we live in chapter 5x04 "LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED" in 46 minutes 49 seconds with the background music of Alice Smith and her "Dream" ..... Bette when Tina takes the arm and kiss ... by end of stress after 4 seasons, finally had a hope to see them back together and happy.

And so it was to the delight of all followers of the series, we were able to see again this year some of the best sex scenes TIBETTE.

The series was disappointed that we have been without doubt Grey's Anatomy, at the beginning, we thought we could see a love story in one of the most-watched television series, but when we were captivated Drs. Callie Torres and Erica Hanh and her newly discovered new attraction between them, when they finally had their feelings cleared and Dr. Erica Hahn had accepted her homosexuality shouting from the rooftops: I'm Gay .. I'm so gay, homophobic producers of ABC to cancel the character of the series and dismissed the actress Brooke Smith behind it.

Leaving us submerge in a deep indignation and remove a couple who had already won the lesbian community, because one way or another we had seen in a completely heterosexual. But despite everything has left us an unforgettable moment for all time:

In regard to series in Spanish, the most impressive and gave us more visibility this year, was the partner of Pepa and Silvia in the TV series Paco's Men (Los Hombres de Paco) (until that time hearing entirely heterosexual) peak in Spain.

In a series of police between bullets and rude men, there is a love story between a divorced coroner, Silvia and a lesbian police officer, Pepa.

This story has stolen the hearts of many inhabitants of our communitie, not only in Spain but in the rest of the world who do not speak Spanish, for its freshness, its naturalness, for being so entertaining and fun for their players and so sexy beautiful, and will positively reflect a lesbian relationship in a society full of prejudice and highly maleness as the police force.

Our big moment of PEPSI:

To finish the series, we can also highlight the efforts of a lesbian relationship in House No. 13 with a model in the "Lucky Thirteen"

Also in Bones we had kissing between girls, Angela y Roxie .

On national television in USA and in the popular soap opera All My Children saw Bianca (Eden Riegel) return to Pine Valley after a long absence, and brought her girlfriend played by Reese (Tamara Braun), we also have a newborn lesbian is the complete package, and one of the few success stories of lesbians on TV yet issued. For now none has been killed or dismissed.

Also this year saw the end of the love story of our beloved Ashley and Spencer from South of Nowhere.

Turning to Movies one of the best lesbian-themed films that total has come to cinemas this year has undoubtedly been I Can´t Thing Straight, the love story of a Jordanian woman Tala (Lisa Ray) to be married and Leyla knows interpreted by my adored Sheetal Sheth, who is the girlfriend of her best friend, and then begin to fall in love, a sense of duty and cultural boundaries is the Tala away, but the time will united again.

We can not miss this movie .... soon we will see loved people.

Among other films that have gone through the festivals in Cannes to receive high praise, it is remarkable for a French film director Céline Sciamma called 'Naissance des Pieuvres or as it is called "Water Lilies", a film about sexual awakening of three teenagers about 15 years, swimmers synchronized swimming in this environment are the 3 teens physically, emotionally and socially and we can see the confusion and distress of their players to cope with a love affair between two of the girls.

This year we were also highly visible thanks to the sport, many inhabitants of our planet have participated in the Beijing Olympics over a dozen female athletes competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, and took away several medals. Here the post.

Among the musical surprises of the year we launch the first album the group of Uh Huh Her made up for our beloved Leisha Hailey and Camila Gray, the band has very good music and has been well received by our community.

Among the outputs of the closet more catch out was the comedian Wanda Sykes, not for the fact that we know who is gay (and married) is something that is not what suspect surprising if their departure, in a demonstration for the rights of the gay community in Las Vegas last November before thousands of spectators and the press said: "I am proud to be a woman. I'm proud of being a black woman and I am proud to be gay."

Other outputs from the closet is also the most subtle come from Lindsay Lohan, who finally after all this history is having admitted that a romantic relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson, and what pleased me most is the positive impact that relationship is said that she is giving her life and that after a long time is really happy.

Among the most famous lesbian couples this year has left its mark and has held thousands of covers and our beloved media Ellen Degeneres, with its super-publicized Wedding of the Year.

Among the best news of the year in Spain we have the approval of the law that allows our babies have birth from two mothers, we finally included in a law of rights for the design, we can give at your partner your egg to be fertilized and implanted in her womb the baby to have both.

I leave you a song that I leave this year that has passed ... I hope you like He is Ivan Guevara "Por Amor al arte" (For the love of art)

Well this is a quick summary that leaves us in 2008 and that despite all the negative that could happen to it, both personally and LGTB community level, this year we can be more visible to the world, and I hope that Next year will be much better.

On the aims for next year every one of you will have theirs out of the closet, find the woman of her life, stop smoking, etc., all we ask is that with all my heart whatever the purpose for this new year, which is the main thing to be happy and assured them that this is not a cliche phrase, and I mean this utopian happiness and generic with that dream.

If not that happiness is within our reach, we can get it for ourselves if we suggest that, despite everything that can happen, whether we are alone, if we do not find love if we finished a significant relationship, if we go into the closet, but if we are outside our families do not want to see us more if we feel the weight of discrimination, if we are locked in a life that we do not want, if we are battered, homophobia if we ever hit, if not we like the world around us or their ignorance.

I ask you to always look for ways to be happy, to feel well, smile, have hope, the purpose of this new year is to try and be happy to fight with all our might to achieve this. Do not ever stop smiling, do not let us remove all the smiles, or that anyone has the power to hurt.

That is my intend for this year. :)

I hope .... feel it and I believe that the world equal to that dream, is not far away.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

The big news from Alice...

Hi dear people of our LesPlanet, today I bring a very funny video.

Many and different reactions have been from all of us, when we knowed is that in Sixth and final Season of The L Word .... Shane and Jenny are a couple (for a short time but we are).

For someone it seems wrong, because they have nothing in common, other thinks good to them, because they wanted their friendship will end in love, another seems genuine madness, others believe they are tender, in conclusion... there are many views on the matter and very very different.

But you have wondered as got the news our L girls?. We already know that the first in know it was that our untimely Alice who was in shock literally unable to articulate understandable word .... and know that it's hard to shut Alice.... as she must has affected the news. Then she recover speaking, and she is going to the bathroom and manages to communicate the big news to the rest of the other girls ..... way SMS

Which was the reaction of each of them to know that Shane and Jenny had sex last night?
We can see it in the video .... I hope you enjoy.

Note: I can not leave the post without I say that Bette is so sweet!! I love her when she laugh :)

Pepa and Silvia Come back....

Hi dear people of our color and wonderful planet behind the rainbow, now I bring you a preview of our new season is also expected in The Paco's Men (Los Hombres de Paco).

We stayed with our dear Pepa and Silvia, being accepted and she's surprised by Don Lorenzo, also witnessed a wedding, a lot of action and our PEPSI catching Kaiser, wrapped Sara saw blood in the end, fearing for her death.

Now back with more action and romance, the first change is that Lola (Sara's mother and wife of Paco) has left the series, the actress has had to leave the series because it is involved in other projects. It has also entered a new trainee at the police station.

Sara .... does not die ... as expected.
PEPSI We are totally out of the closet, and new plans ...

Left now with the video and then told them my opinions on all the surprises that will: (I recommend you see seated to avoid falling)

Well, I know girls have been left without knowing to say, like me when I saw her, I guess we will see that you have left with their mouths open when Pepa, our beloved Pepa tells Aitor if he make love with her or when we see kissing, what crazyyyyy .... The fact is that if we continue to see the spoiler assume at least that's my theory that they have chosen Aitor as father of the child they want, and Pepa has been chosen for he because they have more convinced that their inclinations than Silvia, but I say I do not know that these girls are a thing as artificial insemination?, or opinions about what Pepa believe that Silvia go very fast in the relationship and she was scared and decided to see if the side hetero does well, but with Aitor ??... is very young (also that Pepa has a moment crazy and she's found with Aitor and.... put strain on the couple ....)

Since then what if we're going to see is a season full of laughter and our Pepa and Silvia, and here you know that the time may be getting from the day of the premiere is between o7 or 08 January 2009. I will confirmed the exactly date.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Veronika decides to die...

Hi girls, after these days of holidays today I bring you good news that at least for me is interesting.

Some of us know Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian great novelist (which I love), it appears that one of her novels (the first that I readed ...) entitled Veronika decides to die ... has been adapted to film this and our beloved starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (better known as Buffy Vampire Slayer ...).

The plot of this movie is the story of Veronika, a woman of apparent success that if hidden inside a large depression in which it decides to die, this leads to the suicide attempt, but fails in the attempt and wakes up in a clinic Mental Health where she reported that due to damage caused by the body in her suicide attempt left her a few days of life.

In this new situation for Veronika, her life begins to change and discover things, sensations and feelings that she did not know until then ... and realizes that she no longer decides her death, that this will come though it no longer want.

And do not tell them anything else because if I do not read the book nor seen the movie, and really I recommend reading both the book and the movie was strange that in March 2009.

I can say after seeing the trailer that the movie tries to reflect all that the author has tried to count us in the book and performances by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the words of the same Paulo Coelho "Sarah Michelle Gellar portraits with emotion the Veronika I had always imagined". I am sure we will see Sarah in a facet that will surprise us all, because the character of Veronika is very complex and will require the best of this young actress.

Well girls I leave you with the trailer of the movie, I hope to enjoy it and if you have the opportunity to read the book ...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas festivities that beautiful ...

Hi dear friends of LesPlanet all know that Christmas festivities are for the vast majority of people in the world happier times, family and memorable year. But for some people is a time of tension and to test family ties.

What about those who besides Lesbian coming out has to come to her house between colored lights and cousins, aunts and nephews prepared to ask questions and look to face strange?

If I decide that it is better to keep quiet and let I Dec ads or without major disturbances, we have to pass separate from your partner, and the person you love these days? Or the best decision is to present to the bride as a friend to the orphan who is given a seat at the table, poor as we are going to leave it alone at Christmas?

For us the only decision that is taken at parties is not only if we take cider or champagne, we must also choose how to share the evening filled with the words "Congratulations", "finally all together" or "I am proud that my children ". And you thought .... Happy? because with this weight that I have within me without being able to share it I do not feel well. Together? .... the woman who loved is not me .... Proud? .... still feeling well if you knew that I am a lesbian?

The other side of the coin is that it put the whole truth, in addition to the wine on the table. Those who have, as I am an open relationship. We can share table at Christmas, but not everything is as nice as it sounds.

It is produced what I know would say subtle discrimination ... as can be, to see my son-in-law that this is bigger at this dad, for my daughter-in-law that this is very tasty, and your friend put it to the left over .... or I have to finish the dishes gala dinner services, you do not mind not? I bring this all day .... and you view and say you will, no problem. (And for your girlfriend with a frozen smile on your lips and your eyes ... telling Ayyy honey, everything that I love you but be run in the dining chinese food in house)

Lesbian couples always suffer a lot to be excluded, and that's why we try to appreciate the attempt integrating adapt and endure're ignoring things for the sake of your partner. We are more family friendly as they say, or at least we know swallow and survive without dinner from 24 per indigestible gesture of evil stepfather or the mother-in-law. (For the sake of our own health jajaja)

But the problem appears when sexuality remains hidden. And you and your "friend", dine together, at the home of some of the families and are tense all the time, and thinking, I have looked bad, you know something?, Or start with the questions indiscreet to know this because your "friend "Dinner with you and not with her family ... and have a boyfriend?, her parents get along? If you do not know is that neither you nor to go where your "friend" and they do not know that answer either.

And finally is the worst situation is when and in spite of knowing and meet your partner for several reasons, resentments, fights of the family with your partner there is no way to reconcile the parties and therefore can not sit at the same table and you stay with your poker face and saying that now? because your family did not give his arm a twist and your partner with absolutely right either, so it is finally decided that it is best to stay at home from families, the two having dinner alone with your dog (if you have one) and try to spend the holidays without much concern when you see all the happiness in the world to house your family and knowing that your not going to be ... and that they care much either.

And last but not least important, are those with the syndrome the Grinch have a couple but , hate Christmas and do not want to pass it or the couple or with family and make as if these parties were like any other day, leaving that your partner will go with your family and your quedandote alone at home watching TV or reading a book as if it were a normal day, that this case is a clear choice and does not have any feeling of unhappiness.

Despite all that we included in either case, what we should do is pass the best parties that affect us without any prejudice to our families and our loved ones and think that next Christmas will be another story.

Since LesPlanet we wish you all that your have the best Christmas in the company of your girlfriend and family (if possible).

Inspired: SentidoG

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Inhabitant.... Who out the closet?

Hey guys, then I have a story, but it is a very strong rumor because it has not yet been able to clear as to who it is.

Lesbian say that a very famous and that is within the closet, is thinking of kicking the door and exit.

This person is an actress, with many jobs in their curriculum, and now a root of her impending divorce, is planning to come out and declare openly gay.

The story is as follows, sometimes the actresses lesbians marry someone of the opposite sex who are seeing the benefits as it increases her credibility as heterosexual and have many more chances in the roles they offer.

But the failed on plan is that if the relationship does not last, the former has an advantage over total is an actress. This is the case with this star of television whose fake marriage just ended.

The lawyer is now the star of her client to get a divorce, fast and discreet to prevent her former, I spoke or asked to keep a good check your mouth shut.

However, this actress in question is worth considering whether to pay or get out of the closet once.

According to the investigations of the means exist 2 possible candidates to be the stars of this rumor and let me tell you that my Gayradar and so many others had sounded much for the two.

One is the actress Kate Walsh, best known as Dr. Addison Montgomery of "Grey's Anatomy" and now onlyo with the series "Private Practice," which is now divorced from her husband Alex Young.

The other is actress Marg Helgenberger, CSI Catherine Willows in CSI: Las Vegas, which is also separating from her husband.

between two, the bets more highest has Kate with a 97% of the votes.

And you think of who it is, Kate or Marg?

L Word... What is your suspect in the murder of Jenny?

Hi dear people of our planet behind the colorful rainbow, as we know now, the question of the Sixth Season of The L Word is: Who killed Jenny Schecter? ...

To address this sordid "Clue" Lesbian, analyzed the facts and to evaluate the possible suspects and motives that may have had to kill our loved / hated ... Jenny Schecter.

Now, I will be the Sergeant LesP:) and together will help Xena ... forgiveness to the sergeant in command Nora Beth Duffy ....( what name for my mother) to try to find the killer ...... to see what we have?, Pull to the crime scene to see where we are .. .
Bette and Tina's house (early morning around 1:00 a.m.)

We have a 7 women, and half (for our Angie) two of them with obvious signs of being given a swim, gathered in the living room.

The women are: Bette Porter (owner of the house and exquisitely wild and sexy, now without work) Tina Kennard (Bette Porter couple, now without work), Angelica Kennard-Porter (daughter of Bette and Tina), Kit Porter, ( sister of Bette Porter and sex symbol of the Trans community), Alice Pieszecki, radio ex-announcer, now TV presenter and writer of film scripts, and gossip in nature, Helena Peabody (ex-prisoners, rich girl and heiress of the rule Peabody) , Max Sweeny, (formerly known as Moira, double plays for Jesus Christ Super Star, one of the few who do not have trans succumbed to the charms of Kit Porter), and last and not least ... Shane McCutcheon (relations public by nature is known to all women in LA, the word loyalty and fidelity do not exist in her vocabulary)

Note: Shane McCutcheon and Bette Porter was thrown to the pool to try to save the víctim without success is clear.

Miss Tasha Williams (former marine) part of the group and Alice's girlfriend, apparently was not at that meeting .... why? we do not know yet.

The victim: Jenny Schecter, writer, former director of the film LezGirls, former heterosexual, not much loved by her group of "friends" has been found floating in the pool, with no obvious signs of alcohol.

Sanders, the victim's dog, the only witness to what happened in the time of her death.

The possible suspects and Possible Reasons to kill Jenny Schecter.

1. Nikki Stevens:
Actress and former girlfriend of the victim, has a funny personality , she is very hot, but much, child, rebellious, freedom of spirit, selfish, has not come out of the closet and to the press gives a picture of heterosexual.

Possible Cause:
She is in love with Shane and I had to get rid of Jenny.

2. Shane McCucheon :

A hairdresser, best friend of the victim, she shared house with Jenny (plus girlfriend), had a short romantic relationship with Jenny, personality, reserved, quiet, no stable relationship, cheated by nature.

Possible Cause:

Being tired of Jenny, tired of that is controlled, get rid of it once.

3. Alice Pieszecky :
Journalist, former girlfriend of the victim, character, funny, crazy, outgoing, is aware of life around the world.

Possible Cause:
Talk with the victim because she had stolen an idea for a movie script and selling it as yours for $ 500.00 (for killing....). Plus, if she is the killer will Spin Off in a jail ...... mmmm ...

4. Bette Porter :
Curator of Art and former dean of the UC School of Art, nature, Dominant Type A, is in better than the last season Dominant Type B, lovely, sophisticated, elegant, sexy, sexy sexy, sexy. incredibly beautiful, charming (we need to clarify that there is no favorite on my part is to suspect).

Possible Cause:
To begin with Jenny has never fallen right, hates the way it treats Tina, and does not support having it around, watching everything she does to find any errors.

5.Tina Kennard :
Former housewife, now executive Shaylyn for Development Studies, which is owned by Peggy Peabody, personality, loving, sweet, somewhat shy (not when you have the front Berkley) loves her family, loyal friend, honest, compassionate, she is mature and strong.

Possible Cause:
She has put up with the abuse of Jenny Schecter during her Diva, but apparently had forgiven her and returned to lay a hand (that's Tee). In this season have problems because they blame Jenny to steal the negatives of the film, and make it respond. Apparently has no apparent reason.

6. Helena Peabody :
Director of the Foundation of the Peabody family, personality, smart, educated, attractive, pleasant, generous to her friends, compassionate, beautiful, has had problems with the game. She has gone to jail for stealing to her partner.

Possible Cause:
This is the suspect who has less reason to kill Jenny, just the simple fact that it falls terribly wrong, but that's not reason enough (and that not all of us if we would be too suspicious).

7. Jenny Schecter :
Writer, a former waitress, a former stripper, former director of cinema. Personality, eccentric, complex, somewhat troubled, emotionally fragile, it tends to be too candid.

Possible Cause:

Jenny has always been self-centered, her book and film has been more than a fiction a novel to her life of her own, as her eyes, her possible murder, could be the perfect culmination of a work where she is the only player and where she puts to her friends as suspected traitors, making them reveal their true feelings toward her. Jenny lived in a world of fantasy, and disruption in that perhaps she was not aware that the suicide, and not wake up. For the deep love I felt for Shane, which in the end was not reciprocated in the same way.

Other suspects who were walking deck are Marina Ferrer, Adele, Max, also causes a lot of suspicion and the absence of Tasha at the meeting.

We will continue with our investigations and meanwhile tell me what to say and who is their suspect.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hi dear friends and readers of LesPlanet, today I bring you the first episode of L Word Sixth season ...

As you are reading our dear friend Saab has risen before its premiere in January and here you get it so you can enjoy it ...

As you know we still to be anything that appeared on our beloved series L Word.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Who killed Jenny Schecter...?

Hi girs, today I bring you a new spoiler on Showtime on the sixth season of L Word, we can see to the girls talk about the death of Jenny Schecter.

Anyone who has reason to kill Jenny? because practically all have reasons, all at a time or other have deeply hated and wanted to kill her ...

But what there will be any finally done?, Think that any of our girls would you? All these questions will be answered in some form during the sixth season of L Word.

It is clear that increasingly becomes more interesting this sixth season, also will see the girls think about their relationships, feelings between them after the death of Jenny.

Well dear friends and readers I leave with you with the video, I hope you enjoy it.

Erotic Stories...

Well girls, today being the weekend and to relax and enjoy a bit of week of hard work, they get a story that both these erotic love jajaja. :)

I hope you enjoy it.

She had one of those discussions stronger with my partner, for the umpteenth time, and I left the department for not continue shouting mutually so that hurt me so much.

It's very hard to accept when love dies, and she did not want to let go, but insisted give to me despite knowing that nothing would save our relationship.

I looked for some of these hidden bars, a place where she could not find me easily, but I did not want discussions that night. I found the bar, there were only a few men in one of the officers and a woman at the bar.

I sat a short distance from her, and I ordered a martini, while watching ... I knew ... of course, was the same as that on some occasions perfumes bought at the store where I worked, once we had talked, it was a very nice woman, beautiful but not with that no one knows what makes them attractive. While the look at one of the men who was at the next table got up and came towards me. He put his hands on my desk and began to make propositions, was alcoholic and was very rude. I told him I was not interested, but he did not seem to hear me. Was starting to get nervous when a woman approached the bar and with a big smile on her lips said:

- Nancy, is that you?. I had not seen in years ....¿ how these beautiful?.

Quickly understood what she was trying to do, so I said with a big smile:

- Anna!. What a pleasant surprise ... Go sit down and take something and tell me that was your life.

The man shrugged his shoulders, and left disappointed. We both look and laugh. The woman ordered a beer and presented.

- I'm Joanne, I think you needed a hand.

- Yes, thank you .... and did not know how to do that is out .... I'm Nancy, but I think you already knew that. - Hmmm ... yeah, I remember very well the names of those who serve me well ever.

We started chatting on the store. She spent the time and was being very cold, so she said that it would go home and that I should do the same. Got off the head and told her that night could not return home, which had had a serious discussion with my partner and I did not want to return. Then she invited me to drink coffee at home, and I accepted.

She lived not far away, so I started to walk to her house. It was a very cold night, but wonderfully clear so we stopped a moment in the park and we sat on a bench, very close, so that our knees are touching .... and I felt this incredible shock, and I looked and saw she also was looking at me directly in the eye. For a long time that did not feel that shock.

We talked a bit about the cold nights, and the stars, and nonsense .... and looked and looked at her nipples see under the blouse ... wore no bra, and were very impressive ... I felt desires of stroke, but not I wanted to make any movement .... did not want to offend her.

I lifted my hand to my hair off her forehead and you accidentally touch your breasts .... is that she was so close to me. I took their hands and I could see waiting in her eyes ... I could not endure more, I took her face in my hands and I put my lips on yours. That moment was amazing, I began to feel that I put wet, excited ... she opened her mouth so that she could stick my tongue and gave us a French kiss, passionate, no matter if someone saw us.

I put my hands on her breasts and massage your nipples erect, and she moved breathles. I was so hot that she could not stand it ... and she obviously felt like it stood up and told me to go fast for us to get to her house.

During the rest of the way none said a word, we were scared but at the same time excited about what would happen in that department. Once in her house she told me to put a little comfortable while preparing coffee.

I sat in a chair, waiting for her ... when I returned I took the stand and coffes of their hands to put on the table.

I took the shoulders and looked directly into the eyes ... she was a little scared, but I could see the excitement in them. I kissed her again, we kissed softly at first, then more passionate, traveling with her tongue. Tangle my fingers in her hair, followed kissing slowly, then got off her shirt, I was opened and down her shoulders .... to see your breasts, beautiful and round breasts.

I went down my head on her neck, kissing, while massaging her nipples .... until you get to my mouth to, and she gently bit shuddered. Threw her head back and enjoyed the feeling ... while I removed the jeans, who fell to the ground.

Touched my panties and noticed that they were just that ... wet finger rubbing me an orgasm .... so I got off her lap, release. She was very excited ... the skirt fell, and I was kneeling in front of her. I could feel that her panties were so wet as mine .... I wanted to test its sweetness or me crazy again.

pull them and kissed the prominence just about sex ... then gently pushed her what it is sitting on the couch. I suck the inside of the thighs, slowly ... could feel how much I needed and I burned my tongue on please. She opened her legs even more, to make it easier to access ...... was so wet and I knew so well ... I found her clitoris and suck it ... while my hands were returning to their breasts and massages strongly. She began to move their hips, the I looked for a second and her gaze turned me crazy, I began to suck and suck more and more strong. She breathless and I told her I wanted to end up in my mouth ... that put her mad ... ended up in my face, moaning by the strong orgasm. I caught up and kissed me.

While kissing me, I removed the panties and penetrated me with her fingers ... I was so excited that put two fingers inside me and feeling rotated every inch of me ... I began to breathe heavily, but could not help much because was too hot. She dropped her head and began to suck my nipples delicately ... could mourn for the sensation of pleasure. Still penetrated with her fingers, stronger now, more and more strong and ended up on her hand with a whimper.

We stayed seated, catching its breath ... because we could not continue, we were both exhausted ......¿ and coffees?. They were cold .. but we had all night ahead.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Smile Today... Ellen and Britney

Hi dear friends, a few days ago I told them about our hilarious Ellen Degeneres, who was making her own with Britney Spears, for a special program, and that was disguised with old clothes and began to touch the doors of the house Los Angeles.

Then here I bring the video is fun experience, so they can laugh a little.

the new look of the girls in the sixth season of L Word...

Hi dear people of LesPlanet, a few days ago we put some official images of our girls in the Sixth Season of L word, we will now have each other and we can see that we will look at is your last ..... ... last ... (I still say it makes it hard (being in its last season).

They look all in black, I imagine myself in the mourning of Jenny, and also another important detail, Jenny does not come out in the photos ..... Marketing? or save budget? .... we will see So I can not complain, I get the photos big for the enjoyment detail :)

Then to see ladies, we have to Bette Porter, Godness, and Divine as always, because she goes first? .... because is Bette .... no more. And as Phylis would say, because her is wild and exquisitely attractive. And because her is ... and will be the woman of my dreams ... (after my girlfriend of course). (do not miss the details of the tips of her shoes).

After this our beloved Tina Kennard, sexier than ever, and with a look stronger, more confident and ready to kick ass who try to cross into her path (so much care Berkley ...). Do not miss the Hot little detail, the tattoo on her right foot ;)

Here Shane got tired of the dress that was returned to her, also with a super sexy look, and with her pose of me had lost the keys in their pockets, she is very very hot.

After our beloved Alice seems to have come last in the division of models and clothes, in this photo session, because their have given her what was left in the closet and nobody did it .... Then it was touch her. I do not know if it's me or my concept of fashion is very different, but the dress which she was wearing I think is horrible, that yes it can save her lives if jumping from a plane because when inflated will drop to earth like Mary Poppins but without umbrellas with her dress. Ignoring the dress, we must be said with a look that is very sexy and the look is had in this season is great, very pretty.

Helena arrived here ..... and has left me speechless, ............................. I can only say that this simply OMFG, radiant and precious, that feel good Dylan to our Peabody.

And open the way here came Tasha, surprising us all, to this black dress, and with a look more feminine and sensual like never before seen, and let me tell you that is very very hot but very... very... much hot.

We can not forget our other Porter, while her sister has been the best part of the genes, our Kit, is also very dangerous, beautiful, sexy, and raising passions in the collective Trans, and as always putting the order in the midst of chaos for all of our girls, with their sincerity always ahead.

Well and now we have the rest of the characters, Max, Phylis, and Jodi, that by what we see, have no new picture in this season and walk the recycling of previous seasons.

And finally, and to end the session and how could it be otherwise, we have to Mom Chaiken, posing as a girl L more, and despite all the things that we can reproach (as the death of Dana, the departure of Carmen, Candance, Henry, and a big list of things) we also have to recognize that without her ... we would not have our favorite series. So thank Ilene and I have to say that you are ..... very beautiful in the picture.

Well the girls I hope enjoy their.

And you know if they like the Blog, register in the right column as official inhabitant of this planet.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Confession

Hi, dear friends, along with news of Lesplanet, I bring a very funny video of the sixth season of our favorite series The L Word, is a typical case that insurance is more than one imagined that it could happen. In this video, we can see Phillyps confess to a secret very important to Bette. (I say no more because I prefer to see ... a lot of attention to the face of Bette from the first minute and 26 (1:26) jajaja)

Girls enjoy it .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mothers no more than two ...

Hi dear friends, we have good news, it was about time, in Spain now we may be biological mother the two. (your and your partner, jejeje).

It turns out that The National Commission on Assisted Reproduction has given its approval to the use of ova among lesbian marriages.

So far, no can exchanged ovules between the couple because there was a loophole in the law on assisted reproduction from 2006. The committee met on Dec. 4 to decide on a particular case, where two lesbians married claiming to be two biological mothers, as a pregnant woman and the other making her ovule. They filed a formal application before the commission in order to fertilize an ovule from one of the moms with sperm from an anonymous donor and implant the resulting embryo in the womb of another mother.

The law of assisted reproduction demanded that both the ovule and the sperm came from anonymous donors (to not have problems with custody of the baby). In the case of a heterosexual couple assumed an exception, but for nothing was the case in a lesbian couple.

But from now it may do, so you know girls, at last, we can be both biological mothers and be protected by law. It is a big step, to see these things, I still believe that equality will be possible some day soon. (Come to procreate jejejeje).

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dra. Hahn "No Hard Feelings"

Brooke Smith

Hi dear my friends have a news story of our beloved Brooke Smith better known as Dr. Erica Hahn. After her stupid and unjustifiable dismissal of the series and proving her class Brooke Smith has accepted things with a smile and tells us her opinion after nearly a month more for what happened "It's the end of a chapter," she said while speaking with the U.S. magazine last week. "It was a good experience," she adds. "She had already played a gay character, and I do not think that this will stop."

"I had never lost a job before, and had never received so much media attention as now," said the actress on which armed stir around her unjustified dismissal. "But when you're in a popular television program and in people's houses every week, is understandable."

"There is no rancor. I like to imagine that Dr. Hahn is in a hospital that appreciates. That perhaps the Seattle Grace was not the right place for her. "

"I have other projects now." Dra our favorite has not remained quiet and has embarked on a new professional challenge: the actress has begun to write a series with David Milch, creator of Deadwood and screenwriter of other series like sad song Hill Street. "It's very satisfying and I love" this new work.

Then from here you say that Brooke has been for us an endearing character and that you never forget. Callie without you and that is not the same. Brooke good luck.



Gro Hammerseng ...is a beautiful Joan of Arc

Hi dear people of our wonderful planet, today I bring news of our beautiful Gro Hammerseng, one of the favorite athletes of our planet, has participated in a calendar.

We can see it in a stunning picture, including with recreated battle, dressed in Joan of Arc. (Is, I can tell you that precious)

"We wanted to show people a celebrity in a surprisingly different situation and weighing historical and cultural literary, with a touch of 'fairy,'" said the editor of the calendar.

Apparently it was not as fun for the photographer, who recounted that the horse Gro began to run at a slightly sloped Uncontrolled and a half too far in the opposite direction, and she almost falls off, the photographer thought: "I had Fear of having ruined the career of one of the best athletes in Norway. "go to scare the man went.

The editor in chief is very satisfied with the image of Gro in the picture, "The combination of femininity and masculinity is fantastic." It has achieved an impressive effect.

The image of Gro Hammerseng is part of a timetable included in the January edition of the journal "Henne" ( "Beauty"). The calendar was a year of work. We wanted to do it as authentic as possible. Most of the costumes were made by designers from Norway, Gro Hammerseng wearing armor that weighed 40 kg. It's good that she trained for that and you have a good physical condition, poker had no problems.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

The New Baby ... Porter-Kennard.

Hi dear friends, I first want to tell you that I love to see that they are increasingly commented on this your blog, for that is :), thank you very much girls because their comments are very important to me.

And that being said now turn to tell and clarify all these rumors are now circulating through there, on our favorite couple Tibette the alleged pregnancy of one of them.

I have to say that neither are pregnant, what happens is that they have decided to enlarge the family and adopt a baby, have been inscribed on a list of prospective parents to find a mother who is going to give in to its adoption her baby.

And found, for that go to Nevada to meet with Marcie, the mother, who has to talk with them and with two other couples who have been selected from the list, so that she can choose what to give your baby's family.

Marcie is a very young girl under 20 years old, who lives at home with her mother and stepfather and her young age already has 2 children and the third is what is going to give up for adoption.

Our Tibette go home to Marcie in Nevada, and everything is going very well, to what comes Marcie's mother and her stepfather, and they realize that the family who will give the baby is not a traditional family.

Have left them with the video to learn as I was history. I hope you like it.

Video with more quality here

Vid: Montjuic

showtime... get out of the closet to you

Hi dear people, tell them that our favorite TV SHOWTIME is preparing a Reality Show called Way Out which will be to further the lives of gays and lesbians in the closet, to finish showing the reactions of their families and friends to learn that they are homosexuals.

The intention of this Reality Show is to show the difficulties of leading a double life, so we can understand the reasons that people do not leave the closet and the complication of getting a date in these conditions.

We trust that program is being SHOWTIME (birthplace of series like L word, Queer As Folk) will not become new series in a public circus , but, which will be discussed this topic with respect and show the hard reality that must face millions of young and not so young, in this society full of prejudice.

We are attentive to new series .... and we will be telling them.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Confirmed ... Carmen de la Pica Morales is Coming Back

Hi, dear friends and inhabitans our wonderful planet of the rainbow, I bring you some news that have been revealed by Mom Chaiken in an interview with the Go magazine, in which he spoke about plans for the future and tells us about some characters, the criticism that she has received and more things and above all confirms an appearance on Sixth Season is that all hope.

Six years ago, seven fictitious strangers walked into our lesbian lives and turned them upside down—partly because these strangers didn’t seem so fictitious at all. They were lesbians we knew all too well. They reminded us of our bisexual best friend, our philandering heartbreaker ex, and our over-achieving type-A girlfriend. Their lives mirrored our own dramas so accurately that we forgot where fiction ended and reality began. We chose sides in their relationships and argued with each other about who should stay together and who should get a life. The L Word has so thoroughly embedded itself in our lesbi-cultural lives that we can hardly imagine our lexicon without the words Tibette, Shenny, Jenkki, Sharmen, Dalice, Talice, and Dyllena.

On January 18, the summation of The L Word begins. The sixth and final season of the first-ever made-for-television lesbian drama wraps up in eight episodes. The origins of this groundbreaking show are now the stuff of legend. Eight years ago, little-known writer and TV executive Ilene Chaiken pitched a lesbian ensemble drama to the suits at Showtime. They ignored her first pitch but perked up after she won them a Golden Globe by writing Dirty Pictures, a docu-drama based on the work of iconoclastic gay photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

The L Word followed in the wake of Showtime’s first gay male drama, Queer As Folk. Much to everyone’s surprise, The L Word became a breakout hit, receiving higher critical acclaim and reaching a much larger audience than its brother series.

To say that The L Word sparked passions in the lesbian community is an understatement. While Chaiken’s show was shooting its pilot episode, rumor of this “lesbian version” of Queer As Folk had already spread across the dyke community. Fan sites quickly launched across the globe in Australia, France and the U.S., sharing both gossip and fact. The level of enthusiasm for the show has continued unabated over the last five years, with spoilers for upcoming episodes leaking months ahead of each new season.

This year’s spoilers began leaking on the fan sites as speculation on the final season mounted. China Daily, a news agency in Beijing, leaked the coveted Season 6 plot shocker, followed by Showtime’s release of a teaser video revealing the death of a main character within the first episode.

The show has been a runaway success. Did you ever expect it to do so well?

I just set about to do it, and to do it as well as I could. I never thought about whether it would be a big hit or a small hit or how successful it would be. I just thought, these stories are good stories, they are entertaining stories, people will be engaged by them, and we should tell them.

You’ve covered many important LGBT issues—transphobia, coming out later in life, bisexuality, illness, and the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” What are this season’s big issues?

We’re just going to go on telling stories. All of those stories that you mentioned, I’m well aware that they are all issues, that each one of them can comprise an important social theme, but they are stories that we tell because they are the stories of the lives of these characters. If I were to think about it, I might be able to identify a theme that comes up in our final season that falls into that same category, but it’s not how I approach the story-telling.

Will you deal with any current political issues?

When we were shooting our sixth season, we had gotten marriage rights in California, but we knew that Proposition 8 was coming [up for a vote], and we were going to finish shooting before the election. I didn’t know what was going to happen, so I had to be wary about which story we’re telling. Now the show is going on the air and Prop 8 has been passed. I knew that it was going to be close and hard-fought, and I thought we were going to win. I couldn’t tell a story about the aftermath, because I didn’t know what it was going to be.

Where do you get your inspiration for the storylines?

So many places. We have a group of writers who work on these stories and we get together in the beginning of the year and imagine where these lives might go. Writers take inspiration from real-life events. On a show like this, especially when you have a number of lesbians on the writing staff, we sit around and tell one another our own stories. We say, “oh my god, oh my god, I remember when that happened to so and so,” and we start there and then we make fiction.

You must get a lot of fan requests—for example, many women want Carmen back on the show…

Sarah Shahi has a new TV show on NBC, as many of her fans already know. She does make an appearance, but we’re not doing a big Carmen story. I don’t want to mislead anybody, but I am delighted to say that Sarah does appear in our final episode.

You once said that Jenny’s Season 5 storyline was a comment on your experience in making The L Word. How similar or different has your experience been to Jenny’s?

My experience has been very different on The L Word. I got nothing but support from Showtime. They never said, “make it less gay.” They never said, “can we make that character not a lesbian,” but that does happen in Hollywood. My experience with Showtime has been incredible, and I would never want anybody to think that Showtime behaved in a way that the show’s Hollywood archetypes behave. But it’s very realistic as a portrayal of what happens in the industry at large.

If you got a do-over, is there anything you would do differently?

I don’t believe in that. There are some choices that I would have made differently, and they might have been better or might have made some people happier, but there are no do-overs.

In the past you’ve said the characters with whom you most identify are Bette and Jenny. Has that changed for you?

Well, it’s changed in that both those characters have taken on lives of their own and veered far from me, but I still definitely would say that Jenny and Bette are the two characters who started as facets of my channeling myself, and there are still aspects of each of them that I relate to in a very personal way, which is not to say that I haven’t related to any number of the other L Word characters at times.

Jenny’s character has changed in ways that aren’t always agreeable to fans. Why do you think she has drawn such a negative reaction?

She’s a challenging character. She makes difficult choices. I think she’s a very honest character, and Mia Kirshner as an actor is willing to make the tough choices. She goes places that very few actors are willing to go, and it provokes people.

What are the biggest criticisms you’ve gotten from viewers?

Oh, the two most rabid criticisms I’ve gotten are breaking up Bette and Tina, and the death of Dana. The show wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t controversial, and we wouldn’t be doing our job if we weren’t making some people angry some of the time. The big criticism about the women being too pretty, I just smile at, because you wouldn’t have watched the show if they weren’t.

Have you seen a change throughout the seasons with regard to how lesbians are viewed and/or portrayed in the media?

Well, I think that we live in a progressive culture and that the last six or seven years have seen progressive cultural changes that I never imagined would happen as quickly as they have. Much has changed, even though we still have some very big uphill climbs, and Prop 8 is obviously reflective of that. We really have seen incredible change. The reason that I think The L Word got on the air at the time it did is because we were riding a wave of change in which the culture was much more ready to embrace us and our lives.

What would you say has been The L Word’s greatest impact?

I like to look at it as our having been part of a cultural movement and conversation. There is no question that The L Word has had some impact on the culture and the lives of individuals, but it is much too much to claim that we have changed the culture, that we have made this or that happen. We are part of a movement and, as I said, we are part of a culture that’s progressing towards tolerance and inclusion.

Is there now a larger niche for shows by and about lesbians?

Sadly, no. I think that entertainment culture lags behind the culture at large, and I think that there are few shows still representing our lives and telling our stories. As far as I can tell, there are fewer now than there were when we first went on the air.

So, what happens now? What are your plans for the future?

I’m working on a spin-off, plus a number of other projects, and I would love to see us all get together to do an L Word movie one of these days. I don’t feel like The L Word is ending—I think this is transitional. Alice’s character will take us into the spin-off and be one of the stars.

Can we expect to see any other familiar faces?

I certainly hope so. Assuming that the new show actually gets on the air, I would hope to see any number of L Word characters making guests appearances.

Will the spin-off take The L Word’s timeslot?

There is no slot—I think Showtime programs in a unique way. There is no predetermined time when the show goes on the air, no slot that is reserved for it. I don’t think I’d characterize it as taking up The L Word’s slot. I hope it ends up on Showtime in primetime the way that The L Word did.

What has the show meant for you, personally and professionally?

It’s been all-consuming. It’s been a glorious ride, and I’ve had a great, great time doing it. I can’t imagine doing anything professionally that’s more meaningful.

Well girls can be happy, Mom Chaiken has confirmed .. our beloved Carmen de la Pica Morales ... again in the last episode in the series. Shane and she will stay together? , Who think? .... the left with some new pictures of our girls where they exit beautiful. :)

The L Word Season 6

The L EWord Season 6

The effect Berkley in Tibette ...

Hi dear friends, today we are going to see the famous meeting that took our favorite couple Tibette, with the unbearable .... Kelly Wentworth (the Berkley), the assumption that every element we fear may disrupt the happiness that now have our girls.

This character was created by Mom Chaiken, for the only purpose of testing a Tibette, (more specifically my Bette), adding a large dose of drama for our favorite couple is in last season.

As you can see the spoiler for this drama has two finals:

1 - Anyone who would like us all, let's call final : Back off Bitch!!! in the end our Tibette pass the test, Bette sent to the Berkley of the country very far, far, away and her relationship with Tina becomes more stable and secure, showing to Tina that she is the love of her life and that the error committed in the past, never again happen and that it will fulfill its promise.
2- That no, we see no reason for being in the sixth season (to capture the indirect Ilene?). Let's call Final : Go Shit! . The voluptuous Berkley, flirting relentlessly, and crazy for coming back to take the opportunity that I lost 20 years ago, managed to seduce Bette, taking advantage of the economic necessity of Bette and Tina, and the concerns and arguments and fights that always causes problems in a pair goes out to Bette and Tina.
Offered to Bette the opportunity of her life (as we know it is very rich) and Bette ... fall into the game and Tina fooled once again. And that would be the end of Tibette (and Mom Chaiken of course).

But I personally, as I have always said I do not think that we have the final number 2, and not just because they do not want for anything in the world, if not because watching the videos, I realized that Berkley cause an opposite effect to that should result in Tibette .... I explain ..... when Bette and Tina are for the first time with her in the gallery, after the conversation with Kelly and Bette (ignoring the discomfort of Tina, not being presented by Bette) Tina realizes from the first moment of the intentions of The Berkley, and mark their territory with subtlety, and Bette despite her foolish flirting and follow the games at the Berkley (because she is said Tina as well .... ... Wants to be the center of attention) despite hers vamp time .... at the end gives way to Tina.

And then at home instead of discuss any other couple, (come on, my girlfriend and I do that and sleeps on the couch ....insurance, And if I know I do it .... puffff not let me or come to the house, jejeje.)

But our Tibette after everything they have gone, you know how to react, analyze the encounter with Bette and Tina spoke of those who had the Berkley, and what bothers you and you said in your face that has been flirting with the other, she has realized that and also knows that it does not do so badly or because they want to be unfaithful, but be very careful, she has things clear, and Bette asks you to trust her, and that the other You can go to hell she only wants to Tina.

And the feared drama, is no longer drama, no fights, no discussion, no things flying around the room, no recriminations, no tears, no complaints .... by contrast, joined more .... and end up making love and gifts with a scene of sex Tibette just the way we like.
So friends of mine, I think that The Berkley will serve to strengthen our favorite couple at the end and will cause a positive effect ... as well as we can see aphrodisiac.
And we will have at the end of the season, a final very happy for our Tibette.

Thank you Berkley .

The left to enjoy the video.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mothers for two... a new model of family

Hi dear friends, I wanted to share with you an interview conducted by Aldo Fernandez Turitich in Ag magazine, a pair of lesbian mothers, the birth mother Rome Triana and her partner, they are part of a family Homoparental of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and have published a book called "Mothers by two."

In this era where the number of families homoparentales, is increasing, we must realize the importance of this type of family in society, the influence that cause in the environment, also be aware of that rejection may suffer children, by society.

In my particular case, I must say I was lucky enough not to feel that rejection at any time, I like Triana, I live with my partner and her daughter (our), at school, in the neighborhood, with neighbors, with their friends, I am a mother, and she has two mothers, and says it without any fear and with all the naturalness of the world, (I am the mother of her sweetheart) and their friends and parents of her friends accept it with complete naturalness , Just with those closest spoke on the topic, with the remainder (and see that I know all parents of the girl in my class) there is no need to talk, you know, what they suspect is not asked, there is tacit knowledge, but accept it with complete naturalness. And now the little 11-year-old has not had any problems. knows she has a family different from the rest, but she is happy and that she likes.

I think it is important that families look homoparentales the place we deserve in society, a place with the same rights, and the same opportunities as other families, where children grow up, happy to develop their personality freely, without prejudice, far away of the bad reviews and rejection of some people.

So I think I would leave them with being interviewed, to reflect on this issue, because although some now, are not part of a family homoparental, sure ...... that in future it will. Why do girls all want to start a family at some point in our lives, sooner or later that time will come. and we know that our families are not like the rest:).

This is a part of the conversation that has the small Tato 5 years ago with Triana his "godmother":

Tato: You do not know what love is because you never fell in love ...

Triana: How not! I fell in love with your mother ...

Tato: How my mom! ?

Triana: Yes ... I fell in love with your mother ...

Tato: But mom and you are two women ... What a mess! ...

Triana: Why mess?

Tato: Because society does not allow two women in love (words of Tato five years) currently has 6 years

This conversation between Tato and one of their moms-Triana-arises when Tato told her in confidence that he was in love with a mate from kindergarten.

Tato today has six years, attends the first grade of Primary School and lives in the neighborhood of Congreso in Buenos Aires with his little brother, 3 months and his two moms: Triana and Rome.

How do you react when Tato said that "society does not allow two women will in love"?

Rome: I told him I wanted the best for his brother and for him and that tomorrow might choose with whom to share life, like me, and that could be guided by the heart.

I imagine that, as well as Tato strip phrases rather strong, it must also address the theme of living in a family homoparental with a lot innocence ...

Yes, one day I had bought two rings because Triana had met with ten years of being together. They waved and told him they were going to give Triana to celebrate our union. He took the rings and put them on a pillow. When Triana arrive he said: "Well ... now that I'm bigger, I'm going to marry you, because they do not leave to marry outside." First he handed the ring to Triana and told her: "You gonna be all life next to mom, but sometimes she is bad and even get sick." Triana, crying, replied: yes

Then he handed the ring to me and asked me if I would be with Triana also a lifetime. I said yes. So on this day, that day was asked Tato, in this day declare the Nov. 11 "woman and woman," he said.

How do to set the rules of coexistence? ... Because it's not the same degree of authority that has the mother who has a godmother, for example.

Triana to the truth that served her well have shared with other families of the group Families Homoparentales. It is true that the role of mother and godmother is different. For example, Triana said to Tato always what I was saying that he had to accomplish, that I had to do in any case. The phrase that Triana loved was: "It got to be respected because she is going to be with you always, I can say anything but your mother does not ....".

Honestly, how do you feel with this difference in roles?

At first I wondered how did Triana to endure and stay on the sidelines, how they stand to Tato not told her: Mom. As we speak, and I confessed their fears about the "outside" by the view of society, she was afraid that if Tato said it had two moms, they mocked him and treated him as strange. A Triana helped a lot to talk with two moms who are under the same conditions as us, namely that one of the two is not the biological mother.

What facts to bother Triana today?

At the moment, to Triana bothers that much, for example, Tato not tell mom. In addition, Tato sometimes asks me to leave me alone to do things and the Triana sidelined. But these things are supported by my father. In fact, my father did not recognize the place that has Triana in my life.

And your mother?

My mother was also accepted over time that we are family. When we wanted a baby with Triana went to the doctor and ask that the baby appeared to Triana, I mean that the baby will blond, clear-eyed, my mother said that what we were doing was an aberration .... then my mother and apologized to us, today gives us a gift to each one for Mother's Day.

What efforts have you to do that Triana is the place it deserves in the family?

I meant a lot in time to recognize that Triana would like to take its rightful place, she began to raise why could not it also call mom, or why not asked her opinion too. Because I was driving alone taking decisions. Triana was so I started to ask for more participation. It's hard to resign this unique place as a single mother who I was. I meant analysis time and moments of anguish, but on the other hand, I was pleased that Triana began occupying their role as mothers.

Specifically ¿what had to stop doing?

Activities and places to Triana starting to deal: I stopped going to meetings of the school. Triana is a woman with a great capacity to show affection. Play with children. On the contrary, I am very boring. So balancing. Triana is responsible, for example, the tasks of the school, the activities of karate.

Have you ever thought what would happen in the event of a breakdown in the relationship in relation to possession of the children?

We were apart for seven months, when Tato was 2 years. It was a crisis in the couple. Tato went to the home of Triana around the time of separation. Today I do not know ... maybe I quit wasting; for Tato, Triana is the sun. However, in the strictly legal aspect, Triana has no right, the coverage is nothing.

Do you think then that there should be a law that contemplates the families homoparentales?

Yes. We signed a document before a notary who said that just in case something happens to me, Triana can be taken care of the children, unfortunately in Argentina are not allowed to do otherwise. And this, if anyone in my family calls tenure. For example, my father, during the placement of the second birth, I came to say that if Tato went Triana, will stays to that kind of "particular people," I told him that that particular people are people like me, gay .. .

I think my father did not even take my reality and my sexual preference. Today he is the most problematic. In contrast, my mother who is accepting the situation of families homoparentales say that all women are lesbians but says she thinks that the only authentic Triana is a lesbian because fixes roofs, and repairs things, for Mother's Day is Gift a knife to the barbecue, I do not know yet what it has to idea that lesbians. She associates my lesbianism to what I what I intend to achieve, the fight for something.

Does the fact that it had too many drawbacks not be related to the fact that certain circles where you've chosen to be fully visible?

If you can be ... My father, for instance, knows nothing of the book "Mothers by two" and yes, this has to do with the issue of visibility, because it would cause much modesty to him if he learns from the book, Furtheris my work situation.

Source: Ag magazine