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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008...

Hi dear friends, today is the last day of the year 2008, which has been at least one year with many ups and downs for me, I have a recount of some things that have happened.

This year, apart from one of the worst news was that was won the YES of Prop 8 in California, producing and one of the largest discrimination against the LGBT community in recent times and a right already obtained wrest us as was to be married to the person we love, for the simple and absurd whim of leaders homophobic hate ignorant among their followers.

Apart from that, this year has been good for lesbian visibility, we have seen in the media as at present more lesbian presence in other years and this fills me with pride because I know that although we each step cost. ... we are moving towards equality, and this presence that we now have an impact on society generally positive (though of course there are always exceptions) now you are saying to the world "heyyy we are exist, we are here and we have the same rights that you are lesbian, and we are wonderful".

The best moments left with the news and we saw this year and do not forget

The best series of lesbians remains excellent, and I think it will always be our beloved The L Word, and in 2008 made us live is one of the largest lesbian, in Season 5, filled us with joy by many returned one of the most famous couples in the world and endearing lesbian TIBETTE, I know that many can not forget that magical moment that we live in chapter 5x04 "LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED" in 46 minutes 49 seconds with the background music of Alice Smith and her "Dream" ..... Bette when Tina takes the arm and kiss ... by end of stress after 4 seasons, finally had a hope to see them back together and happy.

And so it was to the delight of all followers of the series, we were able to see again this year some of the best sex scenes TIBETTE.

The series was disappointed that we have been without doubt Grey's Anatomy, at the beginning, we thought we could see a love story in one of the most-watched television series, but when we were captivated Drs. Callie Torres and Erica Hanh and her newly discovered new attraction between them, when they finally had their feelings cleared and Dr. Erica Hahn had accepted her homosexuality shouting from the rooftops: I'm Gay .. I'm so gay, homophobic producers of ABC to cancel the character of the series and dismissed the actress Brooke Smith behind it.

Leaving us submerge in a deep indignation and remove a couple who had already won the lesbian community, because one way or another we had seen in a completely heterosexual. But despite everything has left us an unforgettable moment for all time:

In regard to series in Spanish, the most impressive and gave us more visibility this year, was the partner of Pepa and Silvia in the TV series Paco's Men (Los Hombres de Paco) (until that time hearing entirely heterosexual) peak in Spain.

In a series of police between bullets and rude men, there is a love story between a divorced coroner, Silvia and a lesbian police officer, Pepa.

This story has stolen the hearts of many inhabitants of our communitie, not only in Spain but in the rest of the world who do not speak Spanish, for its freshness, its naturalness, for being so entertaining and fun for their players and so sexy beautiful, and will positively reflect a lesbian relationship in a society full of prejudice and highly maleness as the police force.

Our big moment of PEPSI:

To finish the series, we can also highlight the efforts of a lesbian relationship in House No. 13 with a model in the "Lucky Thirteen"

Also in Bones we had kissing between girls, Angela y Roxie .

On national television in USA and in the popular soap opera All My Children saw Bianca (Eden Riegel) return to Pine Valley after a long absence, and brought her girlfriend played by Reese (Tamara Braun), we also have a newborn lesbian is the complete package, and one of the few success stories of lesbians on TV yet issued. For now none has been killed or dismissed.

Also this year saw the end of the love story of our beloved Ashley and Spencer from South of Nowhere.

Turning to Movies one of the best lesbian-themed films that total has come to cinemas this year has undoubtedly been I Can´t Thing Straight, the love story of a Jordanian woman Tala (Lisa Ray) to be married and Leyla knows interpreted by my adored Sheetal Sheth, who is the girlfriend of her best friend, and then begin to fall in love, a sense of duty and cultural boundaries is the Tala away, but the time will united again.

We can not miss this movie .... soon we will see loved people.

Among other films that have gone through the festivals in Cannes to receive high praise, it is remarkable for a French film director CĂ©line Sciamma called 'Naissance des Pieuvres or as it is called "Water Lilies", a film about sexual awakening of three teenagers about 15 years, swimmers synchronized swimming in this environment are the 3 teens physically, emotionally and socially and we can see the confusion and distress of their players to cope with a love affair between two of the girls.

This year we were also highly visible thanks to the sport, many inhabitants of our planet have participated in the Beijing Olympics over a dozen female athletes competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, and took away several medals. Here the post.

Among the musical surprises of the year we launch the first album the group of Uh Huh Her made up for our beloved Leisha Hailey and Camila Gray, the band has very good music and has been well received by our community.

Among the outputs of the closet more catch out was the comedian Wanda Sykes, not for the fact that we know who is gay (and married) is something that is not what suspect surprising if their departure, in a demonstration for the rights of the gay community in Las Vegas last November before thousands of spectators and the press said: "I am proud to be a woman. I'm proud of being a black woman and I am proud to be gay."

Other outputs from the closet is also the most subtle come from Lindsay Lohan, who finally after all this history is having admitted that a romantic relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson, and what pleased me most is the positive impact that relationship is said that she is giving her life and that after a long time is really happy.

Among the most famous lesbian couples this year has left its mark and has held thousands of covers and our beloved media Ellen Degeneres, with its super-publicized Wedding of the Year.

Among the best news of the year in Spain we have the approval of the law that allows our babies have birth from two mothers, we finally included in a law of rights for the design, we can give at your partner your egg to be fertilized and implanted in her womb the baby to have both.

I leave you a song that I leave this year that has passed ... I hope you like He is Ivan Guevara "Por Amor al arte" (For the love of art)

Well this is a quick summary that leaves us in 2008 and that despite all the negative that could happen to it, both personally and LGTB community level, this year we can be more visible to the world, and I hope that Next year will be much better.

On the aims for next year every one of you will have theirs out of the closet, find the woman of her life, stop smoking, etc., all we ask is that with all my heart whatever the purpose for this new year, which is the main thing to be happy and assured them that this is not a cliche phrase, and I mean this utopian happiness and generic with that dream.

If not that happiness is within our reach, we can get it for ourselves if we suggest that, despite everything that can happen, whether we are alone, if we do not find love if we finished a significant relationship, if we go into the closet, but if we are outside our families do not want to see us more if we feel the weight of discrimination, if we are locked in a life that we do not want, if we are battered, homophobia if we ever hit, if not we like the world around us or their ignorance.

I ask you to always look for ways to be happy, to feel well, smile, have hope, the purpose of this new year is to try and be happy to fight with all our might to achieve this. Do not ever stop smiling, do not let us remove all the smiles, or that anyone has the power to hurt.

That is my intend for this year. :)

I hope .... feel it and I believe that the world equal to that dream, is not far away.


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