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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pepa and Silvia Come back....

Hi dear people of our color and wonderful planet behind the rainbow, now I bring you a preview of our new season is also expected in The Paco's Men (Los Hombres de Paco).

We stayed with our dear Pepa and Silvia, being accepted and she's surprised by Don Lorenzo, also witnessed a wedding, a lot of action and our PEPSI catching Kaiser, wrapped Sara saw blood in the end, fearing for her death.

Now back with more action and romance, the first change is that Lola (Sara's mother and wife of Paco) has left the series, the actress has had to leave the series because it is involved in other projects. It has also entered a new trainee at the police station.

Sara .... does not die ... as expected.
PEPSI We are totally out of the closet, and new plans ...

Left now with the video and then told them my opinions on all the surprises that will: (I recommend you see seated to avoid falling)

Well, I know girls have been left without knowing to say, like me when I saw her, I guess we will see that you have left with their mouths open when Pepa, our beloved Pepa tells Aitor if he make love with her or when we see kissing, what crazyyyyy .... The fact is that if we continue to see the spoiler assume at least that's my theory that they have chosen Aitor as father of the child they want, and Pepa has been chosen for he because they have more convinced that their inclinations than Silvia, but I say I do not know that these girls are a thing as artificial insemination?, or opinions about what Pepa believe that Silvia go very fast in the relationship and she was scared and decided to see if the side hetero does well, but with Aitor ??... is very young (also that Pepa has a moment crazy and she's found with Aitor and.... put strain on the couple ....)

Since then what if we're going to see is a season full of laughter and our Pepa and Silvia, and here you know that the time may be getting from the day of the premiere is between o7 or 08 January 2009. I will confirmed the exactly date.

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