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Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank you very much to all from LesPlanet...

Hi LesPlanet's girls, because we received many mails requesting information about you that way can send us your help to assist in maintaining LesPlanet and further growth, LesPlanet has thought of putting a link for donations you all you are interested in helping us, whatever contribution they are all welcome and of course very grateful. .

Many of you said that you have us in addition to click on the banners ask information us show you some other way so you can more effectively collaborate with LesPlanet, and we have done.

LesPlanet want to thank from the heart you wish to collaborate in maintaining this blog as you know is that all of us.

We want to also know that LesPlanet will open up new sections that you have asked us and we raised you have to create a chat where you can join and know with certainty that all belong to the same community and we have the same interests.

All this is a huge work and effort in every aspect to meet all your expectations but LesPlanet already is working on all this, why you're so grateful for your unselfish cooperation and above all for being always with LesPlanet.

We put in the right margin a permanent link to all those who want to make your contribution to LesPlanet ... again we thank you for everything you to our dear friends and readers.

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A romantic escape...

Hi dear friends, the soap opera of the history between Lilo and Sam has no end. Again be home again, this time from the magazine OK!, The report says: Lindsay Lohan untold love story: My Life with Sam "

This is what I said OK! : Lindsay Lohan, has found love and tells us their plans for marriage. After a string of bad relationships, Lindsay Lohan has finally found love with the DJ Samantha Ronson. OK! has the scoop on how they met and met and the positive impact it has had one in the other, they also reveal plans for the couple to walk down the aisle of marriage and maybe start a family.

Lindsay's friends also talk about their feelings about the couple. It seems Lindsay's friends are very happy with the relationship because "this is the first healthy relationship that has Lindsay."

The article mentions that Lindsay and Samantha carried out of the closet several months in the face of their friends and those who have spoken with their wedding plans.

It is not the first time that publishes a magazine that the couple intends to marry, but they make no public statement about their relationship, (except she did it Lindsay agreeing with this since a long time ago Samantha).

Anyway it remains to be seen if they marry, but if they did would be a bombshell!

For now the couple decided to get away from everything and take a two days of vacation at a beach, enjoying the sun and sea, in Los Cabos.

We do not know if they will marry or not, but since LesPlanet wish them well in their relationship. Here you can see photos of the two girls enjoying a nice day at the beach.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey girls, and finish the season 5 Paco's Men and it was a really exciting episode ... besides our beloved couple appeared fairly in relation to the two previous episodes.

The summary of the episode begins like this:

Paco meets his men in secret and asks them a pact of silence because you know where you're going to act the Kaiser, and will be on the same day. The plan is to infiltrate a military base to trap air and prevent the theft of the century. Paco explains his plan to Don Lorenzo and asks permission to act. Taking advantage of the meeting, Lucas contact with their peers and all are happy to discover that he is alive. He announced that it intended to marry the same day with Sara.

Just when the Commander Salgado seems willing to accept that Lucas is dead, Mariano out of fear that comes out all wrong and really kill Lucas he confesses that his friend (Lucas) is still alive and gives you all the information on their plans to arrest the Kaiser.

Sara is alone in the motel where she was hiding, held from a video conference a Bachelorette party the most tender to her mother, her aunts and Rita "Bachelorette party Video Conferencing"

Soon Sara look at the time and tells them that they must prepare now for the big moment of your wedding with Lucas, but not without knowing that Allison and Arrieta gave her hideout and go in its search to eliminate her. Sara no crashes or the video conference and her mother and her aunts see everything that happens in the room when Allison come to kill Sara .... 2 shots were heard.

Lucas after thwarting the plans of the Kaiser took command with Paco and Mariano airplane had been kidnapped with everything seemingly calm is about to jump from the plane because he has a wedding to get what ... yours.

It gets the parachute and Salgado said he could not let it escape if innocent will have to prove that even if he has helped to arrest the Kaiser has to explain things. Lucas and he said he had no time for that now because he's married.

Mariano is placed between Salgado (his girlfriend) and Lucas and tells her that he is the godfather and its duty to groom arrive safe and healthy to the church.

Lucas placed a helmet and was pulled. Arrieta the Kaiser's sidekick who was hiding in the plane out of his hiding place and points to the Salgado with the gun behind.

Tells Don Lorenzo ordering his men to disarm him or shoot to the head.

Meanwhile Lucas comes to earth and get a guy on a motorcycle take him to the Church.

Sees Allison (the Kaiser) healing ever more bleeding. Arrieta informs you that you have control of the airplane.

Lucas arrives at the hermitage, and prepares to wait around for Sara.

Gonzalo with the girls find the location of Allison and decide to cut step on the road to Allison that goes into the van. Now everything is ready.

Silvia tries to console Lola this shattered thinking that Sara may be dead, and Silvia collapses and weeps also asks Pepa to the hand because the much needed at this time, Pepa taking her hand and looking calm and giving forces. Gonzalo turns around and sees and understands that they are together (and was surprised he had hoped to have something with Pepa, and also on Silvia's boyfriend...)

Allison is ready to defend herself with the gun and asks Arrieta button to open the cargo airplane, and enter Gonzalo take by surprised to Allison, he points to her head. Allison warns that they leave to go to their peers are in the air thousands of feet trapped. Silvia said stopped her and Allison asked to Arrieta who launched the first.

Pepa and Silvia left the weapons on the floor, and a neglect to stop Allison, you put the handcuffs

Lola goes mad and subject to Allison asked about Sara. Allison laughs and dies.

While Lucas dressed in white goes in the hermitage and viewed with admiration. Sara goes in the hermitage, are already together. Lucas and Sara are marrying, the priest asks the earnest, but not as lead, Lucas takes the currency of "face goes well." Lucas says YES. And you ... Sara. They have to interrupt because they think that is wrong, but calls continue, said Yes, I DO. Her dress is beginning to bleed by the abdomen, and when the priest says, "I now pronounce you husband and wife" they're kissing and Sara falls to the ground. Sara is pale, Lucas takes the pulse ..

Despite attempts to convince Gonzalo Arrieta, you communicate that control is falling from a body of the plane. Do I pull the plane?.

As you can see the episode ends of the most interesting and what is worse is that we will not know anything until January that begins next season ...

But do not despair, we will make an issue of these last three episodes as we have been doing throughout the season and will be able to enjoy a little more of our girls, for the moment you put a preview of what we see in these videos ....

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hi dear inhabitans of Lesplanet, this night in Spain will be issued on the last chapter of the 5th season LHDP, which will proceed as expected today to see the capture of the Kaiser, the most wanted criminal in the entire season, also will see the wedding of Lucas and Sara, and we hope to see our girls Pepa and Silvia , we know from the advances that will come in several scenes, as there is a preview of the farewell maiden Sara via webcam, and will also be in operation to catch the Kaiser.

To enter a bit in the lower atmosphere and await the next and final episode in this season Pepa and Silvia to up as soon as possible the left with the progress of the episode today,

and the conversation the Pepa y Silvia with Sara, click here for see it PEPA AND SILVIA

Silvia: Sara one thing you should know about Lucas
Sara: what?
Rita: going to say something spicy
Silvia: No, no, no ... drops, if they are going to do pipi is left there drops, but that is because you can say anything ... you can put a cup ... so big ...
Sara: ay ... aunt ...
Silvia: no, that the whole aim is to shoot ... lacks doing pipi ...
Sara: now ... that Nooo ...
Pepa: I do not because I'm going to say anything Sarita, I refer to the facts speak for themselves and your aunt ... After being married to Lucas ... has changed sides (it has become a lesbian)
Sara: you are together? that well ... I am very happy ...
Rita: and then, you are well ... Couples ...
Sara: I whish have another wedding soon ...
Lola: who knows ...
Rita: Princess, is that it was cutting sausage ... One thing, a thing ...
Sara: Tell me Rita
Rita: I do not know if you ... if you ... get entirely or do not arrive whole (virgin) that it is not, but that's like ... I will only say that I love you, is that for your front, no pairs, no brakes, to go, night and day, night and day ...
Sara: ok Rita
Rita: I've taken a long time to build from the waist down ... and that is not recovered ever in life and that is very sad, very sad ... but good if you want a lot ... you command a kiss from here very big part of me and my baby
Sara: ok
Rita: a kiss
Sara: thanks

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gay´s Anatomy ?

Hi ladies, tell them that the series Grey's Anatomy for not giving us very pleasant surprises, it seems that the creator Shonda Rhimes, he liked to do to incorporate thematic lesbian in the series as we understand, apart from which will come as Janina Gavankar an internal bisexual, incorporated into another character is bisexual, and the beautiful Australian actress Melissa George, that we will be known for his work on "Alias."

Apparently, it was originally planned only to be a patient, but Shonda you liked the actress and her role has changed to give "more long-term potential."

Melissa George is closing the contract with the production to join the series apparently as other internal and mentality very open bisexual, and all indications are that might get in trouble for the newborn relationship of Callie and Erica.

So hopefully everything is concrete and we can see Melissa in Grey's Anatomy, which in this step we will end up calling this serie Gay´s Anatomy :)

We'll keep you informed and thoughtful ;)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey LesPlanet's girls, as you know has already started the fifth season of Gray's Anatomy with a lesbian couple made up of Callie and Erica in the fabric of the new episodes, and as always LesPlanet going to be here to get the most interesting of the chapters related with these girls.

I'm going to make a brief summary of the first two episodes before they seeing we've edited the video for you all, and we hope you enjoy it.

As we saw the fourth season ended when Callie and Erica kiss ... and in these new episodes we see Callie and Erica when viewed for the first time after the kiss and to our amazement fleeing from one another, and I say, what happened after that kiss to react well to be? Will each of kissing and went to her house as if nothing had happened? Do not you spoke after kissing? The good thing is that we are many doubts after seeing this amazing reaction from both.

Shortly after Callie and Erica are again found in the hallway (that's what he has to work both in the same place ...). Both engage in a conversation without any sense, and speak of their research (how long have been without being able to have so much depth in its research and stay so busy?, Do you phone these two?, As I say there are a thousand excuses to justify not having spoken before ... is this attitude that we do not know where to classify it, we can say that it can be quite child ... but we'll manage to overcome this shyness so typical of teenagers.

Speaking of medical issues, we can highlight Callie trying to solve a vertebral crush with a new experimental treatment that involves freezing the patient. When they reach the complications of the case, Callie comes into panic and collapses, but then appears Erica, who brings to Callie of her catatonic state getting it calms down and fix the problem (for which it had investigated both ...), with that the patient does not die and get back the mobility and return to walk.

Already at the end of the episode Callie dares to approach Erica to say that she does not like to experiment. Erica was initially was a little surprised because it believes they are talking about the new experimental treatment but as they are going to be talking Callie realizes that she is talking about the kiss, maybe she realized when she said that she did not like kissing girls (Erica's face is to see it ...) but fixes it telling that her sole likes kissing a woman and that is Erica (who tender ....). Callie continued saying that she was the only girl to have kissed and Erica says she is also rookie in these duties so we both realize and they are talking about virgin in this type of relationship and that at least they are frightened together ....

Well girls, do not see this as anything bad the start of the season, a little cold between the two but I imagine that through the remaining episodes take the relationship between the two heat ... Here you finally get the video, enjoy it.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I want to have a baby ...

Hello dear inhabitants of our beautiful planet, today we'll talk about a topic that sooner or eventually to all our interest and we are involved.

Some already have the other with a dream, others just want to have it and expect to collect what is necessary to realize his dream, we are talking about starting a family ....

But we do not have a traditional family of course, our family model is called Families Homoparentales.

Homoparentales families are those in which one or both partners is gay, this kind of family are a growing reality in our society, in which the concept of family has changed considerably.

The men and women who form after divorce get custody of their children and then began a homosexual relationship. Also lesbian women who decide to have children outside of traditional marriage, and raising alone or with the participation of others.

The sense of family and consideration as a basic institution of society is still in place, although they have modified their structures and diversified forms of cohabitation, which has given rise to new models.

Clear that this kind of families still do not enjoy the social recognition and sometimes arouse suspicion when they are not with phobias and marginalization.

So when we decided to have a family with our partner we have to take into account these things, and have clear our options..

Until not long ago most of the lesbian mothers had taken their childrens through heterosexual sex beforehand. Lately more and more to gain as their childrens in lesbian couples.

The alternatives are to be mothers, adoption, insemination with donor insemination with known and anonymous donor. None of these alternatives is good or bad in itself. All have particular advantages and disadvantages that it's okay to analyze.

Clearly, this is a point of view and there may be others. Anyway, we all love to hear their views.

Neither option provides legal figures for the non-biological mother or adopter. For that we still need much more than a symbolic Civil Union.


It is one of the least used. At least I do not know of any story about adoption of lesbian mothers.


1. There are no differences in terms of biological motherhood.

2. For some people the process of adoption is positive in itself.


1. Adopt legally in most countries it is almost a miracle, and I say to the obstacles that often put the bodies in charge of grant, the practice remains automatically deny adoption if it is discovered or sensed the applicant's homosexuality. So we must take a lot of lucky to be able to do so.

Insemination with donor known

It is agreed to the donation of sperm with a friend or relative. Insemination can be homemade (using a syringe with no needle) or with the help of a professional in a medical office.


1. There are various agreements. The child could have two mothers and one biological father. You can also agree on other roles nearby, not necessarily the father.

2. You know who is the introduced genetic material.

3. In the future your childrens has the chance to know their biological origins.

4. If you know the right person might be extended family.


1. Some of us do not want a father to our / your daughter / you. We want to be just two moms (or perhaps one) and we believe that there are three crowd. It would be something like reconceptualize and think new family models.

2. Perhaps the donor is a great person, but there is a possibility that is moved by seeing the baby and realizes that wants to be a father. Or evaluate who wants to take desiciones in the life of children, or who wants to spend more time with him / her. If the donor repents of the agreement can claim their rights in court. And justice for nothing more poignant than a biological father.

Insemination with anonymous donor:

It seems to be the star of the moment. The epicenter of BabyLesBoom...


1. There is potential biological father who can claim for their rights.

2. Drastically reduces the chances of contracting any virus, infection, disease, and so on. .

3. It is an opportunity to explain the birth of an alternative family. Clearly, this requires the endorsement of a collective discourse that is just emerging.


1. We must have a sum of money that may prove difficult to collect.

2. We must overcome the hostility of half does not always prepared to receive them

3. A few girls seems complicated that future childrens want to know their biological roots and can not tell you that most of the sperm bank or the anonymous donor.

Well girls once assessed the possibilities, this decision in each pair ...

Go deep into this later, because we have received emails and questions on this subject which will try to solve and help as we can.

Try to put some sort of guide to how to proceed and advice on this topic, researching things that are going to share it with all articles, medical advances and experiences of those who have gone through this.

As always, I say, write, tell us their experiences, their doubts, what they want to find here in this Blog, all you want to find here on this or any other issue that wish to speak, because as I always say this is a Blog all, we do it all, and for all that is the goal of this Blog, we have all our space with things that we need and we want to know, a place to share and enjoy.