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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gay´s Anatomy ?

Hi ladies, tell them that the series Grey's Anatomy for not giving us very pleasant surprises, it seems that the creator Shonda Rhimes, he liked to do to incorporate thematic lesbian in the series as we understand, apart from which will come as Janina Gavankar an internal bisexual, incorporated into another character is bisexual, and the beautiful Australian actress Melissa George, that we will be known for his work on "Alias."

Apparently, it was originally planned only to be a patient, but Shonda you liked the actress and her role has changed to give "more long-term potential."

Melissa George is closing the contract with the production to join the series apparently as other internal and mentality very open bisexual, and all indications are that might get in trouble for the newborn relationship of Callie and Erica.

So hopefully everything is concrete and we can see Melissa in Grey's Anatomy, which in this step we will end up calling this serie Gay´s Anatomy :)

We'll keep you informed and thoughtful ;)

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