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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Officially ... Jenny Schecter dies.

Hi girls, tell them that to confirm the rumors of people who until now do not believe that Jenny is dead, I regret to say that it is official because Showtime has confirmed the death of one of his characters with a press release sent to media on the sixth season of The L Word, and now we also have a video that has left us see Showtime.

They are the first minutes of the first episode of this latest season of The L Word, is the extended version of the scene where we see Lucy Lawless arrived at the crime scene (the home of Tina and Bette).

This season seems to be a great tribute to a great film, 1950 winner of two Oscars, the academy and who has become a classic: Sunset Boulevard.

There also appears in his first scene a man is dead and his body was seen floating face down in a pool. A narrator explains that the dead man was an unsuccessful screenwriter. The film fades into the flashback that tells the story as it was up to the moment of death. Click Here

The communique from the news of the death of Jenny is the next in the media:

"L Word' is killing 1 of its major characters"

NEW YORK (AP) -- Dead is the word when "The L Word" returns.
Showtime's drama about a circle of lesbian friends and lovers is going to kill off one of its major characters on the premiere of its sixth - and final - season.

The victim is Jenny Schecter, Showtime has disclosed. Jenny, a would-be writer and accomplished two-timer, has long been embraced by fans as the character they most love to hate.

The episode, which airs January 18, begins with a splash as Jenny's body is discovered in a swimming pool. Accident, or murder - and whodunit? Viewers will have to wait for those answers.

Meanwhile, she won't be absent from the show: The remainder of the season is heavy with flashbacks of Jenny (played by Mia Kirshner) in the swim with her enemies and pals.

Showtime is owned by CBS Inc

So as we see dear friends, I know that many did not like the news or had any hope of what all was a dream of Jenny or who are only rumors, because everything seems to indicate that it is not. But I must say that after so much secrecy, SHOWTIME we now confirm the death of Jenny, that's a little weird not believe? (or perhaps, that we want to believe). I will continue investigating.

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A Dr. Callie Torres will seek a new love...

Hello dear friends and readers LesPlanet, we bring you the latest and disconcerting news about Grey's Anatomy.

After that the ABC has been disposal of the lesbian couple of Callie Torres, the Dra. Erica Hanh, and not just in fiction but even put on the street to the actress (Broke Smith) because it allegedly had no chemistry between them .... (it's as if we say that there is no chemical about Pepa and Silvia), seeing these photos think that there was chemistry between them?

and this is the face that we remain at all including Sara Ramirez when we learned of the end of Callica.

We learn now that the episodes will be broadcast in January a new doctor, a pediatrician for more details, played by actress Jessica Capshaw (also the daughter of actress Kate Capshaw and stepdaughter of director Steven Spilberg), which will have a professional interest rather than the Dra. Callie Torres.

It seems that this new doctor called Dr. Arizona Robbins arrives at Seattle Grace to help Dr. Bailey in one case and to stay around at the start of 3 chapters, during which the confused Dra. Callie Torres feel something else ... Even though we do not know the intensity of what will happen if something happens ... or if you're Arizona also feel something for Callie, because as we know in Grey's Anatomy is strictly PROHIBITED see leaves ....

Well, as we see these people has no idea what it does, or want to become crazy at all or did not like the couple of Torres-Hahn (with clear that distance would have been enough ... no need to jump-Broke Smith the series), the truth is that this season Grey's Anatomy this more puzzling than ever.

I think what has happened, this is what ABC executives had no idea that the strength of our community, thought they could commit such an act homophobic and that we all stay idly by, but realized that with the LGBT community, is not played. And to try to settle the matter with the associations and organizations of our community, be better with the public and clean up its image, NOW, put this character that may have something with Callie, but by what is seen is temporary, because currently participate in 3 episode.

From what I am sure that a couple of lesbians as doctors fixed characters in the series, we will NEVER take Grey's Anatomy. We have informed about any news that we have to respect ... see what happens.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

We have Samantha and Lindsay ...for long time

Hi girls, after reading in many places and heard many rumors that one of the couples that we like most of Hollywood, Lindsay and Samantha were to terminate their relationship.
We have good news that these rumors are not true.

Same Lindsay Lohan has published on its page of My Space, she and Sam will not think break , and still together, it reads:

oy vey! rumors..

just to clear this up.. because i have been getting a lot of emails asking me this one question.samantha ronson and lindsay lohan (me) are NOT breaking up:)

take care

Let's see ... It is normal to have gone through some point in these being the low morale on the job on the stress, like all couples, but don´t break for that.

It must be hard to read that are speculating about your relationship with evil, while you try to fix it and discuss it with your girl.

I was very happy that Lindsay has said Enough! to talk so much nonsense, and it has clarified things, so much talk about the importance of this relationship for her.

So we already know guys, we have Lindsay and Sam for while, and we are pleased much for them.

These photos are of the day on December 4 event in the NASCAR Sprint Cup 2008 and as we continue together.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tibette moments ... in the six season

Hi, dear inhabitans of LesPlanet, continuing with the latest news from our favorite series, I bring to this post, the couple most beloved of all TIBETTE.

From what we started with the news, things were focused on the death of Jenny ... in the new relationship of Shane and Jenny, in the return of Dylan and Helena, the pregnant Max, in the Alice and Tasha ... and we we've given importance to our favorite couple, in the previous post could see a few minutes of hot sex scene Tibette to which we have always used (because we know that nobody heats the atmosphere as both Tina and Bette).

In this season, do not forget to go to the game Berkley, which is the temptation personified, is very dangerous game card , for Ilene is that under the table, the Berkley flirting with Bette openly, and is also known that regrets not having taken advantage of his chance with my Bette at the university.

Tina, has matured a lot in these seasons, now has a very high esteem, not be overwhelmed by the Berkley. Accepts the game of seduction the Berkley without the angry with Bette putting the record straight in a calm manner. And Bette gives you confidence, gives him his place at any time and asks you to believe in it.

The lack of communication they had before, because there was no, note they have learned from their mistakes, now speak their minds, what they feel, what you do not like.

For Bette, the priorities of their lives have changed ... the first thing now is her family, and after the rest, to learn to not be so selfish, to appreciate what he has .... and care.

In this season, established that the couple will strengthen their love and trust, and neither can thousands of Berkley's break to Tibette. (Mom Chaiken.. care ... not ... you ... , you do not know that there is no worst fury that tibetter's disappointed )

In this season, Bette and Tina want to enlarge the family. :) Season will be a very lively and hard Sometimes, they will lose their jobs, Jenny ...dies at home ...... But despite all this season will see my Bette has more smiles than in other season.

Well, since most things will continue to Tibette now left with no videos of moments in this season's Tibette. I hope to enjoy the videos

Vid: Montjuic

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tibette sex and ... 6 minutes of the episoder 6x02

Hi dear inhabitans of our wonderful planet behind the rainbow in the earlier post we could see the comments from the L girls, about what awaited us in the new season of The L Word.

We were able to give you a very quick glance at the Sixth Season, now I bring a sample of nearly 6 minutes of video of the Episode 6x02, ..... YES Ladies, If you have read well of VIDEO. (obtained by Saab)

We have a romantic moment
We have a Sex moment
we have a funny moment ...thank you Alice :)

I hope you enjoy .... ahh I hope your comments

Vid : saab

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The Vatican supported the death penalty and imprisonment for homosexuals

Hi girls, changing the news, a little, I bring an outrageous story(for a change). I was reading the news and saw this headline:

The Vatican supports the death penalty and imprisonment for homosexuals

You can imagine how it felt to read this. I was paralyzed and shocked, but mostly disappointed. It's not that I fervently believe in the church, but even I was struck by the radical position, so openly taken on this issue.

Never before have they spoken out against our community so hard, energetic, discriminatingly, or violent.

I've studied in a Catholic school my whole life, led by a French congregation of nuns. I have, also, grown up in the Christian faith. But now it seems the church, itself, has been responsible for the tear down my religious beliefs.

I believe in a God, an exceeding force. Call it destiny. Call it God. It doesn't matter what you call it, I have faith in that force, in myself and in people.

Sometimes I ask myself, why believe in God? You're Catholic? I say can I believe in God, but not in the church? What is that like? I believe in the values of God, in a force, in love, to helping the needy, and sharing. My religion is a mixture of values of many religions, but I do not believe in any of the institutions.

I disagree with the Church, more and more, each passing day. I do not understand how a God who loves everybody equally, can condemn someone, because the church wants to condemn them and agrees to kill a human being because of their sexual orientation? God does not love the gays? Well, gentlemen of the Church, I believe that HE DOES.

So a woman who divorces can not be accepted in the church, where, God says that one can not make mistakes? Where, it is preferable to stay married, even in an unhappy marriage and even with a husband who hits you, because divorcees are stained in the eyes of the church. Come On!

And where God said that the love between two people of the same sex is a sin? . In which part of the bible does it say all those things? I am tired of so much cynicism and hypocrisy.

It is for these and so many other reasons, that the church has always disappointed me. Now, it does not deserve even a little bit of my respect.

Here's the news:

France proposed to the ONU the universal decriminalization of homosexuality but, contrary to appearances, not everyone is in agreement with this initiative. In fact the Vatican was the first that refused to implement this idea.

This was confirmed by Radio Vatican spokesman of the Holy See, Federico Lombardi, who expressed mistrust of the Catholic Church before the French proposal.

"Obviously no one wants to defend the death penalty for homosexuals, as some would like us to believe." said Lombardi, who recalled that the Vatican is not alone in its position, because, in his words, there are 150 UN member states that have not been acceded to the French proposal.

Sure, Mr Lombardi, there are many against it. The Church is also against it but, different from the rest, they want to death or jail for homosexuals. They believe they are voting for God? No more cheap excuses that don't convince anybody.

In an interview, Migliore (the Vatican's representative at the ONU), will ensure that "the Catechism of the Catholic Church says, and not from today, that with respect to homosexual people should avoid any sign of unjust discrimination. But here the is another question. "

And I ask myself? Which is the question Mr. Migliore? that a group of people be penalized for their sexual orientation ... that's not DISCRIMINATION? ... Really?

"You can clearly become an instrument of pressure or discrimination against anyone who, for example, sees the marriage between men and women the fundamental and original form of social life and as such something that privilege," he concluded.

Girls I have nothing more to say. I feel just disgusted. Disgusted

Thanks : Liz

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The L Girls tell us about the sixth season

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet, I know that has caused much controversy, all the information that has been taken on the new season of The L Word, some have many questions to the head that had no response .... ¿Jenny commits suicide or kill them? , Tibette separates?, Dylan returns with Helena? Jenny and Shane together?, what happens to Alice and Tasha? ..and so on more and more questions .

I have been researching and looking for information to answer these questions, and I think we could get some answers and all with pictures that prove the theories.

But now I bring a video in which the same actresses and Mom Chaiken try to dispel our doubts and we will all that awaits us in the sixth and final season of The L Word.

At least to me particularly, after seeing the video has become clear to me what will happen in season is coming. We have many new things and new characters will try ... boycotting couples and create more drama in the series.

I have to confess that:

I hate to Berkley .....As he asked that a Tina?? ... that bothers you flirt with your girlfriend?
( I the kill her... sure! ... with a smile very dignified ... but the KILL HER).
I am sure that my Bette will not fall this time.

And Miss. Jamie? .... can not be left alone to Alice and Tasha a single moment?

To distinguish thing:

Shane's face when I say that it is paying .... is that I do not believe this is very unconvincing.

The sincerity of the psychologist jejejeje

Dylan's face when Helena she said Fuck You!

The Berckley´s face when Tina replied .

The pathetic attempt by Jodi trying to give to Bette jealousy, kissing a girl in their noses.

And Jenny kissing Nikky. (?????)

What we wanted to see and we saw no more than a few thousandths of a second in the video: It is the burning passion and wild sex Tibette .... they say over there that there is very little this season ..... Come on Ilene ..... I hope that is not true and we can see it.

We wanted more than XENA ....

To conclude this brief glimpse of the new season has confirmed to me many things and I was left feeling that despite the unexpected death of Jenny at the begining , things in this season are not yet fully defined and that each episode will have many surprises.

What do you think? .

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Dylena... L Word Season 6

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet, along with news of our favorite series The L Word, I also have news about a couple that I know some have been wanting to see together, Helena and Dylan. Finally this season we have "Dylena" .

If confirmed, the story goes as this. We know that at the end of season 5, Helena takes away all the debt at the Shebar Club to get the Planet back from her lover Cindy.

So after this season the club is no longer called Shebar. Its now handled by Kit and is called Hit Club. Helena, at night, seems to see a familiar face. Dylan sees her reaction and leaves the club, as she often does, but Helena follows her into the club's parking lot, and very angrily asks her what she is doing there. What does she want? Dylan tries to explain that it was a mistake before and that she wants a relationship with Helena, and that she's sorry.

The next day Helena receives flowers from Dylan. On the card she put something like:
"You look beautiful when you're upset," Helena has Kit read it and says, "here we go again."

Dylan asks Helena for an opportunity to speak to her.

Dylan speaks with the girls and tells them she loves Helena and wants to be with her. The girls do not believe her and they plan to see if it's true. They want to make she doesn't want to just get closer to Helena for money or to promote a film. Putting her to the test they send Nikki to bait and try to seduce her. She also asks if there are any projects, that is, recording a movie or documentary.

While that is happening, in the Hit Club, the girls are watching through the cameras that are at the Club. They see it all from the office with Helena, as if they are at a movie, with popcorn and everything. Helena did not agree with the whole thing with Dylan and Nikki, but was careful to see what happened.

And to the surprise of all Dylan passes the test completely. Helena is relieved and speaks with her when they are alone and tells her that she wants them to be together again.

Note: Thanks Liz for you help and you photo
Here the video Dylena hope you enjoy :)

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