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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Knowing more to ... Kate Moenning part 1

Hey guys, this time we will know something more about the beloved, admired and loved by many of you SHANE McCutcheon ... (Kate Moenning).

Katherine Moennig Sian was born on December 29, 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvaia (USA). Mary Zahn is the daughter of a former Broadway dancer and the manufacturer of violins William Moennig, brother of actress Blythe Danner. It is also the niece of actress Blythe Danner, actor Harry and Daner of the producer Bruce Paltrow and cousin of director Jake Paltrow, the actress Hillary Danner and the winner of an Oscar Gwyneth Paltrow.

Her first appearance was on a stage in a Children's Theater Workshop (Children's Theater Workshop) with the "Winnie the Pooh" at the age of 10 years. A bit masculine, like many other girls her age, in her spare time Kate was an expert climber of trees and skater with their friends through the streets of neighboring Philly's Rittenhouse Square.

For 18 years she moved to New York to study interpretation at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (American Academy of Dramatic Arts) studies that are paid to work as a model. Just 2 months after her graduation in AADA she continued her apprenticeship at the prestigious Williamstown Theater Festival for two seasons and gained a great experience working on shows like Comedy of Art, The Theory of Total Blame, Morning in the City and in 2000 in a second step by the Williamstown appeared in a production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" with the companion to her cousin Gwyneth Paltrow .

The first commercial appearance of Katherine came with the lead role in the music video "Is Anybody Home?" Which was filmed in Toronto by the Canadian group Our Lady Peace in 1999.

That same year he auditioned for the role of Brandon Teena in "Boys Don't Cry" although the role it would give Hillary Swank who won an Oscar for this role. Months later she made her debut in the series for the WB Television "Young Americans" (Young Rebels in Spain) playing Jake Pratt, a girl who poses as boy in order to study in the Rawley Academy., Which would prove to be a defined role for her.

The new recognition of Katherine led to roles in "Ice People" (2000) by Susanne Oberbeck, "Slo-Mo" (2001) John Krokida, "The Shipping News" (2001) and Peter Sehr's film "Love The Hard Way "(2001).

In October 2001 she returned to television as a guest artist in the role of Melissa's daughter Cathy Moriarty in the NBC series Law and Order and then made her appearance as a guest artist in the chapter "Fallacy" in the series Law and Order: SUV (Special Victims Unit) in April 2003.

In 2002 she recorded an advertisement for the Fleet Bank in 2003 and was involved in the film Loren Marsh "Invitation to a Suicide."

In 2003, signed for her role as Shane McCutcheon in the series "The L Word" series about the lives of about lesbian friends living in Los Angeles. In it Shane is a hairdresser with great success among women.

The series continues at the present time having already announced a sixth and final season that will be released in 2009.

The success of the series has led some of the press to examine the career of Katherine and wonder if she is also a lesbian in real life. Although she in an interview conducted in 2000 by Rebecca Traister of the New York Observer was identified as heterosexual her companion series of Jennifer Beals in an interview to the gay magazine Advocate in 2006 went to Katherine from gay cast of the series: When you asked "People still assumes that you have to be interpreted by a lesbian on TV?" Beals responded "Absolutely not .... I heard a rumor that somebody .... I'm supposed to be bisexual, which is a compliment to me, because often I go where Leisha or Kate or Rose or Ilene and wonder 'ok, is this the right way to do it? This is not correct? I'm going to look like a fool if I do this? ". Kate, so daring, took the course as a compliment to their acting skills. For the moment has not made any comment about their sexual orientation.

In 2006 Moennig left outside the comfortable world of the L word to make her debut in "Guardians" a play about a scandal in an American prison in Iraq. The role of Kate is based on the dishonored soldier Lynndie England, whose career had been ruined by her involvement in the incident at Abu Gharib.

The same year had a small role in the film by Daniel Clowes, from the novel "Art School Confidential." Katherine again plays the role of lesbian, Candance.

In March 2008 began the filming of "Remorse" in Philadelphia, an independent thriller starring Katherine and Eion Bailey (Fight Club), directed by Quinn Saunders and written by Pete Cafaro and Andrew Kayran. It focuses on the themes of love, death and the fragility of the mind.


Ice People (2000)

Slo-Mo (2001)

Love the Hard Way (2001)

The Shipping News (2001)

Invitation to a Suicide (2003)

Art School Confidential (2006)

Remorse (2008)


Young Americans (2000)

Law&Order (2001)

Law&Order (2003)

The L word (2003-2008)

CSI Miami episode 6.19 "Rock and a Hard Place in the role of "Mary Landis" (2008)


-The Culture Project:

•Guardians (April 1 to May 25, 2006)

-Williamstown Theatre Festival:

•As you lik it

•Comedy or Art....Isabella

•The theory of total Blame...Irene

•Morning in the city

- Broken Chair Theatre Company:


•Love Letters...Melissa

- American Academy of Dramaric Arts:

•The Shadow box....Felicity

•The Murder of Lidice....Byeta

•A late Show....Pat

•Two Gentlemen of Verona....Lucetta

•Burn this....Anna

•Alone at the Beach....Chris


•Anna K....Anna


“Is Anybody Home” para Our Lady Peace (video clip 1999)

Flett Bank (Announcement TV 2002)

“Red Cross” Campaign (2005)

17ยบ Annual GLAAD Media Awards (2006)


Katherinne loves decorating.

Kate's decision to become an actress was influenced by the fact of seeing movies with her father when she was a girl.

Kate's favorite food is sushi.

Kate measuring 1.76m.

The hero of fashion Kate is the French designer Hedi Slimane.

The first concert that was attended Kate "Thriller" by Michel Jackson.

Two directors with whom Kate would like to have the opportunity to work are Ang Lee and David Fincher

A few movies that Kate thinks they are "doomed almost perfect" are "Midnight Express", "The Texas Chainsaw Slaughter (remake)" and "Cool Hand Luke."

Kate if I were to interpret "the L word" another different role to that of Shane, She would like to represent a combination of Jenny and Alice, because it believes that these characters have many levels of depth and emotion that might be interesting to work with them.

Kate is not regarded herself as famous, nor think your life has changed a lot due to this so-called "fame".

Kate keeps her figure mainly to surf and keep the sugar away. It really does not enjoy going to gyms, but when it does, it tends to run and lift light weights.

A Kate and her companions sharing "the l word" love to imitate people and spent joking with each other to pass the long hours on set.

Once Kate, Leisha and Mia rearrange the offices of Ilene Chaiken and Rose Lam as a joke while filming "The L Word".

Kate is an avid fan of music and likes to listen to "The Killers", "Metric", "Cutcopy" and "The Pixies," but his favorite group is "Led Zeppelin".

Kate felt that his role was more rewarding when interpreted Cheryl Avery on "Law and Order: SUV" so well written that it was her role.

The idea of a romantic day for Kate is when she feels comfortable, laughs, and is sincere with another person.

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