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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Marina is a lesbian. She always has been, since teenager, that was one of the things I had always clear in life. A woman of 35 years, with very long legs and well-turned, wide hips, nice ass, small waist, bust medium. Her face is deceptive ... can demonstrate a seriousness and toughness that her carrier shows to the world ... as can be softened and become sweeter in the face of the world if something or someone touches.

On the phone out of her thoughts concerned about ... argued that expensive apartment Iris insisted that rent when they went to live together. A beautiful department, close to the promenade, with a huge bedroom, a living room in order of receipt ... charming and quite expensive. The iris persuaded by the argument that paying half was an excellent business ... and it was up to Iris lost her head, is entangled in another relationship and left. Given the impossibility of holding Marina had placed an advertisement in the newspaper offering to share the rent. Responded that it was expecting some interest.

- Hello.

- Is the 714 43 30?.

- Yes.

The voice on the other side of the wire like it ... respectful, with a tone as the girl's internal soft.

- Calling for the ad to share rental ....¿ regard would be the money that would have to provide?.

- U $ S 250, to cover rent and common costs.

- Could I see the place?.

- Write down... of course .... ..

She gave the address, somewhat insecure ... it was not a very conventional what she was doing, letting a complete unknown to her house. Then smiled ... had stopped going to Iris in her life, she believed she had been aware of it and shattered the heart ... so this might not be so bad.
Half an hour later touched the bell. It opened in front of it and hit a girl is not very high, thin, with semi long hair, brown eyes hidden behind dark glasses with a gold frame, which gave her an intellectual air. The girl smiled and said.

- Lucia ... I'm coming to the notice.

- Pass.

A short while later and through two cafes, Marina and Lucia knew that was coming from inside, took a few years in Montevideo, was living in a hotel but could not finish getting used to that, she had previously lived in an apartment whose expenses shared with girls the same city. She had finished her career did a year and fortunately I already had jobs in their field, which was physiotherapy. Barely reached the age of 28.

Marina showed her an apartment, which Lucia seemed fine.

- You see ... we only have one bedroom. You can sleep here, or in the room, that's like you prefer.

- If you do not bother you ... I would be in the bedroom. I promise you that not bother. Working 10 to 18 hours, so do not get up very early to make noise ...

- Ok woman ... then ... the contract here expires in a year. If you think you can move as desired.

- I am moving.

- Another thing ... do you have a boyfriend?

- Well ... I go out with someone - Lucia responded by putting red.

- I say this because if some day want privacy then talk about the code to use.

- No ... there will be no problems with that - even more red Lucia replied.

Marina smiled slightly ... she was so innocent or only pretended?. Anyway she went very well Lucia, had the money to pay in advance ... and I did not want to waste time interviewing more people. You felt a little guilty to dismiss her for not having said that it was a lesbian but ... well ... that could scare, and now really needed to share the rent of that apartment, but can not begin to be financed.

The next morning Lucia moved with their bags, books, photographs ... and Marina met Rogelio, who was the man with whom she was leaving Lucia, which certainly did not fell anything right. He was a man with brown hair, green eyes, but the smile ... malignant. And trying to Lucia with an air of disdain, as if you did a great favor to be with her. With the passing of the weeks Marina and Lucia were complemented well. Lucia was very quiet, so it does not alter the pace of the Marina. Talking up late, preparing meals on average. Marina was used to be a Lucia. And what is concerned is that beginning to like in the morning ... pretended to sleep many times to spy while Lucia, thinking she was asleep, in undergarments walked around the room.

They also began to exchange confidences. Lucia told her that Rogelio's things were not going very well, because he wanted to move on to the plane and sexual Lucia did not feel ready ... but Rogelio continued to insist, making it feel very foolish many times.

- And why do not want to have sex with him?.

- Do not you gonna laugh?.

- Not how you think?.

- You make me sick .... never thought I could make love ... I get sick, do not excite me.

Marina smiled slightly .... could understand it very well. She took her hands and felt a shiver. For a few seconds, looked into the eyes of the other, until Marina broke the silence.

- Do not worry darling, and the time will come. Do not let you press.

Saturday Lucia was prepared with a thoroughly unusual in its settlement. I was going to a wedding with Rogelio and looked really beautiful in that mini black dress. Marina had to control her gaze more than once while Lucia was arranged. And you thought you felt something and would not feel jealous .... it off with Rogelio. So much so that when he arrived, she pretended to be busy in the kitchen to avoid having to greet him.

The noise and cries of Rogelio broke the deep sleep of the Marina. Looked at the clock ... were 5.30 a.m. She felt that something fell into the living room and decided to stand up when he heard Lucia say:

- Enough .. let me ...

When wondering Rogelio was living with his crushing weight Lucia on the sofa of three bodies, hands by putting all places, the black dress was torn on the bottom and side of Lucia denoted panic.

- What you have not heard that leave?.

- What about you that you get? - Rogelio replied in a bad way .... still on Lucia.

- It's my house ... so I ask that you remove, or call the janitor - Marina responded by lifting the tube intercom.

Rogelio was standing, ungry. Lucia looked at with disgust.

- Do not know me again.

- Please .... go longer - Marina responded by Lucia. A bit wobbly man left the apartment. Marina sat next to Lucia and hugged ... Kissing hair as a little girl who comforts.

- Calm down dear ... and he went ...

- It is an unfortunate ....

- I know ... but calm down ...

Marina tightened Lucia against her body, transmitted heat. Again kissed her hair gently. Lucia raised her face, leaving her lips so close to the Marina ... that before thinking about what we did was kissing. A lip brush fire that ignited at Marina, while a tremendous confusion, felt dirty to do that ... taking advantage of the weakness of Lucia.

- Forgive me ....

- Are you a lesbian .... truth?.

Lucia's question reflected not reproach ... and the tone was very sweet ... also had not been taken off her embrace, nor removed the head of the hollow of her shoulder ... and looked into my eyes.

- Yes.

- Can I kiss again?.

The order surprised the both did not do so ... so it was Lucia who raised her head and grabbed her lips. Tempted with the language between them, Marina half open mouth and made a passionate kiss that awoke completely libido of the Marina, who dropped her hands to caress the breasts of Lucia on the black dress, while the kiss was endless.

- I wish - Marina muttered when her lips were separated.

- I, too - responded Lucia, semi joining just to catch the face of the Marina between her hands and kiss her again - I really like you ... until now, I realize soon.

Lucia's hands caressed the nape of the Marina while she was saying that with the soft voice .... freaked. Marina dropped her hands by the side of the body of Lucia, while kissing her neck with soft kisses, walks.

It was standing and she tended her hand to Lucia, who the tome. They went to the bedroom. Once there looked into the eyes a few seconds, raised her arms while Marina and Lucia took the black dress, watching one set of dark blue underwear many times that she had spied pretending to sleep. Lucia for her party away from the gown Marina, she fell backwards .... Lucia used to sleep alone with the panties, so the breasts were small and formed into the air. Lucia traveled with two fingers from the neck until the start of the Mount of Venus covered by white cloth in the short and murmured.

- You are beautiful

- You are most beautiful.

Lucia dropped her head to catch one of the breasts of the Marina between her lips, sucking it with a tenderness that she did not believe ... soon able to possess the nipple was erect and Marina very excited. Lucia went on to treat the other breast the same way, while with her hands caressed the back of the Marina, which did not cease ceases to surprise of the qualities that lover Lucia showed. The language of Lucia was now in its belly, circling the navel, and sighing heavily while Marina felt like she removed the pants.

Lucia stopped to gently push it ... Marina is a tendency in bed and I imitate her now ... starting to go from the ankles to the thighs with the language ... savor. Be entertained for a while on the inside of the thighs, approaching the hot humidity of the sex of the Marina ... so close that some lick came to rub the lips of the vagina. In the air felt like the distinctive smell of women excited.

- You'll know forgive my clumsiness? - Lucia muttered before catching the clitoris between her mouth and sucking gently, and then put the tongue directly in the sliver of the Marina, which issued a little shout to feel it.

The language of Lucia was moving around inside it, stopping just a bit to treat the clitoris, who excelled swollen by the excitement. Marina juices flowed and without control, and Lucia dealt with the increasing movement of his tongue inside ... Marina orgasm drew out the legs of the Marina, which gave a strange sound when finally completed.

Lucia kissing rose from the Mount of Venus to the neck of the Marina, looked into the eyes and kissed the Marina, feeling her own taste on the lips of the other.

- Did you talk to clumsiness? .... you were fabulous.

- Marina ... I wish you a long time.

Forced the Marina to get you, to be able to see her face. She removed the bra in order to kiss the breasts of her companion, who were with the nipples fully erect. She then removed the short and returned to rest at her side, recharging the body's weight on one of her arms to go with her free hand, to the vagina ... totally wet from the juice was very excited Lucia ... .

With two fingers found the clitoris and started massaging gently with circular motions. Lucia pressed her hand against her hip to increase pressure ... so did Marina case, increased the pressure and began to go further, passing the two fingers also split ... insinuating penetration, but without bringing to place.

- Make me yours Marina ....

Marina was on Lucia, the breasts of both rub their and put two fingers to blow into the vagina of Lucia, whose eyes have wandered a little .... began to move, coming and going at a slow pace, but Lucia hasten the rhythm tight against her, so I hastened the pace, riding on a broadcast that Lucia moans of pleasure and flooded her hand with juices.

- I love ... well .... so long ago that you wanted ...

Marina curve a little fingers to find what you're looking for ... the small protrusion is known as Section G. .. but who cares the name, Marina knew what it was encouraging that the protuberance was achieved some very strong orgasms. .. and when it came to Lucia was no exception. The vagina tightened and drop the fingers of the Marina with an astonishing rapidity, while Lucia panting. When finally calmed down Marina gently removed her fingers inside Lucia.

Marina put her head between the breasts of Lucia, resting. Sensed that this was the first night of many others who go together in the future.

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