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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pleasure Toy...?

Hi dear inhabitants of LesPlanet do you remember that Michelle Rodriguez that girl who became angry when Kristanna Loken (the nac and sexy Paige L word) pulled out of the closet when they were brides.

It seems that now is careful not to appear to both his alleged heterosexuality, after spending the weekend with a "friend". (I remember when I called too well)

The Mayfair Hotel and Spa in Coconut Grove, Fla., will strengthen the soundless of doors and rooms, after the visit of Michelle this weekend.

The guests who were in the room next door say they were awakened at 9 am on Sunday when they heard the heavy blows from the door of the room and a few screams of a woman in the hallway.

"I woke up Sunday morning with the sounds of two women screaming, and one of them appeared he was going to break the door calling very strong," I recognize the faces and I saw that it was Michelle Rodriguez shouted to the woman who was inside of the room "Open up, let me go, bitch!"

The fight, the blows and screams continued another five more minutes until Michelle began to shout: "If you did not open the door, you stay without your pleasure toy." Then as if by magic, the door was opened, is that there are toys and toys :) it is clear that there are toys that however much they grow up you can not stop playing:)

The actress did not wish to any comment on this incident, it is known (although it is investigating) the identity of the companion.

It's clear that there are toys with which much they grow up ... you can not stop playing :)

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