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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Come back South of Nowhere....

Hey girls, as I imagine you know the majority and if they do not know what we say here, the series South of Nowhere is about to return to our screens to show at last the final part of the third season (called 3rd Season B) which unfortunately also is the latest in the series.

Tomorrow 10th at 21:00 pm will be the long-awaited debut in USA and the spoilers we've seen is going to be very interesting.

Apparently we will have more drama (yes, much more drama) between Spencer and Ashley, the production has been proposed to suffer a little more to Spashley.

After long waiting time at last arrive those final chapters of Season 3 of a series that has revolutionized our planet.

For those who do not know well, they count a little bit about this incredible series, come with a little story:)

South of Nowhere is a television series which began broadcasting on November 4, 2005, getting excellent reviews.

Currently in the United States have been issued in total, counting the 3 Seasons, 32 chapters. The last chapter was delivered on September 21, 2007 (Gay Pride). The N announced in the following chapters of the 3rd season will air on October 10, 2008.

South of Nowhere deals several controversial issues, taking into account that it is a series for adolescents; issues such as homosexuality, racism, violence in the high schools, and so on.

The series begins with the Carlin's family that moves from a small town in Ohio to the big city of Los Angeles, California, on the grounds that the mother of Spencer, Glen and Clay, wife of Arthur and Paula called it offered a wonderful job offer.

Let's learn a little more to these characters:

Spencer Carlin: Spencer is new in LA as it was just moved with her family ..

This change makes rethink and analyze everything around it. Her interest lies in their own sexual orientation. Meet Ashley and become very good friends. Spencer starts to know more about their sexuality, and sometimes have trouble with their parents, because they think that Ashley is a bad influence for her daughter.

Ashley Davis: comes from a wealthy family, her father is a famous rock star. It is not the typical rich girl snob. Rejects all kinds of labels. Aiden Dennison was dating, but now she is more concerned by the girls. All of the high school knows, but Ashley does not care what they say it. It is an mistery for all the kids from school, but will not prevent you start a deep relationship with Spencer who will help discover their sexual identity.

Glen Carlin: basketball star and popular among girls and that was an accident playing basket fractured leg, which left the team outside of their school and makes him an addict to the pill prescribed, the result of his pain leg.

Clay Carlin: African American adopted at age 8 by the family Carlin, smart and sarcastic, but it is faced with the difficulties of being black in LA will have to deal with situations related to racism and discrimination.

Aiden Dennison: was the star basketball school, until he came around Glen's brother Spencer. It is a sweet and sensitive guy and his attention is centralized in Spencer.

Madison Duarte: Madison is the stereotype of American cheerleader, beautiful, arrogant, but enjoyable at the same time a person can become unbearable. Her plan is to marry a star of the sport in the top left with Aiden until he reaches Glenn, but leaves the latter is injured a knee when it leaves out any possibility of getting a scholarship prestigious school.

Sean Miller: Sean is the best friend of Clay, who helps him to endure the problems that arise because of their race

Kyla Woods: half sister Ashley, spends most of her time trying to be better than Ashley and even has a relationship with Aiden, but finally tells her that this kid is still in love with Ashley and it breaks the heart.

You put this video we've edited for presentation of the characters, and we're going to put in here LesPlanet throughout the entire series since the first episode in case any of you have not seen, and for that if you have seen a reminder this magnificent series.

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