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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Knowing more ... Laurel Holloman part 2

Hi girls, LesPlanet, I bring more curiosities and interesting things about our beloved Laurel Holloman.

• Laurel was the recognition of fans and critics for her role as Tina Kennard in the series "The L Word" and gave the Golden Satellite Award in 2005 for best actress in a dramatic series for his superb interpretation of Tina in the first season .

• Laurel is currently the only actress from "The L Word" that has been recognized and rewarded his work in the series.

• Her pregnancy in real life became part of the script in the 2004 season of "The L Word "....

• During his time off for filming in Vancouver she enjoys doing things like walking in the open and closer to the beach.

• Among his hobbies are painting, sculpture and snowboarding.

• Laurel attended the "Party For a Cause" a foundation of San Francisco to raise funds for the health of lesbians.

• Laurel's husband, Paul Macherey was a great help in the decision to Laurel to interpret a lesbian on TV.

• Laurel got the job in "The L Word" responding to an advertisement in the newspaper business "Backstage" in New York.

• Lola, the daughter of Laurel, leaving in episodio 1 of the third season of "The L Word" titled "Labia Majora." The group will sing "Hello Lola, so glad to see you" when you're in a kindergarten.

• Because of the pregnancy of Laurel, screenwriters of "The L Word" Tina was pregnant made during the second season in order not to arouse suspicion.

• The nickname of her daughter Lola Reiko is Baby Monkey.

• Laurel has openly declared as bisexual.


• Laurel: (for being an actress pregnant) - I would like to see my career when I grow up and say "Hey, I've really done things that were hard."

• Jennifer Beals said of Laurel: Laurel is patient, kind and free spirit.

Well-loved people, I hope that now we know more about our Laurel Holloman, I liked them there, soon to learn more ... RACHEL SHELLEY.
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