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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hi girls, who better for a Saturday night in an erotic storie for all of us ... get comfortable and read attentively ...

The airport was fairly full, and Marta felt a little silly with one poster held high with a name written in red "Laura Castro 'to be there ... it was all madness. Finally Laura not only come ... after being 40 minutes with one poster held high ... in addition to all the fear that gave her that encounter, would be very ridiculous.

She had met Laura in a chat thing was six months. They lived in countries quite distant, with very different cultures .... what they did engage in conversation was sharing a chat channel and an option of life: being lesbians.

The first month was crossing from time to time in the chat, then began exchanging e-mails and the strange relationship was strengthened by exchanging experiences and stories, consultations things. When communication was daily and Marta could not wait for the moment to open the mailbox to find the e-mail from Laura, it was said that something very strange was happening there, at least in her heart.

Laura was an airline stewardess in her country, so when told that her transfer had succeeded in flights to Montevideo to play in their scales and stay at least one day, Marta could not believe it. It was one of those things would happen, but never thought it into concrete reality. And there was, poster in hand, hoping she will come. Will recognize?. Would it be as beautiful as in the photos had been sent ... or would have chosen just about the most supportive?.

When she saw crossing the exit door did not have doubts .... the recognized immediately, with his dark blue uniform and white shirt. She also found it difficult to recognize, because he was smiling from afar. Went right into it.

- Hi.

- Hi.

They stayed being, with that feeling of not having to say, while wanting to say thousands of things. Marta dropped the poster and Laura laughed, fun.

- Do not be afraid of recognition?.

- ... Not that you do not recognize me.

- You know that would be impossible ... really impossible - Laura replied, extending her hand and stroking the cheek of Marta, who instinctively looked around her and see if anyone was watching them. It felt pretty Azores with the situation.

- Come on ... I have the car out ...

- Sure, come on.

Once on the street Marta did a quick tour through the city and were until after her department. Laura toured what, it was quite strange ... most beautiful view of what they left their photographs. She turned and smiled ... was really charming.

- This very nice place ... Does this give me a hug when you think?.

It gave the long-awaited hug, to tell the truth ... it was more eager Marta de Bes directly, now that they were alone and far from indiscreet glances. Laura was removed the jacket and asked:

- And where is the shower? ... Took several hours on the plane ... I am a little tired.

- Of course ... come by here.

She said the bathroom, gave tohallas cleaner, soap. She also was told where her scent, if it pleases Laura parfum. While Laura showered, Marta was disturbed by walking the floor ... was a very strange situation, because the whole flirting and playings ' virtual 'seemed a joke, but now that was face to face .... hmmm, that was a mixture of fear and desire that put quite nervous.

- Marta ...

- What? - She asked, turning the light to see Laura wrapped in a single tohalla, standing at the door of the aisle. The Eyes of Laura had an easily recognizable ... the expression of desire.

- Would I give a massage on her back?.

- Sure.

- Let your bedroom, which is still not what I sampled.

Marta was ahead. The bedroom was fairly sober, but Laura saw the photos printed and put into a framework in the bedside tables that he had been sent. It was a little river, taking one of the portrait.

- I did not know that you sleep ... looking me had sent a picture better.

- The reality overcomes these photos - responded Marta, insólito daring, as if the privacy of the bedroom woke up this whole desire accumulated during those months of electronic exchange.

Laura was tended in bed and fell back quite over because the tohalla ... what was all back to the birth of the curve of the buttocks and breasts were in sight underneath the body. Marta sat beside her and massage the base of the neck gently.

- You are tense ...

- Do not think that I would know the nervous? - Laura replied, stretching her hand and stroking the leg of Martha.

The invitation was more than evident ... Marta dropped her head and began kissing her neck from Laura, away the black hair, smelling her own parfum in the body of another girl. She felt that Laura sighed and departed to pull the tohalla the center of the room, with a haste that could not control.

Laura turned left and see her body before it totally naked ... brown skin, breast small but very desirable, well-formed legs and rolled her lips slowly and sensuality. Marta could stand up and entangle with the buttons on your blouse in the quest to quit, wanting to already be in bed with her partner, but Laura stood in front of her and took their hands.

- Leave that I do.

Never had stripped in this way ... stare into the eyes Laura open slowly and the blouse was removed. Then off the black skirt and dropped ... surrounding the body of Martha, after giving a kiss deep in her mouth, she removed the bra .... was a ceremony so sensual that Marta has already been felt very exciting. Laura's hands were fiddling with their breasts, with a circular motion while continuing to look into the eyes ... that seemed to reach its gaze most intimate thoughts. Stretching her arms to touch Laura but what prevented with a quick movement, taking their wrists.

- I want to make love ... I have dreamed a long time with that ... love ... I do not want to let you do anything.

She tended in the bed, face up Marta, Laura side, fondling and looks as if she wanted to fire burned every curve of your body .... enjoy the sight of that naked body next to her, stroking with a softness and depth who were returning from mad desire to Marta, who wanted to do the same, but did not want to interrupt either the fantasy of her companion bed. Laura eagerly lick their breasts, savoring every corner .... dropped by belly up to your vagina, where work began a slow and synchronized, tongue against her clitoris ...

Marta began to feel greater pressure to move in that area without being able to avoid it, despite orders from Laura. The orgasm came almost without warning, causing shudders of joy. Laura's mouth withdrawal from the area, but continued stimulation with her hand, poking their fingers into the vagina, exploring, making the liquid flowing Marta uncontainable and groans of pleasure to every move made by the expert hand.

Laura continued there inside and began to kiss her approaching on the lips, tongue poking everywhere, that looked like a battle. Marta soon have another orgasm that it shook the whole body. That meeting was the most spectacular of sex that had ... I could not imagine enjoying more. She stayed looking at the ceiling, exhausted ...

Laura was already outside and could feel her eyes, and then their hands caressing her breasts and her womb, no longer with desire, but with this mimose own people ... love and concern felt however Marta again how could be so insatiable?.

- My life ... I can not believe what I feel I've done ....

- And it was not what you were expecting?. Why do I think that would .... just to stroll through your city?.

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