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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The L Word .... Dylena summary in season 6

Hi dear people of this wonderful planet LesPlanet, so much joy (and misfortune of others) are still here, ready and well-loaded with batteries to give them the best and most important news of the sixth and final season of our favorite series The L Word.

It's time we talk about DYLENA, this is a couple that has gone through many obstacles, and by a long separation because as Dylan recalls, first ... pretended to be in love with Helena (on the advice of her boyfriend) to be able to sue for harassment and blackmail and poor Helena leave without many millions, but things did not emerge as she expected, since it ends falls in love with Helena, but it turns out that the girl do not know how to face the fact that it is lesbian and Helena who loves and who also has been used ... and flees, returning the money, leaving Helena with his heart broken into a thousand pieces. This happened in Season 3.

Now after two seasons back, repent and secure their sexuality and want to regain Helena and apologizes.

One day it appears in the Hit Club, dancing as a lesbian to be more fun on a Saturday night, and Helena sees her and is left in shock, (well, not only Helena, Alice and also Kit) Alice can not stay seated and will deal with it and know that ***** fucking doing here?

Helena then goes to soothe Alice and talking with Dylan. Where it is, apologizes in every possible way, and she said that still loves.

Obviously this is not what anyone thinks. After passing a test, prepared by our girls to avoid that Dylan will play again with Helen, put Nikky bait (OMG that excellent bait) who tries to seduce Dylan and get the real intentions, but for all of surprises Dylan says and Yes is true, is repent and YES , loves to Helena, and is not left seduced by Nikki (and to resist Nikky you have to be deeply in love).

Helena accepts then go out with her to talk .... who will see what he has been excellent the conversation jejeje :)

Apparently this couple returns to be together and our Helena will be happy at last. (I say apparently because we know that Mom Chaika never know).

Then they put a summary of Dylena until we know for now:) (ahh, and do not miss the Dylena Sex ... (the conversation) because we see that in all this time Dylan has learned many interesting things ...)


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