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Monday, December 8, 2008

Sadie just wants to have fun...

Hi dear friends and readers of LesPlanet, I wanted to tell something new has happened in Grey's Anatomy, as I said in previous post that they are not going to the executives of ABC, trying to confuse us, the screenwriter of Grey's Anatomy you should be paying overtime by the constant changes in the script of the series.

I tell all this because now it turns out that in last Thursday's episode, we find a flirtation that more obvious (shameless ... I would say) between the new internal Sadie, (Grey's friend, which seems to have had something else or it is hearsay and would also be bisexual before the early departure of Brooke in the series ...), and our beloved Dra. Callie Torres, as you can see, this girl has already passed the stage of depression and sadness at the loss of Erica ..., anyway we can not as excited as you put it in another post, screenwriters have to another girl for Callie, a pediatrician for more details and that as far as we know for sure when there will be a passionate kiss ..., if they go beyond and come back to see leaves ... that's what we will inform.

You can see the most funniest scenes from this episode between Sadie (more known as the internal hot) and the eternally confused, our beloved Callie ... I hope to enjoy the video.

Pd: I can not close this post, without comment which I love Sadie's smile ... : P

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