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Friday, December 12, 2008

The effect Berkley in Tibette ...

Hi dear friends, today we are going to see the famous meeting that took our favorite couple Tibette, with the unbearable .... Kelly Wentworth (the Berkley), the assumption that every element we fear may disrupt the happiness that now have our girls.

This character was created by Mom Chaiken, for the only purpose of testing a Tibette, (more specifically my Bette), adding a large dose of drama for our favorite couple is in last season.

As you can see the spoiler for this drama has two finals:

1 - Anyone who would like us all, let's call final : Back off Bitch!!! in the end our Tibette pass the test, Bette sent to the Berkley of the country very far, far, away and her relationship with Tina becomes more stable and secure, showing to Tina that she is the love of her life and that the error committed in the past, never again happen and that it will fulfill its promise.
2- That no, we see no reason for being in the sixth season (to capture the indirect Ilene?). Let's call Final : Go Shit! . The voluptuous Berkley, flirting relentlessly, and crazy for coming back to take the opportunity that I lost 20 years ago, managed to seduce Bette, taking advantage of the economic necessity of Bette and Tina, and the concerns and arguments and fights that always causes problems in a pair goes out to Bette and Tina.
Offered to Bette the opportunity of her life (as we know it is very rich) and Bette ... fall into the game and Tina fooled once again. And that would be the end of Tibette (and Mom Chaiken of course).

But I personally, as I have always said I do not think that we have the final number 2, and not just because they do not want for anything in the world, if not because watching the videos, I realized that Berkley cause an opposite effect to that should result in Tibette .... I explain ..... when Bette and Tina are for the first time with her in the gallery, after the conversation with Kelly and Bette (ignoring the discomfort of Tina, not being presented by Bette) Tina realizes from the first moment of the intentions of The Berkley, and mark their territory with subtlety, and Bette despite her foolish flirting and follow the games at the Berkley (because she is said Tina as well .... ... Wants to be the center of attention) despite hers vamp time .... at the end gives way to Tina.

And then at home instead of discuss any other couple, (come on, my girlfriend and I do that and sleeps on the couch ....insurance, And if I know I do it .... puffff not let me or come to the house, jejeje.)

But our Tibette after everything they have gone, you know how to react, analyze the encounter with Bette and Tina spoke of those who had the Berkley, and what bothers you and you said in your face that has been flirting with the other, she has realized that and also knows that it does not do so badly or because they want to be unfaithful, but be very careful, she has things clear, and Bette asks you to trust her, and that the other You can go to hell she only wants to Tina.

And the feared drama, is no longer drama, no fights, no discussion, no things flying around the room, no recriminations, no tears, no complaints .... by contrast, joined more .... and end up making love and gifts with a scene of sex Tibette just the way we like.
So friends of mine, I think that The Berkley will serve to strengthen our favorite couple at the end and will cause a positive effect ... as well as we can see aphrodisiac.
And we will have at the end of the season, a final very happy for our Tibette.

Thank you Berkley .

The left to enjoy the video.

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Aayy carumba!!! Love these two! Thanks lesplanet for all you do!

Holy shit sexy!!! Why does it have to end right at the good part! haha