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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another bisexual character in Beverly Hills...

Hi, dear inhabitans, tell them that, after more than 15 years have been issued for the first time the series remember that all (or at least those that pass the age of 25) "Beverly Hills 90210" in which there were the young Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling, Luke Perry, Jennie Garth and Jason Priestley, among others now in 2008 has become a remake of the series.

"90210" (the remake), which is broadcast on TV, The CW in USA., became last September in the best premiere of the season with about 5 million followers among the public at 18 to 49 years.

As we see the series has caused expectation and even more with the return of some of the old characters from the original series such as Shannen Doherty in her role as Brenda Walsh and Jennie Garth of in their role as Kelly Taylor. Tori Spelling was going to participate but also apparently decided that no, because it gave the money she requested, "for economic disagreements" said. (And come on exactly Tori Spelling does not need money, as all we know).

Now'90210 'tells the story of a teenager named Annie Mills and his adopted brother Dixon, who suffered a small shock when they arrive at West Beverly institute where they have to integrate into a new group of colleagues and his father as director of the center, without losing sight of his grandmother Tabitha, whom he loves the drink. (Cheers)

Well the show to finish and his first season and is not much enthusiasm to me, because I am one of those who say there's nothing like the original, but is the second season which begins on January 6, there is something that has called me deeply attention because one of the characters, to be exact one of the most popular cheerleader call Christina Worthy, played by Lauren London, will have an affair with a woman, according to the sources told the TV station, the character is Bisexual.

We do not know which direction will take this character so far apparently heterosexual, or how will react their new sexual orientation (and his new girlfriend) before the rest.

We'll see what happens, some skeptics think, Well, another character passenger ... or is that the poor actress dismiss want and do not know how to do it .....( and producers said use the dismissal that it is fashionable the "BS "= Brooke Smith). But let us not forget that cheerleader not seen leaves .... she is Bisexual .... not a lesbian, that the TV is very important this difference, it is found that bisexuals are have more longevity in TV, that gays or lesbians.

Let's see what happens ... and informing them go. I leave you with photos of the sexy cheerleader. (Has or has not all ... where you have to have?)) And a video of yesterday and today of 90,210. (remember old times)

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