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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mary Louise Parker fought by the lesbian plot in fried green tomatoes ....

In an interview maintained by actress Mary Louise Parker on AfterEllen, during the TCA press tour in Los Angeles and in response to the question that if you had ever desire that has history of fried green tomatoes were a little more friendly to lesbian , Revealed that she personally begged him to the director Jon Avnet not censor the lesbian plot.

"I tried that the plot was more romantic articulated but did not want to go down that road. I really tried to push in that direction but did not agree with me. only Mary Stuart and Fannie Flagg said yes and them that it should be done as I wanted, but the director, producer and all the rest did not want "

But times have changed and Mary-Louise Parker interpret Catherine, a film director, who travels to Paris with her daughter Claire-it-photographer. They start to shoot a movie, because Paris reminds Catherine the New Jersey of his childhood, but one day walking through a bazaar known to a French actress, Anna-the Pretty Julie Delpy-, who eventually interpreted his mother in the film and that will change your life.

Julie Delpy

The film, titled Les Passages is currently in pre-production and is the first film director and writer Donna Vermeer. It really would be a pity that due to lack of budget is not completed by this film.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hi girls, here you put the next episode of L Word Number 4 of 1 season, we hope that this reposion you like and this could continue ...

After a tough work week, better than a dinner with your partner, a chapter of L Word and later ... what they come ...

We want have a good weekend to all.

Another wedding on our planet ...

Hi dear people of the most beautiful planet that exists. The story that Heather Matarazzo, or more known for Cruth in the series "Exes & Ohs."

This 25-year-old actress has officially confirmed that it is committed to marry his partner Carolyn Murphy, the couple brings together more than a year.

Matarazzo came out publicly as a lesbian in 2004, when he was 21.

Heather recalled his first kiss with a girl when he was a teenager. "We were sitting in my room with pink carpeting, pink," describes. "It was summer and was sitting Indian-style across each other and I was so incredibly nervous. And I thought: 'Yes, definitely I'm gay'."

Heather is quite known for roles in the films "Welcome to the Dollhouse" or "Princess in Surprise," and now "Exes & Ohs."

It has not yet been made public the date of the wedding but from here on Lesplanet be attentive to tell what's new in this future wedding, and we wish the happy couple happiness.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi girls, it is Thursday and we brings another episode of this story that has enchanted us all.

The story of Pepa and Silvia, each week really gets more intense and interesting.

Here the left with the episode No. 02 is called "Dirty Harry."

I hope you like it and enjoy Pepa and Silvia.

Possible series about Loving Annabelle ...

hi girls, it seems that the director of Loving Annabelle has left open a door to make a series about the movie ...

In an interview given by Katherine Brooks to afterellen, says that not make a secular but if the movie is open to making plans for a series, which begin in the first season with Anabelle as a powerful girl in the final year of school is gay and has a mother senator. At the end of the first season would be reconnected Anabelle and Simone and bringing that element again.

She also notes that is open to both large chains like HBO or Showtimes and small chains such lesbian thematic as Logo or Network.

Another thing that she said that the actress Erin Kelly with whom he has worked on three of her films is her muse ... (and if I had so close, the insurance also mine ...)

Discuss in the interview that teach Erin to remove the bra Simone, as we see in the next picture ...

He also suggested making a director's cut and she said that yes, if I had 50 thousand dollars to do so, exchange the end of the film for which she had wanted to take and lack of budget and time (because they had been 15 minutes more film), they could do.

Lastly also said that if eventually the idea of a series based on the film Loving Annabelle successful, it could count on almost the entire cast of characters in the film salio and of course with Erin Kelly, which has already spoken of the project and would be willing to accept.

We will continue to listen to news that we finally confirm whether or not there will be series of this film, on the other hand would secure a success.

Lindsay and Sam come back home...

Hi dear people of LesPlanet, I am counting the dynamic duo Sam and Lila are back in Los Angeles.

They have been seen shopping, first get gasoline to drive as any neighbor's daughter, and then go shopping, have also seen in the ArcLight Cinemas on Sunset Boulevard to catch a movie.

Lilo and Sam were recently in New York City, where Lindsay filmed a few scenes as guest actress in Ugly Betty.

They were photographed together every day because as you know the paparazzi do not depart from it nor a second.

They are now back home and Samantha unveils new haircut, has returned from New York with new look.

In the video that left them bottom of them can walk through LA and also we will see when a paparazzi makes it a very good comment on his new look to Sam, Lindsay him caresses her hair in a very affectionate gesture.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hi girls, here we are again, with the third episode of the first season, the pilot episode that was made on Monday as knowing contains the first two chapters.

I hope you had as much as I like to recall the first steps of this incredible series and that follow it until the end ...

Enjoy this episode and that You'll have a wonderful day ...

Alanis ... I don't liked to kiss Sarah

Hi friends, remember the kiss that Alanis gave Miss.Parker in a scene from Sex in the city? Since it turns out that not taste anything .....

Alanis Morisset said in an interview that not enjoyed the kiss that gave Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex in the city.

Alanis admits that had already experimented with girls, however, the lack of correspondence in for the kiss scene, who did not enjoy it.

Alanis said: "kiss Sarah Jessica Parker because I was interpreting a lesbian in the series and had to kiss her. So already had some experience with people of my own sex, but the scene was not in good time to be with Sarah. His character was reluctant to get involved, so it was not a passionate kiss, was one reluctant and therefore not what I enjoyed. "

Then we kiss the famous scene in Sex in the city, for which not even having seen it or simply to remember.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sugar Rush episode 8

Hi LesPlanet's girls, today touches session of Sugar Rush, going to be able to see Chapter 8 of the first season, where many things happen that you can not lose.

Kim is determined to pull his stupid Sugar is completed. To the extent thinks, Sugar is a bitch, selfish and manipulative. Kim tries to free itself from its obsession with Sugar.

In this chapter we see among other things ...

They went a night of partying and Sugar kisses to Kim while they dance together.

Kim tries after his failure with Sugar things back to normal and removed by this obsession with what she goes to a group where talks are against homosexuality and how to avoid it.

Kim's mother returned to her home and reconciles with his father.

Here you put the chapter, I hope you enjoy it.

10 "typical" questions ..... an inhabitant of "heteroland"

Hi dear inhabitants of our wonderful planet behind the arcoirirs, today I want to tell them that yesterday I was with my girlfriend at a dinner by a friend of our meets, and met a girl who made us a question of those stupid questions that we have done all know that if ever we are lesbians, I gave me a laugh.

So it occurred to me to make a list of 10 most common questions that we usually make us the "heterosexual", talking with friends lesbians, got this list, which appears to them, if they want to add any other comments and write on the will . (Which I did yesterday is the number 6)

1. How did you hear that you were a lesbian?
Let's see ..... girlfriends, friends, this is not question!, The answer is very deep and varies depending on each case and who answered his time, not asking how you hear these if you like food china! !.
And I say we do not walk there by asking how you find that you're heterosexual? and then because we ask ourselves what? ...

2. And you are the man or woman in the couple?
AND THAT YOU ARE IN YOUR? man or woman? GMO does not ask us for favorrrrr FUD!
Let's see there are times that some may like to play more active role in sex but it depends on how to be the character of the personality, hence the "myth" of the asset or liability
We are two women that's why we "say" lesbians ... or not?
Neither male nor female ... We simply love and play like any human being
(It is so difficult to understand?)

3. You're a lesbian? !'s Good! My first lesbian friend! I have never seen a!
(Surely many of us have told us this and other because they have heard him step to another and then told us so)
In these times, it is fashionable to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite ...., this comment might still be possible! Because if it is possible ... to see if they leave a little more or watch TV, and put fashion! That this newly begins!

4. Why did you lesbian?
The truth has many answers this question, one conclusion is that "we did" because life gave us liberty .. .
But there are many answers from the typical "because my dad ..."," because my mom up ...", "because if!", "Because I was born lesbian," "because I want", "because I decided that a woman worth more than a man "to as:" because I was married to a man and now I can choose ", or" because I had a man next door and who do not want that ".. in order girlfriends and friends .. or by whatever, enjoy and point!

5. Do you always liked women?
"Since small" responds often, and other older, is that this answer depends on each person .. Now, who does not like women??

6. Did you have a small problem that "you did" lesbian?
Which question!
NO lesbians "is done," is born! or not?!

7. How can "make love"? Do not you missing something?
(typical question asked by those curious to know how "we do" ... now I wonder, to hetero .. someone asked how do they do?
For those who want the answer to this question, you should know that "magic hands, will tell you, to learn the ways ..." just follow your instincts, and NO, we do not "need" nothing more!

8. You are not a lesbian because you fuck *** well. Do not want to try me?
Typical comment from the macho guys who want to "convert"
Guyyssss RELAXXXX!! some not "tested" if other! and yet we continue to elect women ... Because they are beautifuls, has no comparison, and assure them that they fuck **** very very well.
But thanks for worry guys! To continue participating! .. je, je, je:)

9. What did we do wrong?
(Often heard this question before our parents "news")
Dear Parents: Stay calm, did nothing wrong ... We will choose to whom LOVE, is simple, not because they love the "opposite sex" to form partner wants to say you've done something wrong! So if: thanks for giving us the freedom to choose, thanks

10. Do you feel you man? or Have you ever wanted to change sex?
(often these questions come from people curious that make it out of ignorance)
I wonder if I am a lesbian, this means that I am a woman and I like women, not? if I "operated" or if I "am man", it seems to me that I stop "being lesbian," NOT? Well, at least as well "I closed the accounts" to my! I hope you realise before you ask,;)

Well, in summary is very simple: we are women we love women and that's it!

We are free to choose to whom LOVE and that's it.

You know my friends if I forget any question of it you`ll written and we publish it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I kissed a Whoopi Goldberg ..

Hi girls LesPlanet, I want to tell them about a singer Katy Perry has been done on our planet known for sure that every song we heard "I Kissed a Girl" She has been this morning in The View from the USA where a program is one of his interviewers to our beloved divertidisma and Whoopi Goldberg. Kate was to promote her song "I Kissed a Girl 'that has been running 5 weeks in the list of best sellers, becoming clear in the summer hit in the United States.

After the performance the presenters of the programme have made a number of questions related to 'homosexuality' part of her songs' I Kissed a Girl ', her success was another' Ur So Gay 'because she has stated on several media she is not gay.

When in full interview goes up on stage to greet Whoopi Goldberg and gives Kate a kiss on the mouth and leaves saying "I like it" (as the song "I liked")
and leaves very surprised Kate and her companions program and say that neither the public.

Here are leaving the video presentation of the song if some had not even heard of the kiss of Whoopi.

Hello dear people of LesPlanet, as you have seen in the image above, we thought replenish L Word from the first season, for those who were lost some chapters or simply for which we remember and see our favorite new series, in this way we long ago least until the sixth season as we know it will start in January 2009.

We hope you will like this idea and we accompany each week to enjoy the replacement of this incredible series. The chapters will Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week until the end of the fifth season.

The hope ... and do not forget to leave your comments, they are not timid, know they are very important to know your opinion and continue offering them the best.

Today we will see the pilot and first chapter in the series, that we engacho this incredible series and he has captured so far ...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Mystery in the Case L WORD "SPIN OFF"

Hi dear LesPlanet's inhabitants, we are following closely the investigation carried out by Kasi Pappas on the mystery of Spin Off preparing this Illene Chaiken.

It seems that this girl has not had in its first day of research good luck again try, we bring you the first report on video of the event, which seeks to discover which will be the character of Spin Off L Word.

We 'll Keep you informed about LesPlanet here in this case unresolved.