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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

10 "typical" questions ..... an inhabitant of "heteroland"

Hi dear inhabitants of our wonderful planet behind the arcoirirs, today I want to tell them that yesterday I was with my girlfriend at a dinner by a friend of our meets, and met a girl who made us a question of those stupid questions that we have done all know that if ever we are lesbians, I gave me a laugh.

So it occurred to me to make a list of 10 most common questions that we usually make us the "heterosexual", talking with friends lesbians, got this list, which appears to them, if they want to add any other comments and write on the will . (Which I did yesterday is the number 6)

1. How did you hear that you were a lesbian?
Let's see ..... girlfriends, friends, this is not question!, The answer is very deep and varies depending on each case and who answered his time, not asking how you hear these if you like food china! !.
And I say we do not walk there by asking how you find that you're heterosexual? and then because we ask ourselves what? ...

2. And you are the man or woman in the couple?
AND THAT YOU ARE IN YOUR? man or woman? GMO does not ask us for favorrrrr FUD!
Let's see there are times that some may like to play more active role in sex but it depends on how to be the character of the personality, hence the "myth" of the asset or liability
We are two women that's why we "say" lesbians ... or not?
Neither male nor female ... We simply love and play like any human being
(It is so difficult to understand?)

3. You're a lesbian? !'s Good! My first lesbian friend! I have never seen a!
(Surely many of us have told us this and other because they have heard him step to another and then told us so)
In these times, it is fashionable to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite ...., this comment might still be possible! Because if it is possible ... to see if they leave a little more or watch TV, and put fashion! That this newly begins!

4. Why did you lesbian?
The truth has many answers this question, one conclusion is that "we did" because life gave us liberty .. .
But there are many answers from the typical "because my dad ..."," because my mom up ...", "because if!", "Because I was born lesbian," "because I want", "because I decided that a woman worth more than a man "to as:" because I was married to a man and now I can choose ", or" because I had a man next door and who do not want that ".. in order girlfriends and friends .. or by whatever, enjoy and point!

5. Do you always liked women?
"Since small" responds often, and other older, is that this answer depends on each person .. Now, who does not like women??

6. Did you have a small problem that "you did" lesbian?
Which question!
NO lesbians "is done," is born! or not?!

7. How can "make love"? Do not you missing something?
(typical question asked by those curious to know how "we do" ... now I wonder, to hetero .. someone asked how do they do?
For those who want the answer to this question, you should know that "magic hands, will tell you, to learn the ways ..." just follow your instincts, and NO, we do not "need" nothing more!

8. You are not a lesbian because you fuck *** well. Do not want to try me?
Typical comment from the macho guys who want to "convert"
Guyyssss RELAXXXX!! some not "tested" if other! and yet we continue to elect women ... Because they are beautifuls, has no comparison, and assure them that they fuck **** very very well.
But thanks for worry guys! To continue participating! .. je, je, je:)

9. What did we do wrong?
(Often heard this question before our parents "news")
Dear Parents: Stay calm, did nothing wrong ... We will choose to whom LOVE, is simple, not because they love the "opposite sex" to form partner wants to say you've done something wrong! So if: thanks for giving us the freedom to choose, thanks

10. Do you feel you man? or Have you ever wanted to change sex?
(often these questions come from people curious that make it out of ignorance)
I wonder if I am a lesbian, this means that I am a woman and I like women, not? if I "operated" or if I "am man", it seems to me that I stop "being lesbian," NOT? Well, at least as well "I closed the accounts" to my! I hope you realise before you ask,;)

Well, in summary is very simple: we are women we love women and that's it!

We are free to choose to whom LOVE and that's it.

You know my friends if I forget any question of it you`ll written and we publish it.

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