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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Possible series about Loving Annabelle ...

hi girls, it seems that the director of Loving Annabelle has left open a door to make a series about the movie ...

In an interview given by Katherine Brooks to afterellen, says that not make a secular but if the movie is open to making plans for a series, which begin in the first season with Anabelle as a powerful girl in the final year of school is gay and has a mother senator. At the end of the first season would be reconnected Anabelle and Simone and bringing that element again.

She also notes that is open to both large chains like HBO or Showtimes and small chains such lesbian thematic as Logo or Network.

Another thing that she said that the actress Erin Kelly with whom he has worked on three of her films is her muse ... (and if I had so close, the insurance also mine ...)

Discuss in the interview that teach Erin to remove the bra Simone, as we see in the next picture ...

He also suggested making a director's cut and she said that yes, if I had 50 thousand dollars to do so, exchange the end of the film for which she had wanted to take and lack of budget and time (because they had been 15 minutes more film), they could do.

Lastly also said that if eventually the idea of a series based on the film Loving Annabelle successful, it could count on almost the entire cast of characters in the film salio and of course with Erin Kelly, which has already spoken of the project and would be willing to accept.

We will continue to listen to news that we finally confirm whether or not there will be series of this film, on the other hand would secure a success.

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Yeah!! We (down in South Africa) can't wait for the series!!