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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hi girls, who better for a Saturday night in an erotic storie for all of us ... get comfortable and read attentively ...

The airport was fairly full, and Marta felt a little silly with one poster held high with a name written in red "Laura Castro 'to be there ... it was all madness. Finally Laura not only come ... after being 40 minutes with one poster held high ... in addition to all the fear that gave her that encounter, would be very ridiculous.

She had met Laura in a chat thing was six months. They lived in countries quite distant, with very different cultures .... what they did engage in conversation was sharing a chat channel and an option of life: being lesbians.

The first month was crossing from time to time in the chat, then began exchanging e-mails and the strange relationship was strengthened by exchanging experiences and stories, consultations things. When communication was daily and Marta could not wait for the moment to open the mailbox to find the e-mail from Laura, it was said that something very strange was happening there, at least in her heart.

Laura was an airline stewardess in her country, so when told that her transfer had succeeded in flights to Montevideo to play in their scales and stay at least one day, Marta could not believe it. It was one of those things would happen, but never thought it into concrete reality. And there was, poster in hand, hoping she will come. Will recognize?. Would it be as beautiful as in the photos had been sent ... or would have chosen just about the most supportive?.

When she saw crossing the exit door did not have doubts .... the recognized immediately, with his dark blue uniform and white shirt. She also found it difficult to recognize, because he was smiling from afar. Went right into it.

- Hi.

- Hi.

They stayed being, with that feeling of not having to say, while wanting to say thousands of things. Marta dropped the poster and Laura laughed, fun.

- Do not be afraid of recognition?.

- ... Not that you do not recognize me.

- You know that would be impossible ... really impossible - Laura replied, extending her hand and stroking the cheek of Marta, who instinctively looked around her and see if anyone was watching them. It felt pretty Azores with the situation.

- Come on ... I have the car out ...

- Sure, come on.

Once on the street Marta did a quick tour through the city and were until after her department. Laura toured what, it was quite strange ... most beautiful view of what they left their photographs. She turned and smiled ... was really charming.

- This very nice place ... Does this give me a hug when you think?.

It gave the long-awaited hug, to tell the truth ... it was more eager Marta de Bes directly, now that they were alone and far from indiscreet glances. Laura was removed the jacket and asked:

- And where is the shower? ... Took several hours on the plane ... I am a little tired.

- Of course ... come by here.

She said the bathroom, gave tohallas cleaner, soap. She also was told where her scent, if it pleases Laura parfum. While Laura showered, Marta was disturbed by walking the floor ... was a very strange situation, because the whole flirting and playings ' virtual 'seemed a joke, but now that was face to face .... hmmm, that was a mixture of fear and desire that put quite nervous.

- Marta ...

- What? - She asked, turning the light to see Laura wrapped in a single tohalla, standing at the door of the aisle. The Eyes of Laura had an easily recognizable ... the expression of desire.

- Would I give a massage on her back?.

- Sure.

- Let your bedroom, which is still not what I sampled.

Marta was ahead. The bedroom was fairly sober, but Laura saw the photos printed and put into a framework in the bedside tables that he had been sent. It was a little river, taking one of the portrait.

- I did not know that you sleep ... looking me had sent a picture better.

- The reality overcomes these photos - responded Marta, insólito daring, as if the privacy of the bedroom woke up this whole desire accumulated during those months of electronic exchange.

Laura was tended in bed and fell back quite over because the tohalla ... what was all back to the birth of the curve of the buttocks and breasts were in sight underneath the body. Marta sat beside her and massage the base of the neck gently.

- You are tense ...

- Do not think that I would know the nervous? - Laura replied, stretching her hand and stroking the leg of Martha.

The invitation was more than evident ... Marta dropped her head and began kissing her neck from Laura, away the black hair, smelling her own parfum in the body of another girl. She felt that Laura sighed and departed to pull the tohalla the center of the room, with a haste that could not control.

Laura turned left and see her body before it totally naked ... brown skin, breast small but very desirable, well-formed legs and rolled her lips slowly and sensuality. Marta could stand up and entangle with the buttons on your blouse in the quest to quit, wanting to already be in bed with her partner, but Laura stood in front of her and took their hands.

- Leave that I do.

Never had stripped in this way ... stare into the eyes Laura open slowly and the blouse was removed. Then off the black skirt and dropped ... surrounding the body of Martha, after giving a kiss deep in her mouth, she removed the bra .... was a ceremony so sensual that Marta has already been felt very exciting. Laura's hands were fiddling with their breasts, with a circular motion while continuing to look into the eyes ... that seemed to reach its gaze most intimate thoughts. Stretching her arms to touch Laura but what prevented with a quick movement, taking their wrists.

- I want to make love ... I have dreamed a long time with that ... love ... I do not want to let you do anything.

She tended in the bed, face up Marta, Laura side, fondling and looks as if she wanted to fire burned every curve of your body .... enjoy the sight of that naked body next to her, stroking with a softness and depth who were returning from mad desire to Marta, who wanted to do the same, but did not want to interrupt either the fantasy of her companion bed. Laura eagerly lick their breasts, savoring every corner .... dropped by belly up to your vagina, where work began a slow and synchronized, tongue against her clitoris ...

Marta began to feel greater pressure to move in that area without being able to avoid it, despite orders from Laura. The orgasm came almost without warning, causing shudders of joy. Laura's mouth withdrawal from the area, but continued stimulation with her hand, poking their fingers into the vagina, exploring, making the liquid flowing Marta uncontainable and groans of pleasure to every move made by the expert hand.

Laura continued there inside and began to kiss her approaching on the lips, tongue poking everywhere, that looked like a battle. Marta soon have another orgasm that it shook the whole body. That meeting was the most spectacular of sex that had ... I could not imagine enjoying more. She stayed looking at the ceiling, exhausted ...

Laura was already outside and could feel her eyes, and then their hands caressing her breasts and her womb, no longer with desire, but with this mimose own people ... love and concern felt however Marta again how could be so insatiable?.

- My life ... I can not believe what I feel I've done ....

- And it was not what you were expecting?. Why do I think that would .... just to stroll through your city?.

Hello girls, we can finally put the second part of Chapter 08 of Pepa and Silvia "Surprise", owing to YouTube in the duration of the videos, we rejected the increase and why we could not get as I said yesterday Part Two.

The episodes of the new season will have under the material, will also written weekly summaries from the day on September 17 that begins the new season in Spain.

But since this video here, I hope so enjoy it ....

if for some unknown reason you can not see the video from the blog click the following link:

Pepa & Silvia 08 "Surprise" part 2

Friday, September 12, 2008

Papi, will be in the hospital ...

Hi dear inhabitans, I have learned that our Papi come into the hospital .... No, not frighten, I mean that Janina Gavankar will join the cast of Grey's Anatomy is for new season which starts on September 25 in USA

Janina will be a medical intern, and we know that inmates are normally part of the story temporarily or become part of staff. But producers have not yet gone so far, since its role is not defined in duration nor give details of his character in relation to the series.

Well, you know girls, we have only to wait to see what happens with Papi at Seattle Grace Hospital ... we will be attention .

LesPlanet's girl of the week: Sarah Shani

Hi dear friends and readers of LesPlanet, as discussed yesterday, we will put a special post for our beautiful Sarah Shani in that wonderful memory of what has proved its participation in L Word and moments of fun and so sexy that's leaving us very dilated pupils ... and unfortunately that as everything points, not again : (

This post will consist of a very interesting interview that she made to Sarah for some time in relation to her character and her speech at L Word as well as their privacy, this girl is really very funny (and very sexy ... This has already had said earlier ...: P)

We're going to see some photos you take away their sense of who sees this beautiful woman and a final video released by LesPlanet on its history with Shane and her intervention in L Word.

This post as we said yesterday is dedicated to all fans of this incredible woman ... and especially to Sandra Cánepa from Uruguay. We hope you enjoy it.

Interview with Sarah Shani

You are new to the series and your character is quite complex. Your character is a lesbian who is embroiled in an interesting dynamic between two women who are good friends, Jenny and Shane. How did you prepare for Carmen?

I think there are many similarities between Carmen and I, in the sense that it is not a stupid girl, she faces her feelings, not going out there and flirting knows what she wants. Carmen and I'm not playing well.

As for the lesbian aspect, is quite similar in the fact that I ... I became interested in it for a while. we also live in LA, and I have friends who go to gay bars, and sign out by these sites. So that part of me came naturally, by my own experience.

In the first episode you have to make a fairly explicit love scene with Kate Moennig. Never having made a lesbian scene like that before, so do you feel comfortable?

Well, if you get nervous doing a love scene, because you're not a stranger to someone you know. And there's always a lot of people watching and although it is a "closed system," there are some 15 people [laughter].

But Kate is a wonderful actress and gave me a feeling very comfortable. And as our characters on the screen, we are very comfortable feeling also off the screen. I come from that kind of person that when cameras are rolling, I want to go for it, I did not save anything. And Kate is in the same way, so it was really easy, given that it was my first day ...

Do you had to shoot that scene on the first day?

Yes! I arrived in Canada the day before and when I appeared on the set was like: "Hello Sarah, this is Kate, and I will ride with you today. Kate, this is Sarah." [laughter] [laughter] Oh God!

Well, survive. Tell us about the early days, being the new girl is never fun. All the world knows very well, some living together during the shooting. I personally I would have terrified sense in a situation like that. How was it for you?

Well, as you say, they are very united and are a fantastic group of girls, so yes, I felt like new.
So I had to let things pass, because you can not stand there and say: "Hi, I'm new and we are going to be good friends now."

So I devoted myself to work, would do the best we knew and then return home.

Then, little by little, I began to talk to the girls in the shooting and soon they asked me to do things outside shooting, as dining out and things like that. But I think that letting go of everything it did naturally easier.

Lesbians may be so ... individuals, and some lesbian fans of "The L Word" can be more. It simply never have enough and they want details. I suppose you've seen all these messages on the Internet, everyone seems to be very curious about your inheritance. Want to tell us now? Because if not, hell will fall.

[Laughter] OK, my father is the Middle East and my mother is Spanish and I am a mixture.

I grew up in Texas with a bunch of white American children, that is how I wanted to be. It was like: "Mom, I want to go to school Catholic." "Well, your father is a Muslim, so you can not." [laughter]

My dad was a little tyrant. It was very special with the language used, which naturally had to be Persian. They divorced when I was very small.

Do you live with your mother after the divorce?

Yes, and then my mother became a kind of free spirit. In fact, it's fun when it enters into the series she was like, "Whoa! A moment, what are you going to do what before the camera?" And now that is already in the air thinks it's sexy and loves (imitates his mother with mime) "Oh, I would like to try lesbianism!" [laughter]

Have you learned something from the lives of lesbians as a result of being in the series?

Only that there is no difference between them and heterosexual couples. I mean, What's the big problem? They are like everyone else, so we must leave them in peace.

Sex is personal for everybody, so I would still want to do it!

They have problems, infidelities, they want to become pregnant, they marry, have their things, like everyone else, so what matter? Another answer to your question would be if I know, (if that querias know) definitely montármelo as with a woman if ever I find myself in that situation. [laughter]

Well, so it has been ... practical! And along with the theme, last year, before the start series, the producers went lesbian films as "High Art" and "Desert Hearts" to cast as a way to make them see the scenes that work and those not. Did that see them as well?

[Surprised] Hmmm. No, nobody taught me anything. I did not know that.

Well, for me, the scenes work when put to sex secondly, do you know what I mean? Unless something as crude, and you're doing, then goes.

But there is always much more into it and sex is the last thing we must act. Everything goes on to connect with another person, be with their eyes, or how to touch or how to feel. It's just the time when you let go and sex is secondary to that. Unless, of course, it is only animalist, that is all-what-the-director-wants.

Your lucky you were with your character is a role to exploit. What do you like most of Carmen?

You know, what I like most about Carmen is that she has great spirit. I think all the characters in the series are, but she wants to be good and have good energy in cree around it. Yes, it has gone hard times, being a latin lesbian, why is not easy with their religion and all that.

But she did not lie down leads and is not a victim of its society, so to speak. And I think this is where she and Shane really connect. Not only is the love life of Shane, but I think Shane is going to learn some things that affect their personal thoughts on Carmen. What they have is special. I mean, those two girls [pause] are definitely the one for the other.

I think that many viewers will be able to realize this, even if they have not experienced themselves.

OK, ending with some personal questions. We have done a survey, so I wonder: If you, Sarah, could maintain a long relationship with any of the characters in the series, who do you choose and why?

[Pause.] It is a big question. Um ... let me think about it. Alice!

Alice, OK, Why?. Why have large breasts. It has large, and white chests. That is why choose. I love it.

OK, and a member of casting escogerias to spend a night and why?

[Without pause] Shane.
Why? [laughs] It is obvious why! It is totally and completely obvious why!

Pictures of Sarah Shani of heart attack .... they are careful not the fall drooling ...

What I can tell us, there are no words to express themselves after seeing these photos ... : P

And last but not least, we edited the video of her incredible love story with Shane ... and her participation in L Word, Enjoy it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hi again girls, ended this week with episodes of Pepa and Silvia of last season, we expect them liked the videos, we have published our full affection for all you ...

Begin again to put the videos of the new season as soon as we have to edit the material, the new season of "Los Hombres de Paco" (The Paco's men) begins on September 17 in Spain, we will put them written summaries of each episode so they can follow the story Pepa, and Silvia, in this new season beginning, (while we do not have the material for editing videos).

This week we put the number 08 episode called "Surprise", as last week this video is edited into two parts because of the limits that we imposed the server YouTube (we hope that with a little of your help we can hire a server itself to avoid having these problems ...:)). Tomorrow you'll Friday the second part of this new episode.

View with most quality

Hi girls, I bring more news of the sixth season of our favorite series The L Word.

As I told them earlier, Elizabeth Berkley, participate in this season, as an art gallery and former unrequited love of Bette which took in college, and this very confirmed that his character is called Kelly Wentworth (less evil that will not be the Phoebe Cutleck). Elizabeth will be released on 4 of 8 chapters that will be record.

Another actor (if you've read good actor) is confirmed Rockmond Dunbar, known for all of us to embody by Benjamin Miles "C-Note" Franklin, in the television series broadcast by Fox, "Prison Break".

Rockmond has been proclaimed as one of the "50 most e TV stars of all time" and is one of the most talented players in the industry. He has participated in numerous series like "Felicity," "CSI Miami," "Shark" and "Grey's Anatomy" and this year has already shot two films "Jada" and "Alien Raiders" will shoot "The family that preys "And next year has already anticipated record" Pastor Brown. " As you can see a race completely successful and unstoppable.

It seems that "The L word" embody a Drag Queen which is totally impressed with Kit.

We will see the surprises that will give us this unique partnership, because we must see that bad luck has to love this woman and that it has tried everything, first Ivan a man locked in the body of a woman, who did not want to know more about Kit because she saw her naked (I never understood very well that radical decision to move away from Kit, which took Ivan).

Then we have to Angus, a man younger than she, apparently all that she had dreamed, and in the end, the fool with a young woman. Tries to prove ...., with Papi, but discovers that although she would like is not lesbian, the pedantic and married after he was found in the way of what I do not remember her name either, and now this Drag Queen so we will see that awaits our kit and that he plays a bit of good luck in love do not believe ?

All these new players, we add a new name already confirmed for this season and also is to Meilinger Melançon. Mei has 28, was born in the Philippines but grew up in Japan and in his teens moved to the United States, currently residing in Los Angeles

She has had a successful career as a model and already has several films to her credit including "X-Men: The Last Stand" in 2006, of course, as almost all members of "The L Word" has participated in at least one chapter of CSI in 2004 and has participated alongside Lauren Lee Smith (Our Lara) in the movie "Pathology" this same year 2008.

The character who will Mei L Word have not meant much, but it has been able to ascertain who will be in 6 episodes and will be a new social worker at a shelter in downtown Los Angeles. Just what we know best.

These actors join the list of our actresses fixed in The L Word, and those who will appear again in the series this season but they have already participated in it before, such as:

Alexandra Hedison, Dylan will we know if we will return to Helena or tell her that her money can not live without it.

Janina Gavankar better known as Papi on our planet, which will come as usual to revolutionize the girls and add more names to her list of conquests.

Guinevere Turner better known as the "bitch" of Gabby Deveaux.

It will also continue even against the protests of Tibette, but only in some episodes:

Marlee Matlin known as Jodie, who believe that Jodie will in this season? I give a hint her favorite phrase is: I avenge even the last thing done ... he also has heard .... you may win, having left by that ...

Cybill Shepherd our gracious Phyllis Krall, imagine that will continue to live their sexuality fully, because as she left evening of each cabinet takes time, but as we know it's never too late when it is good.

Clementine Ford better known as Molly, we believe again, for whom enderese to Shane (that is very difficult ... because we already know all who was the only thing we can do that ... but Molly will be try it).

And to answer the questions again about whether or not Miss, Carmen de la Pica Morales, unfortunately I must tell you that, Sarah Shani not participate in the sixth season of L word, Ilene saved that will give us a surprise last minute or the hidden very carefully, but that is highly unlikely (though not impossible to know Ilene).

If we are not so sad with the news not to see Sarah Shani L word tomorrow I promise a gift about it in your blog, to rejoice sight very much :) for all of us who want to see her again, especially for you, Sandra Cánepa of Uruguay :) thanks for writing ;)

Well, dear inhabitans , and come back with more news .... pay attention.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Behind the wedding Ellen and Portia...

Hi dear people of our beautiful planet behind the rainbow, I bring news about the wedding of the year was one of the couples preferred Lesplanet, Ellen and Portia De Generes.

We have achieved the video of the wedding for all of you, they look so happy that want to mourn ... ... and marry, we put you here to enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Knowing more ... Laurel Holloman part 2

Hi girls, LesPlanet, I bring more curiosities and interesting things about our beloved Laurel Holloman.

• Laurel was the recognition of fans and critics for her role as Tina Kennard in the series "The L Word" and gave the Golden Satellite Award in 2005 for best actress in a dramatic series for his superb interpretation of Tina in the first season .

• Laurel is currently the only actress from "The L Word" that has been recognized and rewarded his work in the series.

• Her pregnancy in real life became part of the script in the 2004 season of "The L Word "....

• During his time off for filming in Vancouver she enjoys doing things like walking in the open and closer to the beach.

• Among his hobbies are painting, sculpture and snowboarding.

• Laurel attended the "Party For a Cause" a foundation of San Francisco to raise funds for the health of lesbians.

• Laurel's husband, Paul Macherey was a great help in the decision to Laurel to interpret a lesbian on TV.

• Laurel got the job in "The L Word" responding to an advertisement in the newspaper business "Backstage" in New York.

• Lola, the daughter of Laurel, leaving in episodio 1 of the third season of "The L Word" titled "Labia Majora." The group will sing "Hello Lola, so glad to see you" when you're in a kindergarten.

• Because of the pregnancy of Laurel, screenwriters of "The L Word" Tina was pregnant made during the second season in order not to arouse suspicion.

• The nickname of her daughter Lola Reiko is Baby Monkey.

• Laurel has openly declared as bisexual.


• Laurel: (for being an actress pregnant) - I would like to see my career when I grow up and say "Hey, I've really done things that were hard."

• Jennifer Beals said of Laurel: Laurel is patient, kind and free spirit.

Well-loved people, I hope that now we know more about our Laurel Holloman, I liked them there, soon to learn more ... RACHEL SHELLEY.
Do not miss.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello girls, I had come reports that the singer and actress Queen Latifah and her current girlfriend, the personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins, of which they speak in a previous post, they want to start a family, would be in the process of adopting a child, according to informed sources close to the couple.

"Adoption is something that will eventually happen…", had indicated that to the press.

According to National Enquirer, Queen Latifah feels ready to be mother of a child from her country, U.S. She has already officially confirmed the adoption of the child, but has not declared as are the formalities.

Latifah says she can understand why many people "have to adopt children outside the U.S.", "You can take someone in the U.S., according to the laws parents have three years since the birth of the baby to go back and take back to children. That's frightening. " However, she added, "Here are children who need help too. I want to do something here."

Moreover, also talked about plans that had wedding with her girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins, who has not yet been confirmed but the date is rumoured that by Christmas this year may be the date chosen, still kept secret. (Already we are).

In terms of labour Queen Latifah prepares to premiere her latest film, which carries a name "The Secret Life of Bees" and is starring Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and Sophie Okenedo.