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Friday, December 26, 2008

Veronika decides to die...

Hi girls, after these days of holidays today I bring you good news that at least for me is interesting.

Some of us know Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian great novelist (which I love), it appears that one of her novels (the first that I readed ...) entitled Veronika decides to die ... has been adapted to film this and our beloved starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (better known as Buffy Vampire Slayer ...).

The plot of this movie is the story of Veronika, a woman of apparent success that if hidden inside a large depression in which it decides to die, this leads to the suicide attempt, but fails in the attempt and wakes up in a clinic Mental Health where she reported that due to damage caused by the body in her suicide attempt left her a few days of life.

In this new situation for Veronika, her life begins to change and discover things, sensations and feelings that she did not know until then ... and realizes that she no longer decides her death, that this will come though it no longer want.

And do not tell them anything else because if I do not read the book nor seen the movie, and really I recommend reading both the book and the movie was strange that in March 2009.

I can say after seeing the trailer that the movie tries to reflect all that the author has tried to count us in the book and performances by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the words of the same Paulo Coelho "Sarah Michelle Gellar portraits with emotion the Veronika I had always imagined". I am sure we will see Sarah in a facet that will surprise us all, because the character of Veronika is very complex and will require the best of this young actress.

Well girls I leave you with the trailer of the movie, I hope to enjoy it and if you have the opportunity to read the book ...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas festivities that beautiful ...

Hi dear friends of LesPlanet all know that Christmas festivities are for the vast majority of people in the world happier times, family and memorable year. But for some people is a time of tension and to test family ties.

What about those who besides Lesbian coming out has to come to her house between colored lights and cousins, aunts and nephews prepared to ask questions and look to face strange?

If I decide that it is better to keep quiet and let I Dec ads or without major disturbances, we have to pass separate from your partner, and the person you love these days? Or the best decision is to present to the bride as a friend to the orphan who is given a seat at the table, poor as we are going to leave it alone at Christmas?

For us the only decision that is taken at parties is not only if we take cider or champagne, we must also choose how to share the evening filled with the words "Congratulations", "finally all together" or "I am proud that my children ". And you thought .... Happy? because with this weight that I have within me without being able to share it I do not feel well. Together? .... the woman who loved is not me .... Proud? .... still feeling well if you knew that I am a lesbian?

The other side of the coin is that it put the whole truth, in addition to the wine on the table. Those who have, as I am an open relationship. We can share table at Christmas, but not everything is as nice as it sounds.

It is produced what I know would say subtle discrimination ... as can be, to see my son-in-law that this is bigger at this dad, for my daughter-in-law that this is very tasty, and your friend put it to the left over .... or I have to finish the dishes gala dinner services, you do not mind not? I bring this all day .... and you view and say you will, no problem. (And for your girlfriend with a frozen smile on your lips and your eyes ... telling Ayyy honey, everything that I love you but be run in the dining chinese food in house)

Lesbian couples always suffer a lot to be excluded, and that's why we try to appreciate the attempt integrating adapt and endure're ignoring things for the sake of your partner. We are more family friendly as they say, or at least we know swallow and survive without dinner from 24 per indigestible gesture of evil stepfather or the mother-in-law. (For the sake of our own health jajaja)

But the problem appears when sexuality remains hidden. And you and your "friend", dine together, at the home of some of the families and are tense all the time, and thinking, I have looked bad, you know something?, Or start with the questions indiscreet to know this because your "friend "Dinner with you and not with her family ... and have a boyfriend?, her parents get along? If you do not know is that neither you nor to go where your "friend" and they do not know that answer either.

And finally is the worst situation is when and in spite of knowing and meet your partner for several reasons, resentments, fights of the family with your partner there is no way to reconcile the parties and therefore can not sit at the same table and you stay with your poker face and saying that now? because your family did not give his arm a twist and your partner with absolutely right either, so it is finally decided that it is best to stay at home from families, the two having dinner alone with your dog (if you have one) and try to spend the holidays without much concern when you see all the happiness in the world to house your family and knowing that your not going to be ... and that they care much either.

And last but not least important, are those with the syndrome the Grinch have a couple but , hate Christmas and do not want to pass it or the couple or with family and make as if these parties were like any other day, leaving that your partner will go with your family and your quedandote alone at home watching TV or reading a book as if it were a normal day, that this case is a clear choice and does not have any feeling of unhappiness.

Despite all that we included in either case, what we should do is pass the best parties that affect us without any prejudice to our families and our loved ones and think that next Christmas will be another story.

Since LesPlanet we wish you all that your have the best Christmas in the company of your girlfriend and family (if possible).

Inspired: SentidoG

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Inhabitant.... Who out the closet?

Hey guys, then I have a story, but it is a very strong rumor because it has not yet been able to clear as to who it is.

Lesbian say that a very famous and that is within the closet, is thinking of kicking the door and exit.

This person is an actress, with many jobs in their curriculum, and now a root of her impending divorce, is planning to come out and declare openly gay.

The story is as follows, sometimes the actresses lesbians marry someone of the opposite sex who are seeing the benefits as it increases her credibility as heterosexual and have many more chances in the roles they offer.

But the failed on plan is that if the relationship does not last, the former has an advantage over total is an actress. This is the case with this star of television whose fake marriage just ended.

The lawyer is now the star of her client to get a divorce, fast and discreet to prevent her former, I spoke or asked to keep a good check your mouth shut.

However, this actress in question is worth considering whether to pay or get out of the closet once.

According to the investigations of the means exist 2 possible candidates to be the stars of this rumor and let me tell you that my Gayradar and so many others had sounded much for the two.

One is the actress Kate Walsh, best known as Dr. Addison Montgomery of "Grey's Anatomy" and now onlyo with the series "Private Practice," which is now divorced from her husband Alex Young.

The other is actress Marg Helgenberger, CSI Catherine Willows in CSI: Las Vegas, which is also separating from her husband.

between two, the bets more highest has Kate with a 97% of the votes.

And you think of who it is, Kate or Marg?

L Word... What is your suspect in the murder of Jenny?

Hi dear people of our planet behind the colorful rainbow, as we know now, the question of the Sixth Season of The L Word is: Who killed Jenny Schecter? ...

To address this sordid "Clue" Lesbian, analyzed the facts and to evaluate the possible suspects and motives that may have had to kill our loved / hated ... Jenny Schecter.

Now, I will be the Sergeant LesP:) and together will help Xena ... forgiveness to the sergeant in command Nora Beth Duffy ....( what name for my mother) to try to find the killer ...... to see what we have?, Pull to the crime scene to see where we are .. .
Bette and Tina's house (early morning around 1:00 a.m.)

We have a 7 women, and half (for our Angie) two of them with obvious signs of being given a swim, gathered in the living room.

The women are: Bette Porter (owner of the house and exquisitely wild and sexy, now without work) Tina Kennard (Bette Porter couple, now without work), Angelica Kennard-Porter (daughter of Bette and Tina), Kit Porter, ( sister of Bette Porter and sex symbol of the Trans community), Alice Pieszecki, radio ex-announcer, now TV presenter and writer of film scripts, and gossip in nature, Helena Peabody (ex-prisoners, rich girl and heiress of the rule Peabody) , Max Sweeny, (formerly known as Moira, double plays for Jesus Christ Super Star, one of the few who do not have trans succumbed to the charms of Kit Porter), and last and not least ... Shane McCutcheon (relations public by nature is known to all women in LA, the word loyalty and fidelity do not exist in her vocabulary)

Note: Shane McCutcheon and Bette Porter was thrown to the pool to try to save the vĂ­ctim without success is clear.

Miss Tasha Williams (former marine) part of the group and Alice's girlfriend, apparently was not at that meeting .... why? we do not know yet.

The victim: Jenny Schecter, writer, former director of the film LezGirls, former heterosexual, not much loved by her group of "friends" has been found floating in the pool, with no obvious signs of alcohol.

Sanders, the victim's dog, the only witness to what happened in the time of her death.

The possible suspects and Possible Reasons to kill Jenny Schecter.

1. Nikki Stevens:
Actress and former girlfriend of the victim, has a funny personality , she is very hot, but much, child, rebellious, freedom of spirit, selfish, has not come out of the closet and to the press gives a picture of heterosexual.

Possible Cause:
She is in love with Shane and I had to get rid of Jenny.

2. Shane McCucheon :

A hairdresser, best friend of the victim, she shared house with Jenny (plus girlfriend), had a short romantic relationship with Jenny, personality, reserved, quiet, no stable relationship, cheated by nature.

Possible Cause:

Being tired of Jenny, tired of that is controlled, get rid of it once.

3. Alice Pieszecky :
Journalist, former girlfriend of the victim, character, funny, crazy, outgoing, is aware of life around the world.

Possible Cause:
Talk with the victim because she had stolen an idea for a movie script and selling it as yours for $ 500.00 (for killing....). Plus, if she is the killer will Spin Off in a jail ...... mmmm ...

4. Bette Porter :
Curator of Art and former dean of the UC School of Art, nature, Dominant Type A, is in better than the last season Dominant Type B, lovely, sophisticated, elegant, sexy, sexy sexy, sexy. incredibly beautiful, charming (we need to clarify that there is no favorite on my part is to suspect).

Possible Cause:
To begin with Jenny has never fallen right, hates the way it treats Tina, and does not support having it around, watching everything she does to find any errors.

5.Tina Kennard :
Former housewife, now executive Shaylyn for Development Studies, which is owned by Peggy Peabody, personality, loving, sweet, somewhat shy (not when you have the front Berkley) loves her family, loyal friend, honest, compassionate, she is mature and strong.

Possible Cause:
She has put up with the abuse of Jenny Schecter during her Diva, but apparently had forgiven her and returned to lay a hand (that's Tee). In this season have problems because they blame Jenny to steal the negatives of the film, and make it respond. Apparently has no apparent reason.

6. Helena Peabody :
Director of the Foundation of the Peabody family, personality, smart, educated, attractive, pleasant, generous to her friends, compassionate, beautiful, has had problems with the game. She has gone to jail for stealing to her partner.

Possible Cause:
This is the suspect who has less reason to kill Jenny, just the simple fact that it falls terribly wrong, but that's not reason enough (and that not all of us if we would be too suspicious).

7. Jenny Schecter :
Writer, a former waitress, a former stripper, former director of cinema. Personality, eccentric, complex, somewhat troubled, emotionally fragile, it tends to be too candid.

Possible Cause:

Jenny has always been self-centered, her book and film has been more than a fiction a novel to her life of her own, as her eyes, her possible murder, could be the perfect culmination of a work where she is the only player and where she puts to her friends as suspected traitors, making them reveal their true feelings toward her. Jenny lived in a world of fantasy, and disruption in that perhaps she was not aware that the suicide, and not wake up. For the deep love I felt for Shane, which in the end was not reciprocated in the same way.

Other suspects who were walking deck are Marina Ferrer, Adele, Max, also causes a lot of suspicion and the absence of Tasha at the meeting.

We will continue with our investigations and meanwhile tell me what to say and who is their suspect.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hi dear friends and readers of LesPlanet, today I bring you the first episode of L Word Sixth season ...

As you are reading our dear friend Saab has risen before its premiere in January and here you get it so you can enjoy it ...

As you know we still to be anything that appeared on our beloved series L Word.