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Friday, December 26, 2008

Veronika decides to die...

Hi girls, after these days of holidays today I bring you good news that at least for me is interesting.

Some of us know Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian great novelist (which I love), it appears that one of her novels (the first that I readed ...) entitled Veronika decides to die ... has been adapted to film this and our beloved starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (better known as Buffy Vampire Slayer ...).

The plot of this movie is the story of Veronika, a woman of apparent success that if hidden inside a large depression in which it decides to die, this leads to the suicide attempt, but fails in the attempt and wakes up in a clinic Mental Health where she reported that due to damage caused by the body in her suicide attempt left her a few days of life.

In this new situation for Veronika, her life begins to change and discover things, sensations and feelings that she did not know until then ... and realizes that she no longer decides her death, that this will come though it no longer want.

And do not tell them anything else because if I do not read the book nor seen the movie, and really I recommend reading both the book and the movie was strange that in March 2009.

I can say after seeing the trailer that the movie tries to reflect all that the author has tried to count us in the book and performances by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the words of the same Paulo Coelho "Sarah Michelle Gellar portraits with emotion the Veronika I had always imagined". I am sure we will see Sarah in a facet that will surprise us all, because the character of Veronika is very complex and will require the best of this young actress.

Well girls I leave you with the trailer of the movie, I hope to enjoy it and if you have the opportunity to read the book ...

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Well, first sorry about my english. There is a long time that I don't write anything in english.
So... I'm brazilian and I have to say that here Paulo Coelho isn't so good. Here in Brazil he's a secound class writer and who really srudys brazilian writes hate him. We have a lof of better writers and makes me really sad know that he's the one that the world will really know.
I hope some day the world could read Machado de Assis, Zelia Gattai, CecĂ­lia Meirelles, Jorge Amado (he was the best one of this days in Brazil).
So, if you found any of this writers book in english buy and tell me so.
Kisses for you!