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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Maca and Esther... Will be reconciliation?

Hi dear people I tell them that yesterday gave the last chapter of Season 16 of the series Central Hospital, and I can say, I left, just as I was.

The episode passed without news from Maca and Esther until the last 20 minutes, it appears that first Vero asks Maca that she'll go moved to Valencia with her, but Maca is very clear that their fate is not to side Vero.

Certainly Maca, not going to be very convinced scheduled an a date with a friend of Claudia, in the event the girl and talk about their ex Maca and are not so much that they will have nothing, the girl says if she has known that the minimum possible with her ex does not try to stop and ask Maca looked fixedly into her eyes, "You still love her isn't truth? and our Maca said yes, still love her. The girl was advised to pursue the person who really wants to get to her house and tell you which is still in love.

And against all odds Maca go and what makes it so. Is determined to make a 180 degree turn to her life, wants to give at herself a chance and love; clear that before that drink two glasses of wine to find courage and make this madness.

Then we see a Maca nervous coming into a house and touch the door (for the moment do not know what the woman who is Maca fall in love) will open the door and smiling Maca tells to wich open the door: "Hello. .. I want to talk to you, "and then just see who you say that, and Esther which overlooks the door smiling. What will the reaction of Esther? Must we wait until next season to find out ...

But come on, I'm sure Esther will tell you that love her, because if not, I do not see more Central Hospital. But the intrigue will have until next season.

Here I bring you an interview that they made Maca (Patricia Vico) and Esther (F√°tima Baeza) about what happened and how the relationship has been so far.

Maca stopped of loving to Esther to at some point?
No, I never stopped loving Esther but I tried but I was impossible.

Maca. Why does it cost so much to tell you what they really feel Esther? Vero, which has meaning for you?

The big decisions are difficult and I was afraid to tell me not. In Vero and I have loved you, but I can not give her what she needs.

Maca. Have you just elected to the head, heart or both?.

I chose Esther to the heart.

Maca, think yours with Vero was a mistake or not you sorry?

I do not regret at all, but I think that the form was not correct with respect to Esther.

What each of you stay? (Esther and Vero)

Of Esther, I want to stay with all and Vero I think it is more positive and the woman with more sense of humor I have ever known.

What had to change in Maca and Esther to continue their history?

Maca: I think we have to regain confidence
Esther: And have the courage to forget.
Fatima why you think should back Esther to Maca? ?

Because Esther loving Maca, she has always loved her.

What is easier to love or be loved?

Fatima: It's easier to love.
Patricia: For me, being loved. It hurts less.

Esther is this will be the final reconciliation?

We do not know if there will be reconcicliación, but if will be it, we not move anyone.

We will see a demonstration of crazy love?

We do not know, but somebody must.

When the season 17?

We believe that to April.

Faced with a new season win? do we believe that it is short and to the series or even can capitalize on their history with the possible reconciliation?

We believe that we still have a lot to tell.

Patricia that you look like to Maca or do you like her?

I would like to have their security overwhelming.

Fatima: she has nothing to do with the reality in the character.

Patricia: Bitch! jajajajaja

Patricia you felt uncomfortable in a kissing scene with Esther?

No, not at all. On the contrary, we have a lot of complicity and we had very good.

Patricia're aware that your character is in love 90% of lesbians? You mind if you're on the street declare any girl?

Shit! To me it's a compliment, but if you do some looking to see if I go with my boy.

Patricia, why not think Maca gave this step before? and Fatima, why think that Esther continues to deny love for Maca if she note of her look at?

Patricia: I think she do not step out for fear before.
Fatima: I think it was for fear of Esther as well.

Followed by two in the new season?

Yes, we continue on the next season.

There has been much talk of what is your relationship to us, but for we, what is?.

Represents an opportunity to normalize a relationship and a homosexual pride.

To Patricia: What do you like Fatima? For Fatima: What do you like about Patricia?

Patricia: Her smile, her calm, her listening, etc ...
Fatima: Your attacks freedom, freshness, her madness, etc ...

Maca, a disease diagnosed serious. How you will way this issue in the future? I hope you gave that a true picture of the same and you inject hope to the sick.

I hope both of you that this issue be treated as it deserves. I love having the opportunity to say that depend on a script and I'll do whatever is in my hand but I can not do anything else.

If your daughters were lesbians in real life what would accept quite naturally? Or would prefer not to be?.

Of course we would accept, quite naturally.

Fatima and Patricia, making this role, have you thought about having a relationship with a woman in real life?

Patricia: I thought before I do this role .
Fatima: Me too

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Thanks for the transcript of the interview! I am hoping for a reconciliation.

Sorry to hear about your youtube account. Hope you're back up soon!

I don't understand the last question. Could you explain? Thank you for posting this, and translating!!!

LesPlanet, I know you're busy, but could you re-translate the last question,"...making this role do you not ever have to be with a woman?" What is the meaning of this question? Muchas gracias por favor!

Hi madformaca, I put it more clear, sorry late reply.

Gracias LesPlanet!!!
That makes more sense to me, in more ways than one.

i am a youtube fan i went thru the maca and vero thing and i was curious about their relationship and who is esther?i love seeing maca and vero coz well 'im in love with vero' coz shes hot.since i live in asia so i dont have the opportunity to watch the show so im having trouble to understand them...and the show in youtube are not in english so i dont understand a bit.okay...okay...i make it short...in the end,who maca go for?esther or vero?plz...please tell me im dying to know