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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pepa and Silvia summary of Episode 3 New season...

Hey girls, today I bring you the summary of episode of this week called "chicken soup" of our beloved Silvia Pepa and, if things went wrong last week for our girls, this week is worse (and announced that they will be much worse the next week).

The episode begins with a reflection on our relationships and Pepa give a very brief overview of all the series, with her bad with Silvia, Lola missing Paco, Mariano know how to get out without the commitment of marriage to Salgado etc..

Then we go to the police station of San Antonio and are all gathered and Montoya is assigning cases, charges to Paco and Mariano, monitoring the Mexican drug trafficker from the previous episode, and send them to infiltrate the world of cock fighting because that the men attended.

The other case is assigned to Pepa is on some strange deaths of some boxers who train in a gym in the city, which is infiltrated Pepa.

Pepa is late for the reunion and Silvia or the look to her, all are aware of the tension between them, are not directed or word, or health (at least for part of Silvia, who is very angry and hurting).

The reunion ends and comes Sara has returned from USA having accompanied Lucas to settle for further training at the CIA.

All greet Sara with much love, aunts and embrace the same time, but does not support Silvia close Pepa and goes quickly. Pepa run and stop Silvia and says she wants to talk to her, Silvia Face "Speak fast .... I'm listening to" stop and look defiant.

And Pepa said her, who has been thinking well and did not seem so bad idea to have a baby, (come onnnn said it after all that has happened, only one case was Miranda) and Silvia looks her with face to say "NOW !!!!!, now is later!, and is filled with indignation and Zasss !!!!! gives a slap to Pepa, which responds with the strength and twice that Silvia increasingly angry she jumps up and grabs their hair and start fighting, (good time is Silvia because Pepa stand alone). The others realize what is happening and come to separate them.

Silvia in the lab are seeking to have the beating, and the angry Montoya suspended a week of employment and wages for misbehavior. Silvia look Pepa stares and goes. Pepa stays alone with Sarah and she was sorry of all, and told her that she had completely fucking was excited when talking about Silvia and starts mourn, tells Sara that she has been with many people in her life, but has realized that only really wants to be with one always, Silvia.

Sara advises that her to tell all that she feels to Silvia ... Pepa says that no, no more words, from now going to do things its own way and goes crazy with the idea that we all of have sex with a boy and give a baby to Silvia. .. to fix things, ehh? you do not miss this detail. (ayyy ... Pepa Pepa). And Sara puts face "Mother mine, which is what she is having in mind."

Moreover Don Lorenzo realizes its shortcomings and mental replay, and requests help to Povedilla in secret to be his memory and continue to remember him and all, not to repeat things. Paco and Mariano realize this and call all the guys to do that once Don Lorenzo is convinced that he is really bad and go to the hospital because they think that is getting crazy.

The guys will click on the mobile phone, TV, and placed speakers to repeat the same carol "But look drunk as fish in the river, but as a drink by looking to see God born ...." again and again by the mobile in the office, the TV, and when he said that Povedilla will not hear anything and all the aircraft returned to normal. We are the poor man they believe is going crazy.

Now that Pepa is suspended a week, Montoya has assigned her case to Sara, and Pepa decides to accompany her, go to the gym and sara discovers the list of potential fathers, Pepa who have made known their, and reveals her plan becoming pregnant to give Silvia son wants that, but without test insemination. Sara asks if you know what Silvia and Pepa looks as saying she did not, and have to climb into the ring to box .... Sarah is very concerned with what Pepa wants to do.

And once up on the ring, Sara ask to Pepa because she does it that? because it does not ask forgiveness as normal people, because she has to do Pepa miranda as big and pregnant at your own risk is very selfish, and her grandfather was right that no two fingers of forehead, and gets angry Pepa and tells her she will not abandon those who had dreamed all her life, and Silvia is all that she has dreamed of.

Sara continues goad to Pepa and Pepa to Sara until Pepa just on the floor of the ring.

All this sees a man who fights organized and want to hire their.

Then again at the police station, Pepa invited to dinner to Aitor, and dinner Pepa said Aitro that She want to pregnant and says she wants to have a child with Silvia and I want you like father as the donor and is the traditional method, and he catch out to all, Aitor flatly refuses, gets up and goes
At the end Silvia and Sara are together in the dining room of the house of Sara, and tells her aunt aware that Pepa wants to fix things with her, and silvia says she has no intention to talk to her .

Then Sara tells Silvia Pepa what to do, and the redhead was left in shock.

Well that's what happened this weed in LHDP with our beloved and now separate Pepa and Silvia, hopefully not for long, though for how to fix things Pepa, I fear that will continue to put the leg bottom, each Again.

Progress is also bad in the next week for our couple, are many tears from the two and that means not reconcile, and the same style Bette Porter without Tina , Pepa takes refuge in drink.

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Nooooooo! Why would Pepa ever think that this is a good idea. I don't like it at all.

Nooooooo! Why do they have to go through sooo much drama??? Remember Silvia, I'll be happy to have your baby.

when is this episode going to be put up? jw.

= ]

i wanna watch ds episode!!! stupid youtube!