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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ellen interview to her wife Portia DeGeneres (or de Rossi)

Hi dear people, very soon we will have the opportunity to interview a witness who can not miss is nothing less than an interview with Portia de Rossi made by Ellen DeGeneres.

Our beloved Portia is promoting her new series "Better Off Ted" and we have to make several appearances in TV programs to promote the series and obviously Ellen is among them.

But incredible as it may seem, Portia will have a little afraid of this interview. In a statement made in People magazine, said that "unfortunately" have to do

"I say unfortunately because I think a very rare interview. Surely she's impeccable as always and I really want to talk about the series. I just hope that she don't ask about personal issues, that's passed and I would be somewhat nervous "

So you know girls this interview we shouldn't missing and we just have it, we'll put here for all to enjoy it.

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