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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pepa and Silvia Episode 1 New season...

Hi girls, as I promised, I bring you the first chapter of Pepa and Silvia of the new 2009 season with the subtitles in english.

As we can see, is full of surprises, and as Lola says, in a year in San Antonio a lot of things have changed.

In a previous post as they did the summary of the chapter and leave here with videos (this chapter is that it has two parts) to enjoy.

At the end of post you can see the spoiler of the episode of the next week.

And here they put the Spoiler of the episode of next week :) (replay)

Here I put the Spolier of the episode of next week :) (replay)

And I said we will put the Spolier of the episdoe of next week?

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Thanks for the subtitles!!! I hope Pepa & Silvia get a lot of screen time this season!!!