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Friday, January 9, 2009

Another prize for Ellen Degeneres...

Hi dear friends and readers of LesPlanet, today I bring you a story about one of our most beloved inhabitants of our planet and all you know is Ellen DeGeneres.

This week in Los Angeles held the People's Choice Awards and Ellen received the prize for the host of "Talk Show" favorite of the American public. The ceremony was broadcast by CBS.

Before getting on stage to collect their prize, had been happy with the night to the public by presenting the award in the category of "Favorite Funny male star", which I advanced information Adam Sandler won ...

What in LesPlanet got to understand is not as if Ellen is so loved by the whole American public, if so many awards given, if nothing much to it ... because they are unable to allow her the same rights as all of them, "it can no longer married to the person who loves," I think Ellen is very well to make people laugh but do not ask for anything more ... (this is my humble opinion ...)

When appointed to climb to collect their prize, was very funny (as usual ...), a speech made fun and finally after all the thanks went to her wife Portia and said:

... And thank you very much to my roommate Portia, yes, thank you very much for you too.

Since then Ellen can do that only a political joke, funny and nothing offensive in one sentence ... and that is Ellen can boast of being one of the most influential women in the USA and the few who can afford such jokes at a ceremony see for millions of people, but as we said earlier she continued to deny civil rights requirements ( to all gays and lesbians in California) to continue married to her "roommate" as to outlaw gay marriage with the proposal and 8 can not call "her wife."

Here you leave the girls with fun video of Ellen's intervention in the People's Choice Awards 2009. I hope you enjoy it ...

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