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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lilo and Sam fight at end of year

Hey girls, the beginning of the year apparently was not very good for all, we spoke of our fashion couple, Lilo and Sam apparently the end of this year have had problems.

Nik Richie (the competition of Perez Hilton) is the fight that happened between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, before and during the event held at the club Mansion. It seems that Lindsay and Samantha received the new year ... breaking their relationship.

The news was sent in first person by someone who shared the night with Lilo and Ronson. That mysterious person who said the next information:

"Lindsay, Sam and I took the limousine to go to the club. They took the driver to wait 30 minutes, which bothered me because I had to wait for the limousine listed. Sam and Lindsay was struggling and crying. We arrived at the club Mansion and there was chaos between Lindsay and Samantha ...

Lindsay had to go to the bathroom to fix the makeup and when they finally left acted as if nothing was wrong and nothing had happened, smiling to the cameras on the red carpet. Lindsay entered the cabin of the DJ for the countdown to midnight and Samantha and she smiled for the cameras for 30 seconds. When photographers were told to leave the scene, Lindsay and Sam continued fighting.

I was at the scene, near Lindsay and all night I saw her coming and going to the DJ booth screaming and asking when Sam ending her job to spend time with her.

Lindsay then returned to her table and began to send messages to your blackberry. I saw no drinking, but they definitely did not seem normal. When I started talking with Sam, Lindsay came and started shouting, "This is my girlfriend. I love her. " Thought I was trying to steal her girl and I was trying to encourage it, but Lindsay was out of it (it is certainly a slight exaggeration) and began shouting at Sam, saying she was outside.
That's when she told members of security that Sam wanted to go there. Sam told me to not worry about Lindsay because Lindsay is crazy and screaming back to Sam, but ignore, which upset Lindsay and caused her to leave the club with a boy of hair black , a girl blonde and a girl brunette.

Sam was left alone and I felt bad about her. (here we can see Sam's face). She left shortly thereafter, after leaving the work of a man DJ. So, I think Lindsay and Sam broke on New Year's.

Here you can see the videos where you see Lindsay and Sam discussion, not hear anything about the music and the video quality is low because someone was shot in the interior of the club and with very little light ... But Lilo is well appreciated that the act makes it Lilo while Sam plays Womanizer .... is that Spears does not like to Lilo?

But the thing was not there because they were allegedly continued at the hotel. It is said that he heard voices, break things, beatings and everything in the room, the hotel confirmed that security had been broken several mirrors and the room was as if he had passed this way a twister (the twister Lilo).

But do not believe that the fight ended there, no, nor hint .... we must see how the dislikes go on our Lindsay, after the break to sleep the next day will continue on the flight from Miami to Los Angeles. Allegedly, they had a great discussion that lasted until they landed and told Lilo (who was inconsolable and mourn stop) if she wanted to disembark. The faces of both the airport say it all ...

After all this, Lindsay Lohan was captured on January 02 a day on the streets of West Hollywood with a friend and withoutSamantha to visit one of her friends, what makes us think that is true of the breakdown of their relationship, when she was asked whether there was "trouble in paradise," Lohan replied: "Not exactly." Translation: "We are on everyone's lips. It's a freaking mess."

Later in the night Lindsay was fun, she looked very well and smiling for the cameras, but it was not Sam, and several days are not being seen together.

After all this mess, nothing is really clear that fought it is true, perhaps also breaks ... but may have been any fight we have most of us ... So girls have to wait and see what ultimately happens with this couple, we hope to be reconciled, which has just been a fight and continue together ...

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