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Saturday, June 28, 2008


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Hi girls, and came on the day, HAPPY GAY PRIDE for all.

This day more than ever we should remember that:

"No person should be ashamed of what they are, whatever their sex and whatever their sexual orientation"

This is when it supports day of gay pride, each year since 1969 is commemorated this date, not a date uncover or anything like that, but as a date to remember the Stonewall riots: a series of violent altercations occurred between police and a group of homosexuals at the Bar Stonewall Inn in New York on June 28, 1969.

This was the first time a group rose by tolerance and non-discrimination against homosexuals groups: gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender ... the celebration has become world ...

This year we have also a matter of relevance to demonstrate: It is time for lesbians mark the pace of social progress.

we make visible and exit to the street to claim a place protagonists we have ceded by solidarity and that now up to us to take On the visibility of lesbians!

Doing a little story about lesbians can recall that in 1900 began to take on record the first women organized around the feminist movement and lesbian. So pressure system reproduced many tools to remove the voice and dignity.

For example, campaigns in 1920 were developed to prevent "mental illness lesbian", and that caused the start to associate with marginalization, disease and defect. Faced with this many lesbians were accepted as sick and tried to reject their emotions marrying or committing suicide.
However, while pathologisation lesbianism, women began to excel in their activities and professions, teaming up to form what is known as "new woman".

The sexual revolution and the entry of women into the labour market opened many doors to us all, but only at the professional level, since many closets are still closed for fear of misunderstanding of the environment and job discrimination. Meanwhile, all the progress of the movement LGTBQ seem specifically targeted at middle-class white male.

It is true that in recent years, several indicators show that this trend is also changing, so we just have to work to foster and sustain. 'For the Lesbian Visibility' is very late but fortunately is already here.

From now on our future should reject separation and bitter sectarian and based on true solidarity. Still in many parts of the world-and in environments little acculturation of developed societies-lesbianism remains a matter of public derision and even disapproval and condemnation by the authorities.

For them, today, but especially by those of yesterday, we must continue to fight and shape a society that we so different, but that does not isolate us again.

At present:

Eight countries apply the death penalty against homosexuals. Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan and Yemen had the death penalty against homosexuals.

Eighty-five countries pursue homosexuality. The condemned to jail, flogging, internment in labor camps or psychiatric.

As you can see there is still much to do but the main thing is to be proud of who we are and not hide from anyone, so just in time to get the homsexuality no longer a taboo in society and no longer be prosecuted as if it were a crime.

Therefore girls enjoy the DAY OF Pride.

Then they put some productions that have been prepared for this day.

Somewhere over the rainbow for all inhabitants who live on the planet behind the rainbow

True Colors, this song still gives us that hope to live in a tolerant society, brings us a message that comforts the soul and calm the thirst of our spirit.

Friday, June 27, 2008

More work for Lilo

Again another story about this girl Lindsay Lohan since he left the closet for not working.

If previously announced his new movie now takes up his musical career. Lindsay unveiled his new album "Spirit in the Dark" on November 4.

Lila has selected a single entitled "Playground" as the only debut for the project. The song will be released to radio in September.

The album will feature songs produced by Pharrell Williams, Akon, Stargate, Bloodshy & Avant, JR Rotem, Snoop Dogg and Ne-Yo.

Among some of the surprises of this album, the third in his musical career, will be attended by Ne-Yo.

Since LesPlanet wish him luck in their new projects.

Here are left with some Linsay their previous albums. The first album was called Speak of where the songs come from Over and Rumors.

The second album is called A Little More Personal which is extracted from the simple Confessions of a Broken Heart.

And here you have video clips of the three aforementioned songs in the following order:

Confessions of a Broken Heart

Cynthia Nixon does not want to marry...

Hello dear people of LesPlanet them that story even if it appears that everyone wants to get married and we have an avalanche of gay marriages because of the new California law, there are a lesbian couple who do not plan to marry in the near future.

Cynthia Nixon, best known as Miranda from "Sex and the City" said the New York Daily News this week that does not have any planned trip to California as some may assume, at least not to marry his girlfriend Christine Marinoni.

He also said that the wedding plans will have to wait until gay marriage is recognized in the state where she lives osea New York and you want to avoid having to wait 20 years.

Jessica Clarke welcome to LesPlanet...

I am counting that as well as losses on the road some inhabitants of this planet behind our colourful rainbow (Bye Bye .... Kristanna Loken, you miss ...), himself other people leaving the cabinet and are preparing to reside and populate our planet with its spectacular figures.

Such is the case of Jessica Clarke a spectacular model of 23 years of age, which was declared open lesbian.

She starred in the music video for the song with Usher "Burn" which reached platinum and gold record.

Yes, the same Usher who last week declared that women are becoming lesbians in mass because there are not enough men available (as my mother said IGNORANCE IS VERYYYYY DARE....).

Well continuing with what is important, Jessica a Londoner who lives in New York, in addition to modeling is a coach who likes to listen to MIA, Amy Winehouse and the Indigo Girls, and he sees House, Dexter and The L Word and supports the gay marriage.

You can see more pictures of sexy Jessica below, including some of his beautiful bride Lacey.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kristana Loken has been married ....

Girls, we have bad news to give, we suffered a decline in our ranks, beautiful Kristana Loken we have been married ... with a man. So as we read, has left our planet to reside in heterolandia, we do not know how long, but at the moment is no longer with us ...

Not so long ago that he was glad Kristana the body to Michelle Rodriguez, and now we are surprised with a heterosexual marriage of the most traditional.

His childhood and adolescence has lived on a farm that his parents have ecological near New York, where he learned to live in the countryside, with nature and animals.

Must be why the Loken and her husband were married now at the farm, a wedding the very country style. The celebration took place in a tent between a pond and a mini zoo. All very conventional, as his sudden change of sidewalk.

Also immortalized the moment climb to the coach real farm tractor red very consistent place to ...

Then you can see some of the photos of this unexpected and rural wedding ...
setting well at that wedding dress ... is not to say .... (where the police of fashion when needed ...) and that tractor ... that is really not my words ...

Photos by: Barry J. Holmes


Hello girls today want to tell everything that happened last night at the BET Awards Award (Black Entertainment Television Awards), was hallucinating a show great. It gathered musicians, actors, athletes and celebrities all to celebrate the recognition of the most prominent artists this past year.

Among those invited were: Gabrielle Union, Keri Hilson, Fergie who made a fabulous performance with Nelly, Solange Kwnoles, Quenn Latifha, Niecy Nash, Omar, Lil Kim, Jennifer Hudson among many more.

The winners were the most awaited of the night: As best Female Artist R & B our beautiful Alicia Keys took the award, competing with other big stars like Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey and Beyonce.

The prize for best Hip-Hop Female Artist went to Missy Elliott, as it were seized by a Lil Mama who competed.

The best actress of 2008 was undoubtedly the sexy Halle Berry.

The video was best direction for Erykah Badu and his "Mr. Robot"

The prize for best athlete is what took the extraordinary basketball player Candace Parker (who also was one of the best dressed of the night along with Rihanna) remove from the hands of hemanas Williams.

We have here the best dressed of the night ...

The worst was dressed as you can see Lil Mama ..... without comment.

The performances of the night were extraordinary, Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys (who sang with NAFTA), Rihanna, Usher, Chris Brown, Al Green, Keyshia Cole, Nelly among other greats of music.

I leave you with a video of the award for Best Female Artist of R & B.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ellen and Portia not sign a prenuptial contract

Hello dear people of this wonderful planet behind the rainbow, I have news for the more important that gay marriage is expected in Hollywood who would have guessed that of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi.

So when one of the spouses has a large fortune, lawyers suggest that it should make a prenuptial contract, so that in case of divorce, fortune be divided into equal parts between the two spouses, as, generally speaking, occurs in the state of California.

In the case of Ellen and Portia, is quite clear that, despite the fact that Portia can have a far from negligible sum of money, which exceeds that of the Ellen at about many, many more zeros.

Despite knowing that Ellen does not want to sign a prenuptial contract, because she (and we have to admit that something has reason) is very romantic and it is confident that her marriage will last forever.

Surely if we wish to LesPlanet from Ellen and Portia a long and happy marriage.


Hello inhabitants of our beautiful planet behind the rainbow, here I bring the fourth chapter of exes & OHS called: "Love, Money and a Six Olive Martini"

Our episode begins in an event called "Seattle Women in Business", which is a sort of meeting of women entrepreneurs who need funding for a project and gather at these events with representatives of foundations and associations that are willing to finance them. Here we find Chris and Jen are looking for investors in both for their respective projects.

Jen is set in a red hair that gives the card, have a conversation but after having analysed the words of pelirroja with Cris realizes he wants something more in return for finance the film. and this goes far women and tells him: "On your very interesting offer. I sell myself to get my money "and turns leaving amazed.

while both the next day the friends discussed what the proposition of the previous night and likely emerge between Cri's because the problem seems to be a lack of sex between the two because in the last fortnight have been busy with the business and looking for ways to have a baby.

This shows the following rule:

Rule No. 8: death bed

If they realize that they are stroking their cats more than you can be on its way from "lesbian bed death" (you know the myth that so feared myth lesbian) immediately alĂ©jense the "pussy cat" and return quickly to real… p… (Pussy)

At that Jen receives a call from a woman named Lauren who is the red hair the night before. Lauren explains that there has been a misunderstanding between the two and that was not their intention that she slept with for money. And what better way to talk at length to a dinner? Jen is a bit of pray and think what it says and if everything will call you after block.

The Kris are filling bags with food for dogs while chatting even their lack of marital life. Chris asks Kris you need to be happy and she does not know that answer. He feared that are losing the magic that used to exist between them.

Jen and Lauren are having dinner at a nice restaurant while talking about work. Jennifer is very excited explaining his ideas for the documentary and the basis on which wants Cimento and Lauren likes the idea but rather the name of "sex, women and power" seemed so soso as a thesis (auch that hurts). But one of lime and sand another, Lauren drops that will be (plural) fighting documentary of the stature of super size me and they have to emphasize.

Chris arrives home to find Kris meditating surrounded by incense and candles. Chris is not surprised because Kris meditated since moved together and assured him he can do anything he liked before they were a couple (everything but the league games with other women I say no?).

Back in the gym Jennifer remains totally traumatized because Sam's mother thinks it's a potentially become lesbians. Sam this rather sad because he realizes that their parents do not accept it as is and hope that heterolandia again in the not too distant future. Jen advises that let them know how you feel and Sam replied that he will do when you find the right time so that leads us to another wonderful rule.

Rule No. 9: "The right time"

When it's time to take "conversation" with parents when there is no right or wrong, only sooner dolerá less.

And now it's time to look closely at the number 4 episode of exes and OHS and see how this whole plot develops very interesting ... do not forget to see the comments of Michelle Paradise on this episode, Enjoy.

Thanks Novalobito for your great job.


Michelle's back, this time with co-star Megan Cavanagh, who joins her in Mazatlan to talk about Episode 4 and answer your questions about the show.

Part 1 episode 4

Part 2 episode 4

Fuente: Afterellen.com


Hello dear people here LesPlanet bring the latest developments on the sixth season of our favorite series The L Word, in an interview that make you a few days ago to Ilene Chaiken (the creative genius of this series) Digital Spy magazine, she tells us what we have prepared for this sixth and La.... la... ... (I find it difficult to speak both) .. L Word last season.

After five years issued, the lesbian series "The L Word" is coming to an end. What lies for girls in her farewell season? Paris Hilton will be making a surprise cameo? And the series just really good? The creator of the series Ilene Chaiken tells us more.

When the series began, what were your aspirations?

Not for a moment let me think about how long it could last. I tried to avoid such fantasies. I am a little superstitious about that. He believed that if they did my job well, this could be a series that would reach a wide audience-not only a gay audience and could draw the attention of the people for a long time.

Was it difficult to launch the series at the beginning?

Yes and no. When I launched the first to Showtime in 2000, I knew they iban me iban a reject. The mid-level executives to which it presented even the iban to take their heads. They said "that's okay, but it will never happen." A year later everything had changed and I returned back to Showtime and knew that iban to say yes. I knew it was time and it was the right place. It's as simple as that ....

What has changed in that year?

Many things change in the course of one year. I believe that culture is progressive but occasionally we find ourselves at a time when progress is noticeable. We had a lot of TV series portraying stories gays. He was "Queer As Folk" on Showtime, which was a great success, "Will & Grace" and "Queer Eye". It was the first time in my memory that had represented many gay characters on TV. But still there was no lesbian and I thought it was fairly easy they were. The series has collected a large number of fanatics who are hearing.

Will Pay attention to what the fans are saying in the forums of websites?

Yes paid great attention to this. At first I was saying and was a very difficult moment to say "I hear, I write what I want to write." But on the other hand the world has changed since I started doing the series Internet has become an important part of our lives.

Anyone who writes a TV series would be a fool if they do not relate to your audience. Our audience is particularly passionate and participatory, so I speak and hear them. I can not always do what they want to do, but there is a purpose to listen to their voices and then decide what stories to tell.

What kind of screenplay respond well and what they want to see more?

Things that say they want is happiness, love and happiness, and I think they want to do more than that. Things that say they are hate drama, melodrama and conflict, but that would not continue (the series) if they were not there.

Why is the series coming to an end?

Firstly I do not think that the series is coming to an end. "The L Word" will live in many ways, and some of them not only metaphorically. Exactly how remains to be seen, but people should sit back and watch firm and after that happens.

The weekly TV series is coming to an end for the moment, because it's time to take a breather. In the pay TV, many of the series that do well decide that it's time to quit normally after five years. We have done a good job and want to quit while we're doing a good job and not tired and worn.

Do you have charted the end of the season as a whole?

Not only what we have charted, but we have handed stories. I have assigned scripts and most are being developed.

Can you give us some notes or suggestions on things to come? Notes and tracks?

No! Apart from that we will continue talking about the stories we have talked and will continue each cacho drama, we will continue and balances. The only main comment is that I want to do all our main characters are deep and again requested in their lives but we will see a lot of ups and downs in every one of them.

Is there any truth in the rumours that Paris Hilton will make a stellar appearance?

That's just a rumor. Paris Hilton came to our festival presentation and I am pleased to be a fan of our series, but it was a rumor. She is not in our last season.

Do you know what the final scene of the series?

Still I have not written. You can change when you do, but yes, I know it is.

Is believe that fans will be satisfied with the end or stop expecting more?

I hope both. I hope you feel as if we had honest, the number who have come to love and the characters with those who really are committed. Of course I hope to keep them waiting for more. I have no intention of pleasing the world with a great reverence.

But girls, we can not prevent our series ends but at least we already know of one's own mouth Mama Ilene noooo that Paris Hilton will be in the series, something good can be drawn at the end of all this security that Paris will not derail our season with their final appearance.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hi, opened the section erotic stories in our forum, remember that to see them stories erotic and leave your you have to be registered, it is very easy, follow the link and click Register.

We hope you enjoy this section is burning ...

"Marina lit scented candles and gave one last look around .... room was beautiful, with the lights of candles, which gave the window slightly open to the terrace leaving enter the summer breeze, the light of the portable somewhat low ... not expected to be very clear in their intentions ... intended to seduce Monica that night. After so many years of know at last gave him a chance..."

Read More....


Girls in one month we have managed to climb to more than 1,000 visits in our blog, all this is thanks to you all that we usually read, has been a great work that is rewarded by all the inhabitants of LesPlanet you.

This encourages us to continue to improve and giving all of us to Tenere informed at all times on what happens on our planet behind the rainbow.

Any suggestions or advice to improve LesPlanet will be welcome, we encourage you to write both the forum and in the comments of the articles, we can all make LesPlanet meeting point for all inhabitants of this beautiful planet.


zwani.com myspace graphic comments

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson on the birthday of Solange Knowles

Hello girls, I am counting the inseparable duo of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were together at the birthday party of Solange Knowles mansion in the Hollywood Hills on Monday evening. Guests were arriving on the 11:00 PM

Among the guests were Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, Ne-Yo well of course as we mentioned, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson.

Lindsay was sitting next to the DJ booth where obviously pinched his beloved Samantha at the request of Solange, put songs from Beyonce and her sister's husband this Jay's-Z. When I play the Beyonce song "Get Me Bodied" those attending the sisters rounded up and reproduced them dance movements from the video.

The soap opera continues Lohan-Ronson, go together like Siamese everywhere!

Although they have not agreed to pose together and alone, at least we have with Solange, I really was not much numerito, Samantha should plant a kiss from those of the good and Lindsay to end this nonsense.

fuente foto: GettyImage

Sugar Rush 4 episode Sugar ain´t too good

Kim decides that the only way forward is to be clear regarding their feelings towards Sugar. Get to the entire department Sugar ready to undressing her soul, only to discover that Sugar suffers from a severe case of crabs. " Kim was horrified when he discovers, and can not believe that Sugar has no idea who CONTAG.

The problem comes when Kim comes to realize that Sugar has stuck with the crabs when she slept in her home, also gets the treatment to combat them, to make matters worse his mother goes to an appointment by putting some pants Kim, and guess who occurs ... These crabs really become a nightmare for the entire family of Kim, and that goes from person to person in the house, coming to create a real family crisis.

We recommend that see this chapter, here what you have to enjoy it.

Gimme Sugar third episode

Hello girls, we already have the third episode of the series Gimme Sugar.

In this episode is a small step in the reunion business for the nightclub lesbian girls who want to mount. Sayeh is going to your first appointment with a girl.

Moreover Alex meets the 21 and all were dressed as schoolgirls daring to go to his weekly appointment at the Truck Stop. But once in the club appears Matt Alex appears the boy, and girls feel that they are not very enthusiastic about its presence, especially the girl who likes to Alex, Paris.

Luckily for Paris, Alex is able to get Matt to leave and the party gets taken back to Charlene's pad.

Here you leave the third episode of Gimme Sugar, I hope you enjoy it.

Fuente: Afterellen.com

Monday, June 23, 2008

Olivia Newton John starring a series lesbian

Hi dear people of LesPlanet them story that has been a series that promises to be very interesting to imagine Sandy, the sweet and tender and innocent Sandy Olsson kissing a handsome young John Travolta, now converted into a singer Bitsy Mae Harling country lesbian Aspect rude and kissing a woman.

On July 23 premieres in the U.S. gay television channel Logo, the new series deaf Lives, based on the movie of the same name. The series, like in the movie is based, narrates the adventures and nonsense of a dysfunctional family full of gays, living in a small village depressed and conservative, always introducing his characters in a sarcastic tone.

Here we showed a video clip / trailer, which we see as the protagonist of the series, a lesbian singer of country - Olivia Newton John - interprets one of his songs while we anticipate some pictures of his love affair with another woman.

The series consists of 12 chapters and each half hour, so we are trailers, not to miss, since it will follow the line of the movie, it will be very interesting, The film deaf Lives is a satire about a dysfunctional family who lives in a small town in Texas.

Several members of this family could be regarded as queer. In the film, Olivia Newton-John played a lesbian singer of country and, like most actors of the film, repeated in the series.

We will be attentive to the premiere of this series and we can see here in LesPlanet.

Another EMMY for ELLEN

Hi girls, their story that Ellen's career is unstoppable, has returned to win the Emmy for best host of a Talk Show.

This is the fourth consecutive Emmy in his career. This weekend in the 35 edition of the annual ceremony which was broadcast live by ABC from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, where he delivered an Oscar.

We never gave in fact, "said DeGeneres, 50 years, to the stage to receive the award." This has been a year and crazy (...) we laughed and cried a lot, and I cried for me and then people laughed, "he said when Ellen rose to collect their prize.

Ellen attended the gala presentation of the Emmys accompanied by Portia, who showcased an engagement ring with a huge pink diamond.

In addition Ellen and Portia had already admitted that the date for the wedding but have not yet made public.

Ellen said in an interview to People magazine: "Planning a wedding is very stressful. It was crazy. I have invited my gardener and I can not wait to get married, I feel as if it were something that needed a long time. I believe that someday people will look to the past and see this as when women had no right to vote or segregation or anything else that seems ridiculous as we do not have all the same rights."

It will have news about the date of the wedding, and we'll keep all the details here in LesPlanet.

After you can see the video of the delivery of Emmy