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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hello inhabitants of our beautiful planet behind the rainbow, here I bring the fourth chapter of exes & OHS called: "Love, Money and a Six Olive Martini"

Our episode begins in an event called "Seattle Women in Business", which is a sort of meeting of women entrepreneurs who need funding for a project and gather at these events with representatives of foundations and associations that are willing to finance them. Here we find Chris and Jen are looking for investors in both for their respective projects.

Jen is set in a red hair that gives the card, have a conversation but after having analysed the words of pelirroja with Cris realizes he wants something more in return for finance the film. and this goes far women and tells him: "On your very interesting offer. I sell myself to get my money "and turns leaving amazed.

while both the next day the friends discussed what the proposition of the previous night and likely emerge between Cri's because the problem seems to be a lack of sex between the two because in the last fortnight have been busy with the business and looking for ways to have a baby.

This shows the following rule:

Rule No. 8: death bed

If they realize that they are stroking their cats more than you can be on its way from "lesbian bed death" (you know the myth that so feared myth lesbian) immediately alĂ©jense the "pussy cat" and return quickly to real… p… (Pussy)

At that Jen receives a call from a woman named Lauren who is the red hair the night before. Lauren explains that there has been a misunderstanding between the two and that was not their intention that she slept with for money. And what better way to talk at length to a dinner? Jen is a bit of pray and think what it says and if everything will call you after block.

The Kris are filling bags with food for dogs while chatting even their lack of marital life. Chris asks Kris you need to be happy and she does not know that answer. He feared that are losing the magic that used to exist between them.

Jen and Lauren are having dinner at a nice restaurant while talking about work. Jennifer is very excited explaining his ideas for the documentary and the basis on which wants Cimento and Lauren likes the idea but rather the name of "sex, women and power" seemed so soso as a thesis (auch that hurts). But one of lime and sand another, Lauren drops that will be (plural) fighting documentary of the stature of super size me and they have to emphasize.

Chris arrives home to find Kris meditating surrounded by incense and candles. Chris is not surprised because Kris meditated since moved together and assured him he can do anything he liked before they were a couple (everything but the league games with other women I say no?).

Back in the gym Jennifer remains totally traumatized because Sam's mother thinks it's a potentially become lesbians. Sam this rather sad because he realizes that their parents do not accept it as is and hope that heterolandia again in the not too distant future. Jen advises that let them know how you feel and Sam replied that he will do when you find the right time so that leads us to another wonderful rule.

Rule No. 9: "The right time"

When it's time to take "conversation" with parents when there is no right or wrong, only sooner dolerá less.

And now it's time to look closely at the number 4 episode of exes and OHS and see how this whole plot develops very interesting ... do not forget to see the comments of Michelle Paradise on this episode, Enjoy.

Thanks Novalobito for your great job.


Michelle's back, this time with co-star Megan Cavanagh, who joins her in Mazatlan to talk about Episode 4 and answer your questions about the show.

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