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Friday, June 27, 2008

More work for Lilo

Again another story about this girl Lindsay Lohan since he left the closet for not working.

If previously announced his new movie now takes up his musical career. Lindsay unveiled his new album "Spirit in the Dark" on November 4.

Lila has selected a single entitled "Playground" as the only debut for the project. The song will be released to radio in September.

The album will feature songs produced by Pharrell Williams, Akon, Stargate, Bloodshy & Avant, JR Rotem, Snoop Dogg and Ne-Yo.

Among some of the surprises of this album, the third in his musical career, will be attended by Ne-Yo.

Since LesPlanet wish him luck in their new projects.

Here are left with some Linsay their previous albums. The first album was called Speak of where the songs come from Over and Rumors.

The second album is called A Little More Personal which is extracted from the simple Confessions of a Broken Heart.

And here you have video clips of the three aforementioned songs in the following order:

Confessions of a Broken Heart

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