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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hello dear people here LesPlanet bring the latest developments on the sixth season of our favorite series The L Word, in an interview that make you a few days ago to Ilene Chaiken (the creative genius of this series) Digital Spy magazine, she tells us what we have prepared for this sixth and La.... la... ... (I find it difficult to speak both) .. L Word last season.

After five years issued, the lesbian series "The L Word" is coming to an end. What lies for girls in her farewell season? Paris Hilton will be making a surprise cameo? And the series just really good? The creator of the series Ilene Chaiken tells us more.

When the series began, what were your aspirations?

Not for a moment let me think about how long it could last. I tried to avoid such fantasies. I am a little superstitious about that. He believed that if they did my job well, this could be a series that would reach a wide audience-not only a gay audience and could draw the attention of the people for a long time.

Was it difficult to launch the series at the beginning?

Yes and no. When I launched the first to Showtime in 2000, I knew they iban me iban a reject. The mid-level executives to which it presented even the iban to take their heads. They said "that's okay, but it will never happen." A year later everything had changed and I returned back to Showtime and knew that iban to say yes. I knew it was time and it was the right place. It's as simple as that ....

What has changed in that year?

Many things change in the course of one year. I believe that culture is progressive but occasionally we find ourselves at a time when progress is noticeable. We had a lot of TV series portraying stories gays. He was "Queer As Folk" on Showtime, which was a great success, "Will & Grace" and "Queer Eye". It was the first time in my memory that had represented many gay characters on TV. But still there was no lesbian and I thought it was fairly easy they were. The series has collected a large number of fanatics who are hearing.

Will Pay attention to what the fans are saying in the forums of websites?

Yes paid great attention to this. At first I was saying and was a very difficult moment to say "I hear, I write what I want to write." But on the other hand the world has changed since I started doing the series Internet has become an important part of our lives.

Anyone who writes a TV series would be a fool if they do not relate to your audience. Our audience is particularly passionate and participatory, so I speak and hear them. I can not always do what they want to do, but there is a purpose to listen to their voices and then decide what stories to tell.

What kind of screenplay respond well and what they want to see more?

Things that say they want is happiness, love and happiness, and I think they want to do more than that. Things that say they are hate drama, melodrama and conflict, but that would not continue (the series) if they were not there.

Why is the series coming to an end?

Firstly I do not think that the series is coming to an end. "The L Word" will live in many ways, and some of them not only metaphorically. Exactly how remains to be seen, but people should sit back and watch firm and after that happens.

The weekly TV series is coming to an end for the moment, because it's time to take a breather. In the pay TV, many of the series that do well decide that it's time to quit normally after five years. We have done a good job and want to quit while we're doing a good job and not tired and worn.

Do you have charted the end of the season as a whole?

Not only what we have charted, but we have handed stories. I have assigned scripts and most are being developed.

Can you give us some notes or suggestions on things to come? Notes and tracks?

No! Apart from that we will continue talking about the stories we have talked and will continue each cacho drama, we will continue and balances. The only main comment is that I want to do all our main characters are deep and again requested in their lives but we will see a lot of ups and downs in every one of them.

Is there any truth in the rumours that Paris Hilton will make a stellar appearance?

That's just a rumor. Paris Hilton came to our festival presentation and I am pleased to be a fan of our series, but it was a rumor. She is not in our last season.

Do you know what the final scene of the series?

Still I have not written. You can change when you do, but yes, I know it is.

Is believe that fans will be satisfied with the end or stop expecting more?

I hope both. I hope you feel as if we had honest, the number who have come to love and the characters with those who really are committed. Of course I hope to keep them waiting for more. I have no intention of pleasing the world with a great reverence.

But girls, we can not prevent our series ends but at least we already know of one's own mouth Mama Ilene noooo that Paris Hilton will be in the series, something good can be drawn at the end of all this security that Paris will not derail our season with their final appearance.

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