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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pepa and Silvia Episode 2 Season 7 " That's wrong to drink..."

Hi dear friends and readers of LesPlanet, I bring the episode of this week of Pepa and Silvia, as I told them in the summary that will be an episode moved and very bad for our PEPSI.

As I always say that alcohol is bad !!!!!!!!!!!!! , Jajajaja, and in this episode we have test of that. So bear that name.

Confusion, that you told me that and I don't remember I told you, and now as out of this mess, and things like that, mixed feelings, misunderstanding, fear, and a lot of lack of communication our girls will go through a bad moment in their relationship.

Because ok Siilvia also to blame, for not to speak well with Pepa and put the throttle to 155 miles/ph, but it's your biological clock which has owned and can't stop it.

But Pepa, looks also to use the old trick that yes, yes to everything for she has sex with her and then the poor (Miranda had to be), she puts her leg to the bottom and she has been heard.

I do not know which that face leave the hotel and get to see eyes to Silvia, after everything I said.

Well girls, that we will see next week, I left the episode of this week and the advance of next week, which as you can see, our Pepa and Silvia, are not wrong, as Silvia gets a slap on Pepa, Pepa and it returns the same style with Bette Tina.

And here put the spoiler of the next episode... I hope to enjoy it...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pepa & Silvia ... The summary of the episode this week

Hi dear people of this planet, our wonderful and colorful rainbow behind, today, as every Wednesday (Tuesday morning) I bring you a summary of the chapter on Tuesday about our beloved Silvia Pepa.

This time the chapter has been around a bit, with a result to deny disastrous.

Well, we go to the police station in San Antonio, and Silvia found a very happy, smiling and radiant, one could say, going to meet a Pepa, who arrived at the police station completely hangover, tired and under huge glasses sun, a hidden side of everything drinkable been drunk the night before.

And our love redhead who receives it with an affectionate hug and a Pepa said that it will be the last time you take to drink tequila, which can not surf and with the head, and asks Silvia where it was when she woke up and was not, and Silvia said she went to collect some papers work because I could not sleep after what she said last night, and Silvia was said with a smile from ear to ear watching Pepa to face with love.

And that Pepa has no idea that she told her and me last night I said, I have said many things last night? And Silvia says: "Yeah, but you want to have a baby with me ..... is the greatest, I can not believe Pepa", embraces the very strong, and puts Pepa face if you do not you You can believe or imagine that I remember when I said that.

Don Lorenzo then submitted to cover all operational surveillance of an alleged head of the Mexican drug mafia, and end all Pacos, staying in a luxury hotel in the room next to the suspects and Pepa and Silvia at the hotel entrance, covering and monitoring the entry into a police van.

While Pepa monitors Silvia come with something to eat for two, and came to celebrate and bring her to our Pepa says she called a friend who has a fertility clinic and to seek a donor. And Pepa has not miss a thing of grace and the donor gets a frozen smile.

Then later Silvia, insists the issue and asks Pepa thought that when I was pregnant, and Silvia says that no, she can not have babies for the shot that gave her in the abdomen when pregnant, they took the uterus and part of the intestine and can not, and that even within her womb does not have anything to be a mother, still in her heart the desire to be, and can imagine the face of Pepa, among amazement, sorrow and resignation, and is moved and kiss the hand of Silvia.

Later called the doctor and friend of Silvia Pepa and told her that she wants to be a mother, and asks if Pepa day 30 is good, and Pepa without words to respond does not say anything, Silvia still talking to her friend and preparing everything, and Pepa decides to go see Paco inside the hotel.

Our Pepa in a complete state of nerves, comes to the room where the guys are monitoring and taking her brother to the bathroom and begins to run things, Paco will remove the microphone and announced that the radio frequency.

Pepa said that she (Silvia) is a selfish, that you do not mind what she wants and what she thinks you want pregnancy and that at any moment happens to be a bride womb for rent.
At that Mariano, Silvia lit connection to ask for the suspects and the open mic hear the conversation Pepa and Paco, including of course our Silvia.

Pepa said that it was she who told her that she wanted a son, but was drunk and not remember anything, because she did not know what she was doing and wanted to please her and that the tequilas that I do not remember nothing said. And Silvia that has been so drunk she has said and have not discussed the matter again. Paco asks Pepa that does not tell you why she does not want to have a child that was a thing of the moment and I did not know what she said.

Pepa says you can not say that, because it gives a lot of grief, that the death penalty because they can not take Silvia and she is her last chance.

And Silvia hearing this from the van gets to mourn.

And she feels like a complete selfish if not want to accept sperm from an anonymous donor for her, but she does not want that.

Paco says you have to think, not do anything now, that comes when you want a lot but now thinks it is not the time.

And there one of the suspects leave the room and from the Van, Silvia sees the camera and warns the radio and her voice sounds into the microphone that is beside Paco and Pepa realize that Silvia had heard all conversation.

So things remain also time with our girls, meanwhile Don Lorenzo, and realizes that repeats itself constantly, and Mariano begins to think that is gay, not because it attracts the sexually Salgado.

Soon they'll chapter this week, :)
In the progress of next week I tell them that there is shock, crying and trying to seduce Pepa Aitor.

Pictures: Rikku Foro pepsi

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Big Questions of The L Word...

Hi dear people, I tell you that Showtime has left see another spoiler of our favorite series The L Word and I were brought you here to enjoy it..

There are many questions in the air, Bette and Tina continue together (with the bitch Berckley loitering around?). I hope no one else but Bette according jajajaja comments and I hope to continue together.

Alice and Tasha will finish their relationship or save it. I do not have as clear is that they are very different, if they conform to one another and are accepted as you can to succeed.

Shane will remain the eternal single and never lay your head? I would say I have my doubts on this question, I think the only one that could do that was to focus Shane and Carmen could not get it, I do not know if Molly succeed.

Kit and Helena bussiness partners successfully? Then if, as to the planet and are wonderfully Hit Club, Helena is also rich, jajajaja she does not affect the economic crisis.

But the big question in this season focuses on one ... Who killed Jenny Schecter?

I keep thinking that Jenny committed suicide. And everything is done all this disturbed at her friends because her head was in the last game and great to be able to entangle and get into trouble with her friends.