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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pepa and Silvia Episode 2 Season 7 " That's wrong to drink..."

Hi dear friends and readers of LesPlanet, I bring the episode of this week of Pepa and Silvia, as I told them in the summary that will be an episode moved and very bad for our PEPSI.

As I always say that alcohol is bad !!!!!!!!!!!!! , Jajajaja, and in this episode we have test of that. So bear that name.

Confusion, that you told me that and I don't remember I told you, and now as out of this mess, and things like that, mixed feelings, misunderstanding, fear, and a lot of lack of communication our girls will go through a bad moment in their relationship.

Because ok Siilvia also to blame, for not to speak well with Pepa and put the throttle to 155 miles/ph, but it's your biological clock which has owned and can't stop it.

But Pepa, looks also to use the old trick that yes, yes to everything for she has sex with her and then the poor (Miranda had to be), she puts her leg to the bottom and she has been heard.

I do not know which that face leave the hotel and get to see eyes to Silvia, after everything I said.

Well girls, that we will see next week, I left the episode of this week and the advance of next week, which as you can see, our Pepa and Silvia, are not wrong, as Silvia gets a slap on Pepa, Pepa and it returns the same style with Bette Tina.

And here put the spoiler of the next episode... I hope to enjoy it...

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Awww, that's just too sad! I'll have your baby Silvia!!!