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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Big Questions of The L Word...

Hi dear people, I tell you that Showtime has left see another spoiler of our favorite series The L Word and I were brought you here to enjoy it..

There are many questions in the air, Bette and Tina continue together (with the bitch Berckley loitering around?). I hope no one else but Bette according jajajaja comments and I hope to continue together.

Alice and Tasha will finish their relationship or save it. I do not have as clear is that they are very different, if they conform to one another and are accepted as you can to succeed.

Shane will remain the eternal single and never lay your head? I would say I have my doubts on this question, I think the only one that could do that was to focus Shane and Carmen could not get it, I do not know if Molly succeed.

Kit and Helena bussiness partners successfully? Then if, as to the planet and are wonderfully Hit Club, Helena is also rich, jajajaja she does not affect the economic crisis.

But the big question in this season focuses on one ... Who killed Jenny Schecter?

I keep thinking that Jenny committed suicide. And everything is done all this disturbed at her friends because her head was in the last game and great to be able to entangle and get into trouble with her friends.

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