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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Who killed Jenny Schecter...?

Hi girs, today I bring you a new spoiler on Showtime on the sixth season of L Word, we can see to the girls talk about the death of Jenny Schecter.

Anyone who has reason to kill Jenny? because practically all have reasons, all at a time or other have deeply hated and wanted to kill her ...

But what there will be any finally done?, Think that any of our girls would you? All these questions will be answered in some form during the sixth season of L Word.

It is clear that increasingly becomes more interesting this sixth season, also will see the girls think about their relationships, feelings between them after the death of Jenny.

Well dear friends and readers I leave with you with the video, I hope you enjoy it.

Erotic Stories...

Well girls, today being the weekend and to relax and enjoy a bit of week of hard work, they get a story that both these erotic love jajaja. :)

I hope you enjoy it.

She had one of those discussions stronger with my partner, for the umpteenth time, and I left the department for not continue shouting mutually so that hurt me so much.

It's very hard to accept when love dies, and she did not want to let go, but insisted give to me despite knowing that nothing would save our relationship.

I looked for some of these hidden bars, a place where she could not find me easily, but I did not want discussions that night. I found the bar, there were only a few men in one of the officers and a woman at the bar.

I sat a short distance from her, and I ordered a martini, while watching ... I knew ... of course, was the same as that on some occasions perfumes bought at the store where I worked, once we had talked, it was a very nice woman, beautiful but not with that no one knows what makes them attractive. While the look at one of the men who was at the next table got up and came towards me. He put his hands on my desk and began to make propositions, was alcoholic and was very rude. I told him I was not interested, but he did not seem to hear me. Was starting to get nervous when a woman approached the bar and with a big smile on her lips said:

- Nancy, is that you?. I had not seen in years ....¿ how these beautiful?.

Quickly understood what she was trying to do, so I said with a big smile:

- Anna!. What a pleasant surprise ... Go sit down and take something and tell me that was your life.

The man shrugged his shoulders, and left disappointed. We both look and laugh. The woman ordered a beer and presented.

- I'm Joanne, I think you needed a hand.

- Yes, thank you .... and did not know how to do that is out .... I'm Nancy, but I think you already knew that. - Hmmm ... yeah, I remember very well the names of those who serve me well ever.

We started chatting on the store. She spent the time and was being very cold, so she said that it would go home and that I should do the same. Got off the head and told her that night could not return home, which had had a serious discussion with my partner and I did not want to return. Then she invited me to drink coffee at home, and I accepted.

She lived not far away, so I started to walk to her house. It was a very cold night, but wonderfully clear so we stopped a moment in the park and we sat on a bench, very close, so that our knees are touching .... and I felt this incredible shock, and I looked and saw she also was looking at me directly in the eye. For a long time that did not feel that shock.

We talked a bit about the cold nights, and the stars, and nonsense .... and looked and looked at her nipples see under the blouse ... wore no bra, and were very impressive ... I felt desires of stroke, but not I wanted to make any movement .... did not want to offend her.

I lifted my hand to my hair off her forehead and you accidentally touch your breasts .... is that she was so close to me. I took their hands and I could see waiting in her eyes ... I could not endure more, I took her face in my hands and I put my lips on yours. That moment was amazing, I began to feel that I put wet, excited ... she opened her mouth so that she could stick my tongue and gave us a French kiss, passionate, no matter if someone saw us.

I put my hands on her breasts and massage your nipples erect, and she moved breathles. I was so hot that she could not stand it ... and she obviously felt like it stood up and told me to go fast for us to get to her house.

During the rest of the way none said a word, we were scared but at the same time excited about what would happen in that department. Once in her house she told me to put a little comfortable while preparing coffee.

I sat in a chair, waiting for her ... when I returned I took the stand and coffes of their hands to put on the table.

I took the shoulders and looked directly into the eyes ... she was a little scared, but I could see the excitement in them. I kissed her again, we kissed softly at first, then more passionate, traveling with her tongue. Tangle my fingers in her hair, followed kissing slowly, then got off her shirt, I was opened and down her shoulders .... to see your breasts, beautiful and round breasts.

I went down my head on her neck, kissing, while massaging her nipples .... until you get to my mouth to, and she gently bit shuddered. Threw her head back and enjoyed the feeling ... while I removed the jeans, who fell to the ground.

Touched my panties and noticed that they were just that ... wet finger rubbing me an orgasm .... so I got off her lap, release. She was very excited ... the skirt fell, and I was kneeling in front of her. I could feel that her panties were so wet as mine .... I wanted to test its sweetness or me crazy again.

pull them and kissed the prominence just about sex ... then gently pushed her what it is sitting on the couch. I suck the inside of the thighs, slowly ... could feel how much I needed and I burned my tongue on please. She opened her legs even more, to make it easier to access ...... was so wet and I knew so well ... I found her clitoris and suck it ... while my hands were returning to their breasts and massages strongly. She began to move their hips, the I looked for a second and her gaze turned me crazy, I began to suck and suck more and more strong. She breathless and I told her I wanted to end up in my mouth ... that put her mad ... ended up in my face, moaning by the strong orgasm. I caught up and kissed me.

While kissing me, I removed the panties and penetrated me with her fingers ... I was so excited that put two fingers inside me and feeling rotated every inch of me ... I began to breathe heavily, but could not help much because was too hot. She dropped her head and began to suck my nipples delicately ... could mourn for the sensation of pleasure. Still penetrated with her fingers, stronger now, more and more strong and ended up on her hand with a whimper.

We stayed seated, catching its breath ... because we could not continue, we were both exhausted ......¿ and coffees?. They were cold .. but we had all night ahead.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Smile Today... Ellen and Britney

Hi dear friends, a few days ago I told them about our hilarious Ellen Degeneres, who was making her own with Britney Spears, for a special program, and that was disguised with old clothes and began to touch the doors of the house Los Angeles.

Then here I bring the video is fun experience, so they can laugh a little.

the new look of the girls in the sixth season of L Word...

Hi dear people of LesPlanet, a few days ago we put some official images of our girls in the Sixth Season of L word, we will now have each other and we can see that we will look at is your last ..... ... last ... (I still say it makes it hard (being in its last season).

They look all in black, I imagine myself in the mourning of Jenny, and also another important detail, Jenny does not come out in the photos ..... Marketing? or save budget? .... we will see So I can not complain, I get the photos big for the enjoyment detail :)

Then to see ladies, we have to Bette Porter, Godness, and Divine as always, because she goes first? .... because is Bette .... no more. And as Phylis would say, because her is wild and exquisitely attractive. And because her is ... and will be the woman of my dreams ... (after my girlfriend of course). (do not miss the details of the tips of her shoes).

After this our beloved Tina Kennard, sexier than ever, and with a look stronger, more confident and ready to kick ass who try to cross into her path (so much care Berkley ...). Do not miss the Hot little detail, the tattoo on her right foot ;)

Here Shane got tired of the dress that was returned to her, also with a super sexy look, and with her pose of me had lost the keys in their pockets, she is very very hot.

After our beloved Alice seems to have come last in the division of models and clothes, in this photo session, because their have given her what was left in the closet and nobody did it .... Then it was touch her. I do not know if it's me or my concept of fashion is very different, but the dress which she was wearing I think is horrible, that yes it can save her lives if jumping from a plane because when inflated will drop to earth like Mary Poppins but without umbrellas with her dress. Ignoring the dress, we must be said with a look that is very sexy and the look is had in this season is great, very pretty.

Helena arrived here ..... and has left me speechless, ............................. I can only say that this simply OMFG, radiant and precious, that feel good Dylan to our Peabody.

And open the way here came Tasha, surprising us all, to this black dress, and with a look more feminine and sensual like never before seen, and let me tell you that is very very hot but very... very... much hot.

We can not forget our other Porter, while her sister has been the best part of the genes, our Kit, is also very dangerous, beautiful, sexy, and raising passions in the collective Trans, and as always putting the order in the midst of chaos for all of our girls, with their sincerity always ahead.

Well and now we have the rest of the characters, Max, Phylis, and Jodi, that by what we see, have no new picture in this season and walk the recycling of previous seasons.

And finally, and to end the session and how could it be otherwise, we have to Mom Chaiken, posing as a girl L more, and despite all the things that we can reproach (as the death of Dana, the departure of Carmen, Candance, Henry, and a big list of things) we also have to recognize that without her ... we would not have our favorite series. So thank Ilene and I have to say that you are ..... very beautiful in the picture.

Well the girls I hope enjoy their.

And you know if they like the Blog, register in the right column as official inhabitant of this planet.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Confession

Hi, dear friends, along with news of Lesplanet, I bring a very funny video of the sixth season of our favorite series The L Word, is a typical case that insurance is more than one imagined that it could happen. In this video, we can see Phillyps confess to a secret very important to Bette. (I say no more because I prefer to see ... a lot of attention to the face of Bette from the first minute and 26 (1:26) jajaja)

Girls enjoy it .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mothers no more than two ...

Hi dear friends, we have good news, it was about time, in Spain now we may be biological mother the two. (your and your partner, jejeje).

It turns out that The National Commission on Assisted Reproduction has given its approval to the use of ova among lesbian marriages.

So far, no can exchanged ovules between the couple because there was a loophole in the law on assisted reproduction from 2006. The committee met on Dec. 4 to decide on a particular case, where two lesbians married claiming to be two biological mothers, as a pregnant woman and the other making her ovule. They filed a formal application before the commission in order to fertilize an ovule from one of the moms with sperm from an anonymous donor and implant the resulting embryo in the womb of another mother.

The law of assisted reproduction demanded that both the ovule and the sperm came from anonymous donors (to not have problems with custody of the baby). In the case of a heterosexual couple assumed an exception, but for nothing was the case in a lesbian couple.

But from now it may do, so you know girls, at last, we can be both biological mothers and be protected by law. It is a big step, to see these things, I still believe that equality will be possible some day soon. (Come to procreate jejejeje).

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dra. Hahn "No Hard Feelings"

Brooke Smith

Hi dear my friends have a news story of our beloved Brooke Smith better known as Dr. Erica Hahn. After her stupid and unjustifiable dismissal of the series and proving her class Brooke Smith has accepted things with a smile and tells us her opinion after nearly a month more for what happened "It's the end of a chapter," she said while speaking with the U.S. magazine last week. "It was a good experience," she adds. "She had already played a gay character, and I do not think that this will stop."

"I had never lost a job before, and had never received so much media attention as now," said the actress on which armed stir around her unjustified dismissal. "But when you're in a popular television program and in people's houses every week, is understandable."

"There is no rancor. I like to imagine that Dr. Hahn is in a hospital that appreciates. That perhaps the Seattle Grace was not the right place for her. "

"I have other projects now." Dra our favorite has not remained quiet and has embarked on a new professional challenge: the actress has begun to write a series with David Milch, creator of Deadwood and screenwriter of other series like sad song Hill Street. "It's very satisfying and I love" this new work.

Then from here you say that Brooke has been for us an endearing character and that you never forget. Callie without you and that is not the same. Brooke good luck.



Gro Hammerseng ...is a beautiful Joan of Arc

Hi dear people of our wonderful planet, today I bring news of our beautiful Gro Hammerseng, one of the favorite athletes of our planet, has participated in a calendar.

We can see it in a stunning picture, including with recreated battle, dressed in Joan of Arc. (Is, I can tell you that precious)

"We wanted to show people a celebrity in a surprisingly different situation and weighing historical and cultural literary, with a touch of 'fairy,'" said the editor of the calendar.

Apparently it was not as fun for the photographer, who recounted that the horse Gro began to run at a slightly sloped Uncontrolled and a half too far in the opposite direction, and she almost falls off, the photographer thought: "I had Fear of having ruined the career of one of the best athletes in Norway. "go to scare the man went.

The editor in chief is very satisfied with the image of Gro in the picture, "The combination of femininity and masculinity is fantastic." It has achieved an impressive effect.

The image of Gro Hammerseng is part of a timetable included in the January edition of the journal "Henne" ( "Beauty"). The calendar was a year of work. We wanted to do it as authentic as possible. Most of the costumes were made by designers from Norway, Gro Hammerseng wearing armor that weighed 40 kg. It's good that she trained for that and you have a good physical condition, poker had no problems.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

The New Baby ... Porter-Kennard.

Hi dear friends, I first want to tell you that I love to see that they are increasingly commented on this your blog, for that is :), thank you very much girls because their comments are very important to me.

And that being said now turn to tell and clarify all these rumors are now circulating through there, on our favorite couple Tibette the alleged pregnancy of one of them.

I have to say that neither are pregnant, what happens is that they have decided to enlarge the family and adopt a baby, have been inscribed on a list of prospective parents to find a mother who is going to give in to its adoption her baby.

And found, for that go to Nevada to meet with Marcie, the mother, who has to talk with them and with two other couples who have been selected from the list, so that she can choose what to give your baby's family.

Marcie is a very young girl under 20 years old, who lives at home with her mother and stepfather and her young age already has 2 children and the third is what is going to give up for adoption.

Our Tibette go home to Marcie in Nevada, and everything is going very well, to what comes Marcie's mother and her stepfather, and they realize that the family who will give the baby is not a traditional family.

Have left them with the video to learn as I was history. I hope you like it.

Video with more quality here

Vid: Montjuic

showtime... get out of the closet to you

Hi dear people, tell them that our favorite TV SHOWTIME is preparing a Reality Show called Way Out which will be to further the lives of gays and lesbians in the closet, to finish showing the reactions of their families and friends to learn that they are homosexuals.

The intention of this Reality Show is to show the difficulties of leading a double life, so we can understand the reasons that people do not leave the closet and the complication of getting a date in these conditions.

We trust that program is being SHOWTIME (birthplace of series like L word, Queer As Folk) will not become new series in a public circus , but, which will be discussed this topic with respect and show the hard reality that must face millions of young and not so young, in this society full of prejudice.

We are attentive to new series .... and we will be telling them.