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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mothers no more than two ...

Hi dear friends, we have good news, it was about time, in Spain now we may be biological mother the two. (your and your partner, jejeje).

It turns out that The National Commission on Assisted Reproduction has given its approval to the use of ova among lesbian marriages.

So far, no can exchanged ovules between the couple because there was a loophole in the law on assisted reproduction from 2006. The committee met on Dec. 4 to decide on a particular case, where two lesbians married claiming to be two biological mothers, as a pregnant woman and the other making her ovule. They filed a formal application before the commission in order to fertilize an ovule from one of the moms with sperm from an anonymous donor and implant the resulting embryo in the womb of another mother.

The law of assisted reproduction demanded that both the ovule and the sperm came from anonymous donors (to not have problems with custody of the baby). In the case of a heterosexual couple assumed an exception, but for nothing was the case in a lesbian couple.

But from now it may do, so you know girls, at last, we can be both biological mothers and be protected by law. It is a big step, to see these things, I still believe that equality will be possible some day soon. (Come to procreate jejejeje).

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