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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Confession

Hi, dear friends, along with news of Lesplanet, I bring a very funny video of the sixth season of our favorite series The L Word, is a typical case that insurance is more than one imagined that it could happen. In this video, we can see Phillyps confess to a secret very important to Bette. (I say no more because I prefer to see ... a lot of attention to the face of Bette from the first minute and 26 (1:26) jajaja)

Girls enjoy it .

3 comentarios:

so funny!!! I love when phyllis just fall down at the end!! she's crazy!!

а уже в сети первая серия 6-го сезона появилась)

Thanks for the uploads. ¡Eres muy fabuloso! You make my day!