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Monday, December 15, 2008

Gro Hammerseng ...is a beautiful Joan of Arc

Hi dear people of our wonderful planet, today I bring news of our beautiful Gro Hammerseng, one of the favorite athletes of our planet, has participated in a calendar.

We can see it in a stunning picture, including with recreated battle, dressed in Joan of Arc. (Is, I can tell you that precious)

"We wanted to show people a celebrity in a surprisingly different situation and weighing historical and cultural literary, with a touch of 'fairy,'" said the editor of the calendar.

Apparently it was not as fun for the photographer, who recounted that the horse Gro began to run at a slightly sloped Uncontrolled and a half too far in the opposite direction, and she almost falls off, the photographer thought: "I had Fear of having ruined the career of one of the best athletes in Norway. "go to scare the man went.

The editor in chief is very satisfied with the image of Gro in the picture, "The combination of femininity and masculinity is fantastic." It has achieved an impressive effect.

The image of Gro Hammerseng is part of a timetable included in the January edition of the journal "Henne" ( "Beauty"). The calendar was a year of work. We wanted to do it as authentic as possible. Most of the costumes were made by designers from Norway, Gro Hammerseng wearing armor that weighed 40 kg. It's good that she trained for that and you have a good physical condition, poker had no problems.


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