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Thursday, December 18, 2008

the new look of the girls in the sixth season of L Word...

Hi dear people of LesPlanet, a few days ago we put some official images of our girls in the Sixth Season of L word, we will now have each other and we can see that we will look at is your last ..... ... last ... (I still say it makes it hard (being in its last season).

They look all in black, I imagine myself in the mourning of Jenny, and also another important detail, Jenny does not come out in the photos ..... Marketing? or save budget? .... we will see So I can not complain, I get the photos big for the enjoyment detail :)

Then to see ladies, we have to Bette Porter, Godness, and Divine as always, because she goes first? .... because is Bette .... no more. And as Phylis would say, because her is wild and exquisitely attractive. And because her is ... and will be the woman of my dreams ... (after my girlfriend of course). (do not miss the details of the tips of her shoes).

After this our beloved Tina Kennard, sexier than ever, and with a look stronger, more confident and ready to kick ass who try to cross into her path (so much care Berkley ...). Do not miss the Hot little detail, the tattoo on her right foot ;)

Here Shane got tired of the dress that was returned to her, also with a super sexy look, and with her pose of me had lost the keys in their pockets, she is very very hot.

After our beloved Alice seems to have come last in the division of models and clothes, in this photo session, because their have given her what was left in the closet and nobody did it .... Then it was touch her. I do not know if it's me or my concept of fashion is very different, but the dress which she was wearing I think is horrible, that yes it can save her lives if jumping from a plane because when inflated will drop to earth like Mary Poppins but without umbrellas with her dress. Ignoring the dress, we must be said with a look that is very sexy and the look is had in this season is great, very pretty.

Helena arrived here ..... and has left me speechless, ............................. I can only say that this simply OMFG, radiant and precious, that feel good Dylan to our Peabody.

And open the way here came Tasha, surprising us all, to this black dress, and with a look more feminine and sensual like never before seen, and let me tell you that is very very hot but very... very... much hot.

We can not forget our other Porter, while her sister has been the best part of the genes, our Kit, is also very dangerous, beautiful, sexy, and raising passions in the collective Trans, and as always putting the order in the midst of chaos for all of our girls, with their sincerity always ahead.

Well and now we have the rest of the characters, Max, Phylis, and Jodi, that by what we see, have no new picture in this season and walk the recycling of previous seasons.

And finally, and to end the session and how could it be otherwise, we have to Mom Chaiken, posing as a girl L more, and despite all the things that we can reproach (as the death of Dana, the departure of Carmen, Candance, Henry, and a big list of things) we also have to recognize that without her ... we would not have our favorite series. So thank Ilene and I have to say that you are ..... very beautiful in the picture.

Well the girls I hope enjoy their.

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