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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The New Baby ... Porter-Kennard.

Hi dear friends, I first want to tell you that I love to see that they are increasingly commented on this your blog, for that is :), thank you very much girls because their comments are very important to me.

And that being said now turn to tell and clarify all these rumors are now circulating through there, on our favorite couple Tibette the alleged pregnancy of one of them.

I have to say that neither are pregnant, what happens is that they have decided to enlarge the family and adopt a baby, have been inscribed on a list of prospective parents to find a mother who is going to give in to its adoption her baby.

And found, for that go to Nevada to meet with Marcie, the mother, who has to talk with them and with two other couples who have been selected from the list, so that she can choose what to give your baby's family.

Marcie is a very young girl under 20 years old, who lives at home with her mother and stepfather and her young age already has 2 children and the third is what is going to give up for adoption.

Our Tibette go home to Marcie in Nevada, and everything is going very well, to what comes Marcie's mother and her stepfather, and they realize that the family who will give the baby is not a traditional family.

Have left them with the video to learn as I was history. I hope you like it.

Video with more quality here

Vid: Montjuic

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