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Monday, December 15, 2008

Dra. Hahn "No Hard Feelings"

Brooke Smith

Hi dear my friends have a news story of our beloved Brooke Smith better known as Dr. Erica Hahn. After her stupid and unjustifiable dismissal of the series and proving her class Brooke Smith has accepted things with a smile and tells us her opinion after nearly a month more for what happened "It's the end of a chapter," she said while speaking with the U.S. magazine last week. "It was a good experience," she adds. "She had already played a gay character, and I do not think that this will stop."

"I had never lost a job before, and had never received so much media attention as now," said the actress on which armed stir around her unjustified dismissal. "But when you're in a popular television program and in people's houses every week, is understandable."

"There is no rancor. I like to imagine that Dr. Hahn is in a hospital that appreciates. That perhaps the Seattle Grace was not the right place for her. "

"I have other projects now." Dra our favorite has not remained quiet and has embarked on a new professional challenge: the actress has begun to write a series with David Milch, creator of Deadwood and screenwriter of other series like sad song Hill Street. "It's very satisfying and I love" this new work.

Then from here you say that Brooke has been for us an endearing character and that you never forget. Callie without you and that is not the same. Brooke good luck.



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