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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hi dear people, it's been a long time since I wrote something, I have to start writing again..., I'm down today, here is the day of San Juan, to tell you the truth , today has not been a good day for me ... one of the worst I've had in a couple of months, but it is almost over and tomorrow is another new and hopefully better day.

Actually I haven't had a good day in a few months, I haven't writing lately...it's not my best year (LOL), and I didn't have much to say.

But I've been thinking it's alreday time to come back after a year of absence, now it's the best time.

I must admit I'm not the same as I was a year ago, I've changed a lot, I grew, I matured, and I learned , it's true what they say "be learn from all the bad thing thta happend to us"

Today I feel particularly sad because one more time, I trust, and gave my all but wasn't enought ... I always believe and always get disappointment, no matter the care you have, there's always some person who made it deeper into me and makes me confident and open up and tell you how I feel in reality, despite what it costs me to do so, and at the end I always regret it, sometimes I think that I will never learn.

Well friends, that's life right? continuous learning... will s
ee if I learn this freaking time.

Tomorrow is another day ... and I believe it will be better than today.


Let's see if we start again with our Blog, which has brought me so much satisfaction, I promise not to go away and come back stronger than ever, having your support as always.
Hugs to all of you and let's begin !!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

L Word Episode 4 Season 6 "Leaving Los Angeles"

Hi dear people, here I bring you the fourth chapter of our favorite series The L Word, we are already at half of the season, yes there are girls unfortunately only another 4 to the end: (nooooooooooo, I know we're going to do without them (which is not my Bette Porter .....) Well I must not anticipate or think about it before long to enjoy these weeks we have left.

In this episode, Max joins the long and increasingly more long list of people who dislike, hate or want to kill Jenny Shecter, is that the girl is wanting ....

They spend a lot of things, Tibette is to go to Vegas for the baby, our favorite crazy jenny is starting to overwhelm Shane, Dylan wants another chance with Helen, Kelly (ajjjjjj), the attack is better (but I have to admit that Bette Neither makes much resistance, ..... the game of flirtation and love it !!!!!, is part of her character ..... I understand it perfectly)

And Tina work together so that Kelly and Bette did not make any grace, much less after that Kit told Bette that she nearly commits suicide by being crazy for Kelly at the University .....

The episode ends with Max left by Tom's unhappy that the left, depressed and pregnant.

And without further the episode "Leaving Los Angeles"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A new love for Callie? ...

Hi dear people, I tell them that as we mentioned before, Grey's Anatomy, seeks to remedy the mistake with Brooke Smith, (at least from my point of view) and seems to want or intend to put some thematic lesbian character Callie, if our Callie left alone and abandoned after the departure of Erica Hahn.

We saw some attempts at flirtation with Sadie, but I told them that this was not going to go from there .... but has come to Seattle Grace a new pediatrician (not is not Macarena Wilson), Arizona is called Robbins, blonde, of 1.76, a few beautiful green eyes, happy, cheerful, and willing to give Callie some joy to the body as appears.

Arizona (as we can remember that student Nadia kept tempt the dean Bette Porter to get what they wanted), has come to the hospital to replace a physician who has died, we do not know if it is, the more certain is that no , has been with the three chapters 2 and so far there was no cross word with Callie (but apparently has been informed about it).

In this episode we find our Callie with a very sad mood, depressed, alone, and thinking about their lives and their relationships were failures .... and she was lost in her thoughts on Joe's bar, when suddenly the little Gray comes and sits, and begins to talk to Mark, and asks if she believes that tells Derek that she is dating, you Callie replied that it would be very foolish if it did, and that was the straw that I spill the glass (the unconquerable Dr. Sloan has been conquered ..... until he is happy), and goes to the bathroom because it tears beyond ..... But throughout this scene was a spectator who was very attentive to what was happening, there far to the other side of the bar, in a third plane was Arizona Robbins watch Callie departed towards the sink.

Callie is recovered, and Arizona goes to the bathroom and is offered ... she has said that the hospital, asking if it is well? begins to talk to her and said that people talk a lot, and she has to confess that she knows many things, at this stage we are looking Callie (shit !!!!! that is already happening?) Arizona continues and says that is that people talk a lot, Callie finally understands that is what their lesbian relationship and says:

Oh! I know you mean ...... go .... Arizona is great and tells you if! that really is great. And our blonde begins to speak in the plural to refer to herself (a good tactic) with things like: "All we like very well, I respect and care about you, they are interested .... some of them really ... They love ..."

And Arizona continues saying: "Only you seem sad and upset, and I thought you should know that when you're upset, and when it will be super .... people lining up to go out with you ..."

Our Callie laughs mockingly and says to him: "I want to give some names of these people?"

Arizona and Dr. Robbins looks tenderly ... is approaching and you plant a kiss and tell ... "I know" (we could say that higher, but not clear) and and with a smile that could melt the North Pole ..... goes away, leaving Callie surprised, thoughtful and smiling .... smiling as long ago as he had not seen.

I have to say is that I like Arizona to Callie, but do not want any false hopes, as we know from our friends, the ABC executives can not expect anything good.

I'm still lacking a Erica, but I like Arizona, are different, completely different in character and in the way of being, of doing things and to treat others.

This new pair has been named Calzon, yes it is seriously not kidding, this is the result of collecting the names of Callie and Arizona, I would have liked more CallieZona, but not all have the same success it achieved Kit Porter (my sister) with her "Hit ... but well, just hope this relationship forward.
I believe that if we lasted, it's quiet and positivism that Callie needs in her life, but as I tell saw which happens to writers. I confess that .... your smile fascinate me Dra. Robbins.

Arizona for the love of God ... I ask that you do not see leaves, and the word GAY, for all the world, use synonyms .... please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now left with the video, courtesy of our dear Rogue. Pinnacle walks because my spoiled, but I settle. Thanks Rogue.

Monday, February 9, 2009

T-Shirts and other Stupid Things...

Hi dear people, I've been giving a tour of cyberspace, and we must see things that can be found on the net, I saw something I had drawn particular attention, not necessarily for the good, if not for the power the ability of some people to waste time on such absurd things in the name of their God.

To see their story, a Christian youth movement, the "Passion for Christ Movement" has happened to them the brilliant idea of making shirts for sale to raise funds. Then there all right.

But the peculiarity of these shirts is that they are for Christians who have repented of their sins and all the evil they have done and are now "normal" and have drawn a line of shirts sinners EX, where we can find shirts for all tastes, the most famous and most publicized is "Ex-Gay" and advertised it as a Larell, leaving her in the photo, lesbian repentant she has found the right path and has said as being gay since she found God.

This campaign of the money intended raise with "good" Christian, your goal is to make the sheep astray make public repentance for all their take example.

This shirt is like so many other former hypocrites Wores Ex, Ex masturbating, fornicatress Ex Ex Gay, Lesbian Ex, Ex-Atheist, etc, for all tastes in all colors and sizes.

I have not found on this page, and see that I was thoroughly searched, are shirts, Former homophobic, racist Ex, Ex religious fanaticism, Ex asshole, bastard Ex, Ex Murderer, Former inhuman intolerant-Ex, Ex discriminator, they do not find anywhere, and I made a complaint and I requested an order for these shirts when we will see in the market.
Because thank God, the world is balanced or at least that question, no answers have been slow to emerge in this campaign, from non-Christian people I imagine, and very sinful as the eyes of the church, but that if ... . more human and I think with more neurons in the brain.

And thanks to them we have the shirts being repentant repented, jajajaja, the EX-EX osea all previous, such as EX-EX HOMOSEXUAL, LESBIAN EX-EX, and there is also that I've asked a couple of EX STRAIGHT-and we can find the EX-VIRGIN.

As girls we see, the world is crazy, this is nothing new, but I am happy to know that there are still lots of people besides rope and, after seeing the fool things by some "Christians" or people "normal" in the name of God, not I can only laugh, because the church and these movements increasingly falling more and more low.
I will say that if being a lesbian and love to a woman makes me a sinner, I am a misguided sheep (Beeee. ..) and I on the wrong track ... straight to burn in hell, and his "god" and "Jesus Christ", I expect to close the gates of heaven and paradise in the nose.

Then I'm not interested, I am a Sinner happy, and every day that passes I am more proud of being a lesbian and I will never repent of it, because I am a free human being, I am a woman living a full account of their principles and their feelings and how to live, not as people "normal" meant to live, I LOVE MY ABNORMALITY and each day that passes I am more confident that my God and my Jesus Christ, is not the same as that of the Church and all these people fanatic. Because mine does not matter whatever, who cares to be happy.

So you know sinners, we must remove our shirts .... left with some of Portia's models and that's great !!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Clementine Ford... other inhabitant of our planet

Hi girls and friendly of LesPlanet, today I bring you good news, we are growing, those who leave the closet and openly declare their sexuality without fear, now is the case with our super sexy and gorgeous Clementine Ford, best known for Molly our planet as the heterosexual who falls in love with Shane, our Molly out of the closet in the next issue of the British magazine Diva.

Clementine supports that it is not as it seems literally out of the closet as their house was never made distinctions based on sex and is not scheduled to relations: just had sex couples no matter, as happened with her brothers her parents always supported them and gave them freedom with respect to that.

But with everything that has happened to the absurd proposition 8 in California and all the injustices that have led to evil Proposition is , our Clementine has felt the need to own a resident of our community of solidarity and finally make public her sexuality:

"I've never wanted to wear a label, but when something like Proposition 8 is approved you realize that not everyone lives in a liberal atmosphere in which some of us were lucky enough to live and it is important that of the face so that you will know you are one more. A gay boy in a small town is more important than whether I want to be labeled as a lesbian or not. "

Clementine has said she is seeing someone but still at the stage of dating and getting to know and do not even call it relationship, and what we find most striking is that it wants to clarify the rumors that say you have a relationship with our Kate Moenning, only says:

"If there are rumors about us is we did our job well in the series. But they also hate deny saying what she says because everyone say what they want. Basically we are very good friends, and what people want to draw the appropriate conclusions. "
I do not know but if you go, it sounds to me that those two are leaving and that Shane is the mysterious girl with that Clementine is this "knowing" (already have an advantage, because Kate has seen her naked and knows all freckles on the back and I imagine elsewhere as well). I think their makes a nice couple.

Our Clementine, is proud of having grown up in a liberal environment for their sexuality, and her mother Cybil Shepherd has always supported throughout, and even took part in the series making a lesbian, and confesses that one of her dreams more secrets...

"I love the chemistry that has my mother, and Jane Lynch (Joyce) in the series and beyond as well, are friends. I wish they are really together "

That seems small, I know that one in particular who loves Clementine, now must be with a smile from ear to ear (so are Maury?), Then just say we are delighted that one more person has left the closet and Now I see why they are not prettier than before with Molly, but much more ....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Pepa and Silvia ... summary of the episode of this week "You doesn't want I love you"

Hi dear people of LesPlanet, I bring you a summary of the episode of this week of Pepa and Silvia, in LHDP.

Well, just tell them that if things were bad, they are now worse than ever, I realize that not doing a thing like this

It may not start as usual at the San Antonio, if not in the house of Paco, Mariano, Don Lorenzo, Sara etc ...

We see that Pepa is Sarah and asks for Paco, tell it to ask for asylum seeking and unable to continue paying the hotel (as we know does not live with the redhead), Sara tells her that his father is in the police station and then released to Pepa, who knows everything that has been with Aitor. (come on, if that is not what the kid said choking ....).

Pepa remains of stone and Sara asks that seeks thing?. Pepa tells her that what she wanted to tell Silvia on her list, are things that if it is her fault, and Sara tells me? ? I'm not going to be pulling to one .... 5 minutes to cut .... Aitor and less to almost double the age and you do not even know ... that's very ugly Pepa (bummm hit in the stomach ... ... point for Sara).

Pepa fights .... What the fuck you say you are very ugly ... You who were with Lucas and that it will double the age, the former husband of your aunt, a friend of your father ..... to left for Aitor Aitor and then leave and come back with Lucas? Sara got a lifetime asking you all understand .... what's happend? is that marriage has become amnesiac you? or is that not all remember that many errors ago ... for love. (Bumm ...... forehand on the chin .... point Pepa).

Sara was our thinking and Pepa take her bag with her stuff (not a paper like that of Shane, a more decent) and leaves.

Already in her house, alone, she starts thinking about what she has said her aunt and begins to recall some crazy things she has done it for love, and realizes she has been unfair to Pepa, then the flame, but it jumps and lets the answering machine message telling her that she is right with her deranged teenager who is to judge and it is true that committed many errors and follies when it loves, and she provided the support that is not lost everything, she also said she would want to live with her while Lucas is in USA and love her very much.

To all this, with their nostalgic memories Sara has sent an SMS to Lucas and he is answered, when he come back going dancing again and asks if she knows? Sara then prepares a video camera to show that you know is dancing and dancing with a streaptease while dancing to music at full volume, your phone rings and is Pepa that you have read the message and the call to speak with her, but Sara did not hear the phone and the call is lost.

Silvia come in the middle of the dance with a box by the door and surprised Sara dancing and jumping and dancing places, is strangely happy, had smoked a joint and as she was sitting very well, brings in a box of things Pepa site occupied it in the closet and says she does not want to be the typical ex burning or throw things, they are left to Sarah to see that when Pepa are back, just call it so I suppose Pepa because it is what it says Silvia Silvia is presumably because the phone (which has no screen and know that telepathy is Pepa ... Look at how she developed an on Gaydar). The call and lost something Sarah is worried about Silvia, as it seems very happy but does not convince anyone.

Sara: Silvia .... you're okay?

Silvia: (picking up the keys because she is not even a quiet moment) Yessss .... phenomenal! I'm very well ... if you only have to assume anything .... because the only thing is I do not know if I am ..... lesbian .... heterosexual, bisexual .... ..... hermaphrodite-male .... bun .. Tortisexual or (and this definition has killed me ... jajajajajja). Or will I just be a single woman with a lot of room in the closet ... good for nothing before I was not a vacuum and there is now room for four vacuum .....

Having said that crumbles and breaks to mourn, Sara goes to the rescue and tells her that is to be forgotten, that remains with her to dinner and a movie that will bring a wine to talk, give a kiss to the redhead and go for the wine.

At that knocking on the door, and guess who it is ???????? Pepa Miranda reported. Silvia to see her close the door on the noses, as Pepa Pepa is back playing stronger still ..... Sara is back with the wine and see that Silvia is taking her purse and asked to go What ??????. Silvia opened the door to leave but Pepa comes and says:

Pepa: Say that you do not need you to go anywhere, if you do not want to see me and I go myself.

Silvia: Yeah ... where you going ?????

Pepa: Well, your house will not, as you have changed the lock ....

Silvia: Man, of course! is my house that I do what I want ... I get

Pepa: So? Then you know where you can get your house ???????

Silvia: Well, yes, in the same place where you can get it .. (and she show her things)

Pepa: Yesss ????? .. this happens not very cool ?????

And Sara comes to the rescue again, and said ENOUGH, will not be anyone ... Silvia and Pepa are going to sit there and will not go until you say all you have to say!

And like in a debate Pepa at one end, and Silvia in the other side. Sara on another glass of wine and its environment, not to kill one of them, jajajaja, we know that there have been several coups and are dangerous.

Silvia began saying that the humiliated in front of all instead of talking to her and say things, and if she called the clinic because it was thought that Pepa wanted to be.

Pepa says that she is a selfish, because everything must be according to his holy will, and Silvia says so? and the stupid list for pregnant lover is also my holy will?

Pepa: Well yes Silvia was your holy will, because in my life I had raised have children ... if not you, and I spent a week of no want to wish ... And you know why? .... Because I am not afraid, because I have sent to the shit scared! I want and all that was to give me a little break, I hope, as when I waited for you when you needed time to clarify your doubts ... just that. Just ask you to hand me, like when you walk through the show the garage that lifts her head on my Silvia, like when we watched people on the street ... Even I want you to be brave for my ... brave as you face that day that your father in the house.

Silvia kiss we learned together ... (shake hands, we have learned ....) together to touch ... (Sara drink more wine ... jajaja) and above all we have learned not to be afraid .... and a .... time (perhaps to tell a bitch again) once I am which is afraid .... you gonna leave me?

At this point Silvia is crying, and she moves her head to deny, as saying after this monologue and I'm going to leave? because we are going to that address our Pepa convinces anyone. And it reconciliation Pepa hug to Silvia ..... Silvia hug to Pepa, their kiss ... Sara still drinking wine and is very excited too, and finally the PEPSI together again.

Then let's tell the reconciliation more short of the history, after with all the joy of reconciliation, Pepa comes to remove the car was badly parked and Sara accompanies and ask Silvia who telephoned to ask for food and them going to bring.

Silvia grabs the phone and that phone has a missed call and listen to Pepa message to Sara telling her that going to her house and not tell Silvia that happend with Aitor, who does not know why she had sex with him, who was drunk or who want to Silvia, and that was a mistake not to tell Silvia.

Can already imagine the faces of Silvia when they heard that ..... then the girls come to dinner, go to Silvia and Pepa and rarely asks happens, Silvia says: Did you had sex with Aitor? Pepa like an stone and stays in your mind an almost Rumbles (SHEET !!!!!!!) but she said yes.

Pepa: Silvia ... Sorry, I was very confused and hurting ... and very drunk too. But this need not affect by our, please, I do not like Aitor .... Silvia look please ... Sorry .... Sorry ... Sorry ... I did not know what I did ...

Silvia: No, if anyone is an expert in not knowing what makes, this is me .... I have always been the neurotic who needs a root anchored to the ground. Am I that needs stability, someone who does not fly above 3000 meters from my I can not ... I can not be the common sense of the two (this is said in tears)

Pepa: Yes, you can ....

Silvia: No do not say anything ... please do not do anything ... I know that if you could fill the room with flowers, and down from a helicopter to my bed, and fill the whole Madrid with my name all the bridges .... but then you would say to all that Yes Do not want to conquer me... Do not want you love you .... Let me go .....

Silvia gets up and hug to Pepa in tears, it is very sad scene, the two hug to say good bye left their relationship ... and Pepa letting go to the love of her life.

Thus ends a terrible episode in my view the worst possible time for which they have passed PEPSI, see reconciliation far away, I hope the writers do not leave us fucking more and see some hope that this story has a happy ending.

The images are thanks to the girls Forum Pepa and Silvia their are the best ....