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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Clementine Ford... other inhabitant of our planet

Hi girls and friendly of LesPlanet, today I bring you good news, we are growing, those who leave the closet and openly declare their sexuality without fear, now is the case with our super sexy and gorgeous Clementine Ford, best known for Molly our planet as the heterosexual who falls in love with Shane, our Molly out of the closet in the next issue of the British magazine Diva.

Clementine supports that it is not as it seems literally out of the closet as their house was never made distinctions based on sex and is not scheduled to relations: just had sex couples no matter, as happened with her brothers her parents always supported them and gave them freedom with respect to that.

But with everything that has happened to the absurd proposition 8 in California and all the injustices that have led to evil Proposition is , our Clementine has felt the need to own a resident of our community of solidarity and finally make public her sexuality:

"I've never wanted to wear a label, but when something like Proposition 8 is approved you realize that not everyone lives in a liberal atmosphere in which some of us were lucky enough to live and it is important that of the face so that you will know you are one more. A gay boy in a small town is more important than whether I want to be labeled as a lesbian or not. "

Clementine has said she is seeing someone but still at the stage of dating and getting to know and do not even call it relationship, and what we find most striking is that it wants to clarify the rumors that say you have a relationship with our Kate Moenning, only says:

"If there are rumors about us is we did our job well in the series. But they also hate deny saying what she says because everyone say what they want. Basically we are very good friends, and what people want to draw the appropriate conclusions. "
I do not know but if you go, it sounds to me that those two are leaving and that Shane is the mysterious girl with that Clementine is this "knowing" (already have an advantage, because Kate has seen her naked and knows all freckles on the back and I imagine elsewhere as well). I think their makes a nice couple.

Our Clementine, is proud of having grown up in a liberal environment for their sexuality, and her mother Cybil Shepherd has always supported throughout, and even took part in the series making a lesbian, and confesses that one of her dreams more secrets...

"I love the chemistry that has my mother, and Jane Lynch (Joyce) in the series and beyond as well, are friends. I wish they are really together "

That seems small, I know that one in particular who loves Clementine, now must be with a smile from ear to ear (so are Maury?), Then just say we are delighted that one more person has left the closet and Now I see why they are not prettier than before with Molly, but much more ....

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